Double up!

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Any serious player would probably already know that we have a double game week in week one for 2 clubs. Chelsea and Reading play twice week one then go on to miss game week three.

This gives us a unique set of circumstances and a few issues to think about re: selection of our initial teams. Most will want to get on Chelsea for their double, they play Wigan and Reading, So you could feasibly entertain a Chelsea Defender, midfielder and Forward. One player in particular is blinking at us…. Torres (10.0) Ahhh Torres, how many times last year did you fail me? We have been hearing for over year now that his confidence is back and he is the fittest he has ever been… but where are the goals? Truth is He had a good Euros and Drogba is now gone leaving Torres alone up front. RDM has filled the space in behind Torres with classy mids… if Fernando was ever going to fire, this is the time!

Theres one thing that’s for certain, at the beginning of game week 2 Torres will either be worth 9.7 or 10.3 …… Personally I don’t think you can afford not to have him for the first week… if he fires, good! you catch the price rise, if he fails… just jump off with the rest!

The other guy to think about is Pogrenyak (5.0), a player who showed great goal scoring touch last term. He also has the double but it may be a false double… do you see him getting anything from Chelsea? Priced at 5.0 if he draws a blank you would expect a small exodus, then a mass exodus after the blank game week 3…. he could be worth 4.7 by game week 4, that’s a bargain for a 100% starting forward who scores goals. Is it worth waiting til then to snap him up?


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