Bargains Bargains Bargains

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So we have had a day now to digest the player prices and try to construct a balanced side but how about the bargains? We will take a look position by position trying to find ourselves some bargains. First up we run the rule over the keepers;

In the past few years a lot have taken a budget keeper strategy, last year in particular we were rewarded with a 4.0 keeper in Vorm who scored us 158 points. Do we have another 4.0 keeper that could do the same? It doesn’t look like it, we will have to look at the 4.5 price range to find a decent shout.

Aussie Federici , and Jussi Jaaskelainen look the best placed to give us our 4.5 priced bargain keepers at the newly promoted clubs. Begovic at Stoke also looks a tasty option after finally beating off the challenge of Sorenson.

In the next bracket up Mignolet and Schwarzer look handy prospects at 5.0 and another potential bargain could be De Gea at Man u priced at 6.0, if your looking for a cheap way into the red devils this could be it.

8 comments on “Bargains Bargains Bargains

  1. MattCraig

    Loophole… Was turned away from stokes keepers due to uncertain j.s, then thought… Why not have both? Only put you back 9.0 and you have a stoke keeper no matter what! 100% j.s… Just a thought

    • adzman78 Post Author

      i kinda like it.. (did it last year with manU for a while) …. Stoke are generally pretty tight, Huth and ShawX solid and Pulis loves to play that grinding style, just trying to score goals off long throws;) But remember last year? Each time they played in Europe they would play a mare the next week and get scored on. I got tired of waiting for them to become tight again!

      They could be back to their miserly best i hope!
      I guess the only thing about this strategy is when Stoke plays a horrible away game, you have nowhere to go! At least if you have dovetailing keepers that play home most weeks you can have a choice…

      I’ve been toying with Begovic/Jaaskalinen. I reckon Begovic might play league games and sorenson cups.. (hope!)

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