How do you trade?

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We have a very competitive work league each year and the three main protagonists have wildly different trading strategies. There is one guy ‘the plagiarist‘ who will never trade! I don’t think he has taken a hit in 3 years. Player number 2 ‘the mailman‘ wont trade if he dosent have to, but makes a hit if it is a double week or the maths work out… then there is me, the compulsive trader. In AFL DT being a compulsive trader is a bad thing, your trades will be gone in no time but in FPL I use it to my advantage…

From the opening week I go into a heavy trading scheme, I trade in anyone who has scored a hatrick, or who is dominating, i’m not afraid to take a hit or 2, if a player is about to rise in price i’ll take him, if he is about to fall, i’ll chop him. Within a few weeks my team value will have risen but not enough to make much real difference. It is around now the ‘the plagiarist‘ will be getting into me about trading too much, taking hits, ect ect. He says i am a reactionary fantasy manager, cause i bring in players after they have hit a brace…. I am quick to remind him that players get hot streaks and it pays to get on them, but i’m not only chasing last weeks points…its all part of my master plan! I keep this up within reason for the first half of the season. Come the halfway point i ease right up on the trading but my team is worth a good 3,4,5 or even more million pound than the other two guys. Dosent sound like much.. but its enough for me to have a Bale, while they have a Deadwood Ferguson on the bench. Its usually about this time that ‘the plagiarist‘ starts whinging.. he says ” theres no way anyone can afford that team.. you must have a secret code. Oh no! i dont have a code, I just have a trading scheme, and it works! It may look ugly to have 70+ trades at years end… but my team looks sooo much better for it!

Next time on how do you trade we will look at trading before a double game week.

How do you trade?

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  1. Matt Craig (@MattCraigDT)

    I’ve fallen into this trap a few times, some situations it will work but not sure I like it as a strategy… however if you feel a player will smash it then by all means trade away! I just feel transfer costs add up and by the end of season they seem to cost me every time 🙁

    Call me a Mailman.

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