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Most fantasy coaches have all the same keepers, with Krul and Hart being at the top of their lists and in most of their teams with 20.5% and 18% ownership respectively. These players in this article are going to be your POD (point of difference) players, and can give you the edge over your opponents.

The only criteria is that the player must have less than 10% Ownership.

Szczensy (£5.5) % of teams owned by: 9.9
Arsenal no. 1 keeper Szczensy wasn’t that explosive last season only amassing only 139 points, playing every minute of the season. He had 13 clean sheets and only conceded 49 goals for the season, and had a big 8 bonus points. With another season under his belt, and playing in a top 4 team he will definetly get better as time goes on. Another thing is he verses Sunderland and Stoke in the first two games in which you would think be two cleansheets, everything points to yes! The only thing that would hold you back is the defence with Vermaelen leading the defense, if Arsenal announce a new signing of a defender, he would be an amazing pick up!

Cech (£6.5) % of teams owned by: 8.2
Chelsea rock solid and ever durable goalkeeper Petr Cech is in the same boat as Szczensy with only getting 127 points last season, the main reason for this was that he  only had 10 clean sheets for the season, most of them coming at the end of the season when Roberto Di Matteo took over from AVB, and now that Terry, Cahill, Ivaonic and David Luiz are all fit now and with a solid back 4 he should get in excess of 15 clean sheets this season which is only better for us fantasy players, the only downside and which is what will be keeping a lot of coaches away is that he is getting old and being rested a bit more, but this won’t be an issue seeing he has already been re-signed for 3 years that he will certainly get to play every minute of the season.

Friedel (£5.5) % of teams owned by: 6.8
Tottenham’s definite no.1 keeper, this guy is an absoloute veteren never playing less than 3375 minutes (a full season is 3420 minutes) in the past 6 seasons. He is also basically a wall in goals having made 780 saves since the 06/07 season, averaging 130 saves a season. He also had 14 clean sheets last season and is in red hot form and also only conceding 41 goals, one of the lowest in the compition. He also has a very good record with the referees, only having 3 yellow cards and 1 red card in the past 6 seasons.. All signs point to yes. Tthe concern could be that he is getting old, but I wouldn’t worry about that, with no signs of him slowing down in the past few seasons.

Anyway hope this helps you in picking your Goalkeepers, and keeping the price down. The high scoring Defenders will be out next.. if you have any question you can tweet me at @JimbobFiore anyway good luck everyone!

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  1. BigButters

    Great read mate, completely agree with your opinion on Peter Cech. I’m more leading towards him, but Szczensy’s price is very tempting.

    Keep the articles coming 🙂

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