News Wrap

Hey lads, Matt here to bring you the summary of this week’s breaking EPL news. I will analyse how this may affect our early team drafts and which potential bargains may have emerged during the pre-season, so let’s begin!
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Projected XI’s

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack! I’m here because I know how you’re feeling. I know the indecision you feel when picking someone. Will they play? Will they fit the formation? Will the manager hate them? LUCKILY I’m here with my Crystal Ball of Success. Today’s XI…. Arsenal! (Sorry West Ham fans, the alphabet’s a bitch.)

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Twitter – @FPLaddicts

Just a heads up you can follow us @FPLaddicts to keep up to date with everything new on the site, keeping you in the fpl loop. You can also follow @adzman78 @tseagrim @jimbobfiore @daverto_bushtos @MattCraigDT for all your friendly fpl advice! Look out for more posts to come tonight, in the meantime catch up on the last batch of fresh epl produce in Tseagrim’s final edition of Fresh Blood! Cheers lads.