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I have just placed a rate my team tab on the top of the site, feel free to post a draft of your side so we can have a look at it and give feedback! Our writers will also post theirs drafts in there from time to time.

I’ll take this opportunity to have a little gloat, I have a relic that is almost a faded memory now, I have a dusty copy of my team the week it scored 160…. It’s very fragile now but I’ve dusted it off for the benefit of the site…


This stays in my wallet to show what is possible in FPL! ….and gloat.

I hope you are enjoying the site so far, hope to see some of your drafted teams! Look out for seags fresh blood article later tonight, he will look at the new signings of the next bracket of clubs.

Cheers! @adzman78

30 comments on “Rate my team

  1. mightydons

    Alright here goes – my first team!!
    GK: Howard (Cerni)
    Def: Cole, R. Taylor, Baines, Evra
    (Ferdinand -SWA)
    Mid: Van der Vaart, Nani, Walters, Moses
    (Britton – will be changed based on last article!)
    Fwd: Rooney, Ba
    ( Dong-Won-Ji)
    As a newbie to FPL would appreciate any opinions – good or bad!!

  2. tseagrim

    Not looking too bad mate. Couple of things.
    Cerny as your keeper won’t play. He’ll be backup to Rob Green. If you want another 4.5 option in between the posts look at Adzman’s bargain pick article for goalkeepers. One of federici or jaaskelainen will do.

    Your defence looks very solid, but just a warning Newcastle have basically wrapped up the signing of Mathieu Debuchy, who is the Ligue 1 right-back of the year. This means R Taylor probably won’t get the game time you’d like. Evra also may look to be getting less playing time this year as SAF looks for a younger left-back (hence their interest in signing Baines). Your defence is very solid though, and it makes me think you’re missing out on some bargains in Shawcross Hangeland (both 5.0) and Fabio! (4.5)

    Midfield is good too, just watch Nani gets the starting gig over one of Valencia and Ashley Young on the wing (more likely to be Young getting benched) as Valencia has been tearing it up this pre-season.

    As for the Forwards, I don’t like Ba as a pick due to the fact that when Papiss Cisse (9.5) joined newcastle Ba’s scoring went straight down. They look to be playing that 4-4-2 formation again this year so i’ll be staying well clear. Dong-Won-Ji also probably won’t see the playing time. though if he does will score solidly.

  3. titansheroes

    Hi Guys and Girls,
    Here’s my first team:

    Vorm (Jaaskelainen)

    Shawcross, Cole A, Vertonghen, (Coloccini) (Butterfield)

    Silva, Hazard, Walters, Guthrie (Nolan)

    Podolski, Rooney,Graham

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  4. McRath

    Hey lads, I know Mattys had a look but here’s my team for now…

    Krul (Federici)
    Cole, Pearce, Fabio, Coloccini (McCartney)
    Bale, Nani/Valencia, Hazard (Noble, Dyer)
    Rooney, Torres, Pogrebnyak

    Looking ok?

  5. Nathan Boucher

    Rate this team…

    Gk: Krul (Cerny)
    Def: Walker, Shawcross, Lescott, Cole (Clyne)
    Mid: Bale, Nani, Sessegnon, McNauff (Noble)
    Fwd: Aguero, Ba (Lambert)

    How is it looking?

    • tseagrim

      not too bad! coupla things. Ba i’d remove, don’t trust him alongside cisse anymore. McNauff could be a tasty P.O.D, but from a promoted team you’d be risking a lot. I’d start Noble over him because of his penalty duties. Also Cerny won’t start for QPR as Rob Green will, so it’s best that you stock up on another cheap keeper! (Jaaskelainen/Federici)

  6. James Serpell

    Hey guys, only watch epl occasionally so need all the help I can get!

    Krul (Jaaskelainen)

    Cole, Lescott, Rafael, Shawcross (Fabio)

    Valencia, Hazard, Ben Arfa (Guthrie, Cork)

    Torres, Rooney, Progrebnyak

    Love your thoughts!

      • tseagrim

        Firstly, fabio has heaps of value. definitely worth a spot on your bench. secondly, i absolutely love the selection of valencia. the dude is a gun and should play the whole season on the RW for united. great P.O.D selection, pat yourself on the back! Ben Arfa is risky, a little too risky for mine, but could explode. Interesting to see that you have excluded Noble (4.5) from West Ham. We all think he’s a lock!

        • James Serpell

          Valencia had a great finish to last season when got fit and Young seems more of a bench option so he seems pretty secure. Ben Arfa was meant as another P.O.D my thinking is give him a few weeks see how he goes theres 38 games in the season so plenty of time for trades for an underperforming player! To be honest I’m just no good on the new teams coming up from the Championship one reason why I’m on here!

          • tseagrim

            completely understand your thinking. have you looked at newcastles draw early? may be a deciding factor in whether you pick him. yeah the teams in the championship coming up are the hardest to gauge, but they’ll more than likely line up the same as they did last season.

  7. Pinelemon

    Hey guys my first season of FPL and i have no idea how good my team is

    Schwarzer (Foster)
    Williams, Lescott, A Cole (Tierney, Demel)
    Hazard, Kagawa, Noble, Beausejour (Ireland)
    Rooney, Aguero, Lambert

    Hopefully that teams not too bad

    • tseagrim

      You’re right mate, its not too bad at all! Haven’t heard much about beausejour, but playing in a lower ranked club I’m not expecting a huuuge amount. My only issue is your starting players are solid, but your bench is nothing to crow about… when the “bargains bargains bargains” articles finish up, watch to see which players you can swap them for cheaply!

  8. James

    Rate as you will.

    Krul (Begovic)
    A Cole, Lescott, Coloccini (McCartney, Fabio)
    Hazard, Valencia, Silva, Cabaye (Noble)
    Aguero, Pogrebynak, Petric

    Question marks on Cabaye and Coloccini to start the season!

    All comments appreciated.

  9. kingcolesy

    Krul (Federici)
    A Cole, Shawcross, Coloccini (Fabio, Hangeland)
    Hazard, Silva, Noble, Nolan (Guthrie)
    Aguero, Pogrebynak, Torres

    Torres to be traded to Rooney after first week.
    Maybe Guthrie to some rookie second week so I dont get a donut.

    p.s. Love the site!!! Love the AFL references 😀 (Makes it so much more simple to understand)

  10. Michael

    Here’s my first up team

    GK: T Krul (J Jaaskelainen)
    DEF: D Simpson, P Jones, J Lescott, A Cole (D Fox)
    MID: L Nani, D Silva, E Hazard (D Guthrie, Puncheon)
    FWD: Ba, S Aguero, P Pogrebnyak

    Currently got Nani but still tossing up between him along with Valencia and Young.
    Not sure about Ba but he just seems to good at that price.

    Thoughts would be appreciated…..

  11. james

    gk cech
    def williams lesscot barnet
    mid dyer noble walcott bale young
    fow rooney torres
    sub gazzinga clyned clichy maynared

  12. Adrian

    Szczesny (Jaaskelainen)
    DEF: Lescott, Cole, Clark (Gorkks, Fabio)
    MID: Bale, Cabaye, Holman, Hazard (Britton)
    FWD: Rooney, Torres, Pogrebnyak

  13. James

    GK: Timmy Howard (Cerny)
    DEF: Evra, Clichy, A. Cole (Fabio, Barnett)
    MID: Bale, Kagawa, Aquilani, Silva, Noble
    FWD: Torres, Podolski (The Pog)

    Comments would be awesome guys?????

  14. tony

    GK: Freidel (Fed)
    DEF: Verthongen, Ivanovic, Evra (Shawcross, Stam)
    MID: Hazard, Nasri, Ben Arfa, Park (Gunnarsson)
    FWD: Aguero, Jelavic (the ‘Yak)

  15. dees11

    GK: Szczesny (Cerny)
    DEF:Walker, R.Taylor, Lowton (Clyne, Barnett)
    MID:Hazard, Silva,Afra, Sinclair ( El Hamdi)
    FWD: Ba, Bent, Augero

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