2012/13 FPL’s Most Popular – Goalkeepers

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Hey guys, Matt here and I am also writing my first article for the soon to be famous FPLaddicts. I am starting up a pre-season article which I can manipulate throughout the season, analyzing the most popular picks from each line and assessing whether or not they will live up to the hype, or whether it’s just the clueless fpl challengers basing their team selections on these players solely on the teams selected by % and points scored last year, without full proof research! Today I will begin with the goalkeepers:


Krul- The most popular option chosen by players, owned by 20.1% of teams. Tim Krul had a breakout season last year, leading the Newcastle stronghold to 15 clean sheets and playing every minute of the season. Newcastle charged up the ladder to finish 5th overall, and it was lead mostly by their vastly improved defensive work. This coincides with Krul’s emergence as a goalkeeper of the future and he is sure to produce similar results again this season as Newcastle try to consolidate on last years breakout season. Priced at 5.5, he is very good value for money and will be a solid option to have between the posts. In my opinion, he is worth the number of selections that he has received and while he certainly will not be the leagues highest scorer as a keeper, he sure will be up there. Great job security, solid defensive 4, all point towards another great season for Krul… Get on board!

Hart- Ah yes, Joe HartI can almost assure you, providing he remains injury free that he will be this years highest scoring goalkeeper just as he was last year, and the year before that. Selected by 17.6% of teams, it is obvious why… The most solid, consistent option in goals. He plays for last years champions behind the most solid back 4 in the EPL there is hardly a downside. Oh yes, did I mention he costs a whopping 7.0! This is what is holding back many managers, including me from swooping on him. Sure he will be the highest scoring goalkeeper, but with the tight budgets given for our teams there is almost no way we can fit in such an expensive keeper! You will be better off by finding a cheaper option into city’s defense (for example Lesscott-6.5 or Clichy-6.0) and sparing the extra cost elsewhere in your team. If you can fit him in then sure, go for it! However a lot managers will be unable to get him in (such as myself) and as he only outscored Vorm by 8 points last year, you will be better off sticking with Krul.

Vorm- An interesting option here for mine. Selected by 17.2% of players all hoping he can reproduce his outstanding season last year, where he collected 158 points to be the second highest scoring goalkeeper! At the bargain price of 4.0, he was a steal however this season i’m not so sure he can replicate it. Firstly his price has been bumped straight up to 5.5, the same as Krul. When we compare the two there was a mere 2 points difference between them… both have similar job security but Swansea is what concerns me. With the departure of Brendan Rogers from Liberty Stadium Swansea’s incredibly solid back 4 of last season may not provide the returns it did last year. With this in mind, and the fact that Krul is priced exactly the same, I would be sticking with Krul. A no for me…

De Gea- Finally, I will assess United’s number one (I think) goalkeeper, David de Gea. Selected by 16.1% of teams that will be all hoping that he can nail down United’s number one spot in goals for the entirety of the season. I however, feel this to be a false hope as Lindegaard will surely be given some game time at some point this season after performing admirably in goals for united last year, albeit briefly. There is certainly appeal here, priced at 6.0 a full 1.0 under Hart, De Gea represents great value in United’s defense. If we look at his points tally last season he only registered 134. However when you combine Lindegaard’s score with that it tally’s to 178. Suddenly you can see why he is appealing to a lot of managers if he can hold the number one role for the majority of the season. However, as I previously mentioned I do not believe this will be the case and his points tally will be very similar to last season. If he can nail down a spot in United’s starting 11 for at least the beginning of the season he is worth consideration, but with him being on Olympic duties with Spain (See @adzman78 ‘s article on FPL Olympic Hassles) I am not so sure. A pass for me, but don’t write him off just yet, leave this one until we are closer to deadline day.

Of these most popular keepers, I would be backing Krul due to good job security, a solid back four and great value. I hope this was helpful for all you FPLaddicts out there and I will endevour to bring you the defenders soon! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to give me any more ideas on articles you wish to be published or what I can help you with, you can also just hit me up on twitter (@MattCraigDT) and I will try to sort it out!

Cheers lads, Matt.

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