Free Kick and Penalty Takers

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Hey Guys,

Its Bushey here for my first post and today I’m writing about the free kick and penalty takers of each premier league side. As we all know well, the guys that take the penalties generally score, and the guys that take the free kicks have a solid chance of scoring or even assisting. Its these guys that we, as fantasy coaches look for to get those easy points.

Arsenal: Penalties – Van Persie WAS the taker of the penalties but it looks as if he will be leaving. So the penalty taking duties could go to a few candidates: Giroud, Podolski or Arteta. Because Podolski has a keen eye for goal and they jumped on him ASAP I will initially say him, but look throughout the pre season to see what occurs.

Free Kicks – Arteta will be the main man for the job here, but Vermalen has previously stepped up to drive one home.

Aston Villa: Penalties – Darren Bent for sure

Free Kicks – Ireland or N’Zogbia

Chelsea: Penalties – Lampard when he is playing,  then Mata  or Torres

Free Kicks – Lampard when he’s playing, and the duties will go to Hazard or Mata when Lampard is not there.

Everton: Penalties – Jelavic, possibly Baines.

Free Kicks – Baines

Fulham: Penalties – Dempsey, and Rodellaga if Dempsey goes to Liverpool

Free Kicks – Riise

Liverpool: Penalties – Gerrard and Suarez if Gerrard isn’t there

Free Kicks – Gerrard

Man City: Penalties – Ballotelli if he starts, then Aguero

Free Kicks – Kolorov, Nasri or Silva in that order as Kolorov and Nasri aren’t walk up starters

Man Utd:Penalties – Rooney

Free Kicks – Nani, Rooney, Young

Newcastle: Penalties – Ba

Free Kicks – Ryan Taylor, then Cabaye

Norwich: Penaties – Holt

Free Kicks – Pilkington

QPR: Penalties – Cisse, Tarrabt when Cisse is suspended (often hehe)

Free Kicks – Tarrabt

Reading: Penalties – Pogrebnyak

Free Kicks – Harte

Southampton: Penalties – Lambert

Free Kick – Lambert

Stoke: Penalties – Walters

Free Kick – Etherington

Sunderland: Penalties – Larsson, then Sessegnon

Free Kicks – Same as above

Swansea: Penalties – Sinclair

Free Kicks – Sinclair

Spurs: Penalties – Van der Vaart (at the moment, look to see who the new striker is)

Free Kicks – Spurs have so many free kick takers, but sigurdsson and VDV will be the two main takers.

West Brom: Penalties – Odemwingie, then Long, then Brunt

Free Kicks – Brunt

West Ham: Penalties – Noble

Free Kicks – Nolan

Wigan: Penalties – Watson, then Gomez if Watson is still warming the bench

Free Kicks – Gomez or Moses

So I hope that helped, these players rack in easy points especially the penalty takers, so remember to keep this in mind when finalising your squad in August. If you want to ask me any-more questions on Fantasy or just have a general chat about fantasy matters hit me up on Twitter @daverto_bushtos

Cheers Guys, Bushey

17 comments on “Free Kick and Penalty Takers

  1. billymumphrey

    As a city fan, I would say that if Balotelli is on the field, he will be taking the penalties rather then Aguero. He is ice cold. Best penalty taker at the club since Elano.

    Also Balotelli and Ya Ya fancy themselves at the free kicks as well, but Kolarov has a good left foot – like a traction engine, however Clichy is preferred to him at LB so probably wouldn’t get game time.

      • billymumphrey

        I know it’s tough to judge a player on youtube compilations (made that mistake many a time before – source Samaras. G) but he had a few belters from long range in his time with Lazio.

        Can only see him getting game time in the league if Clichy is injured. Mancini tended to prefer him for lesser games in the cups and in Europe.

        Also heard a stat, haven’t done the research to confirm or deny, but apparently Ballotelli has never missed a competitive penalty. Ever.

        It;s one of the many stories about him that is somewhat believable.

  2. Dave

    Torres doesn’t take penalties and last season mata took them over lamps. Suarez also not a penalty taker, Kuyt took them when no Gerrard.

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