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For all of you who are making the transition from Dream Team to fantasy EPL for their first season, this article is for you. To undergo transition you must go through three phases, endings, neutral and new beginnings. This is the same, let go of Dream Team once the season finishes and start a new beginning with fantasy EPL. You will begin by feeling confusion, anxiety, and uncertainty as you struggle to grab the concept of the epl and have no clue how to begin assembling your team, yet alone who to pick! This will be followed, I’m sure by anger and extreme frustration as your team does not turn out all it was planned to be. You will start to feel scepticism at your decision to commit to a full season of fantasy EPL but as the image above explains, the key to the neutral phase is to be patient and focus on the future, not the past. As much as you hate what happens you will realise that there is unlimited trades, and discover some optimism. Finally there will be commitment, enthusiasm, excitement and trust as you begin to realise the transition has paid off, accepting your new environment and building towards new and greater achievements. This site has been designed to make this transition easier for new players as well as to cater for experienced fpl players.  I know in my first season of dream team I selected Darren Glass as I thought he was a bargain! Then I realised you don’t just get points for being a great player. Some good players hardly register 50 points while other, lesser players can rack up huge numbers. It’s the same in fantasy EPL, and I’m here to help you separate to fantasy fails from the fantasy gold. But firstly I will elaborate on some of the games most basic skills and rules. Enjoy!

As there are a lot of newcomers to the fantasy EPL game here, making the transition from Dream team I have been asked for some tips on team structures, what all these numbers mean etc. Firstly you have to select a squad of 15 (2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards) under the salary cap of 100.0m, just like dream team. The difference is that once you have created this squad of 15, you can play any formation you like as long as it plays to the basic rules that you require exactly 1 goalkeeper and have at least 3 defenders, 3 midfielders and 1 forward on the pitch at all time. From then on you can play whatever formation you like. Basic rule of a formation is defenders-midfielders-forwards. You could play 5-3-2, 4-4-3, 3-4-3 etc. So what is the best formation to play? It comes down to preference… defenders are cheaper but will score less points. Midfielders are much cheaper this year, but based on last year’s stats they did not score as heavily as the forwards. This is why the best forwards are so expensive. For me, I like to back attacking players on the park, playing a 3-4-3 formation but as I say that’s just me. Defenders can be inconsistent as even for the most expensive player just one silly error can cost their whole game. If you back the best point scorers from the midfield and the forward line this should pay off, like I say… That’s just me. You can check the FPL scoring and Deadlines at the top of the FPLaddicts site and can check up on any other rules that may confuse you on the Fantasy Premier League homepage. This will explain the bonus point system and other complex areas of the game (of which there are few) here. Hopefully that has cleared up any misconceptions you may have had, now onto comparing the players!

DT Pigs- We all know there are a few pigs in the world of dream team, those who like racking up huge numbers just for the sake of their stats. These are the dream teamers we love, and there are a few in fantasy epl also. Although you can’t run into defence and rack up easy numbers (*Brian lake* *Swanny*) there are some players whose roles will better suit fantasy needs then others. For instance an outside midfielder tends to score higher than defensive midfielders (taggers). Captain options such as Swan, Ablett, Watson, Boyd all rack up huge numbers every week, so who will do the same this year in the EPL?

Aguero- A proven captaincy option last year, scoring 23 goals and assisting 9. He plays the perfect role as the number one striker for the most prolific goal scoring team last season, Man city. He will produce similar if not better numbers this season as he adapts to the EPL after playing his first full season last year. This guy will not let you down.
Rooney- Similar to Aguero he plays mostly upfront but for Manchester United. If you’re not sure who takes penalties or free kicks these can be a big bonus, check out bushey’s earlier article to find out more but I can tell you that Rooney will take all United’s penalties and score most of them. Just a bonus for a guy who is so dangerous in open play, will be huge once again this year backing up from his 27 goals and 8 assists last year. Fantasy EPL whore right here.
Van Persie- Last year this guy was simply amazing, scoring 30 goals and assisting 13, he was an absolute fantasy slut! However for new players this season the same rule applies as in dream team, you can only fit one of these guys into your starting team and I would recommend Rooney or Aguero. RVP is priced at 13.0, the most expensive player in the game by 1.0. Given the transfer saga and his request to leave he will be unlikely to remain at Arsenal, but if he does he will be distracted not only by his discontent but by Arsenal’s new purchases in Podolski and Giroud. Trust me guys, keep away.
Silva- Forwards are commonly known to be the highest scorers in fantasy EPL and backs up why they have the 3 most expensive players in the game. But this guy can be just as good a pig as the others, just with a lower ceiling. Silva’s consistency and ability to pull the strings at City make him the most expensive midfielder at 10.0 for good reason, he is a great option also.

Does quality mean quantity? – As I spoke before about me and Glassy, just being a quality player does not make you a star fantasy player. I will pick out a few players that might catch your eye, but must be ignored. Say for example someone like Daniel Kerr, Brad Sewell, TRAVIS CLOKE! Etc.

Modric- This guy is a superstar and may transfer from spurs anyway, but if you’re looking at him for a cut price option in midfield I would look elsewhere. At times last season he played a more attacking role but for the most part he was more of a deeper lying central midfielder (playmaker), reducing his scoring potential. As he pulled the strings in Tottenham’s attacks he would often assist the assists (if you know what I mean). You want a more attacking minded midfielder or winger such as Silva or Bale, or perhaps a cheaper option like Nolan, Noble, Lallana and Lambert (You should see more info on these players in Adzman’s bargains article!). These guys may not be as well known but due to advanced roles in their respective teams they are much better fantasy talent.
Parker- This guy is another perfect example of a great player who is not built as a fantasy player. Playing a central defensive role in front of spur’s back 4 he is cheap at 5.5, but for good reason… don’t touch him!
Andy Carroll- Take this as my EPL version of Travis Cloke (never mentioning his name ever again). A guy with a lot of ability who just doesn’t produce as often and as consistently as he should. Power forward who, at his price will not produce returns as good as Aguero, Silva, Rooney or Suarez for Liverpool. Also stay away.
Balotelli- Not sure who to compare him to in the AFL since most clubs don’t fill up a forward line so superstars have to sit on the bench… anyway, I can tell you Mario is a super talented kid (both in football and comedy) but will not get a starting spot in City’s 11 week in week out. Will produce a big game here and then but try to ignore as he probably won’t keep it up.

Defensive midfielders- I’ve spoken briefly about some defensive midfielders as they are certainly players you want to avoid picking. Think of them as taggers (Raines, Jones, Crowley etc.) as they will not produce many attacking threats as some players, if at all! Look at guys like Britton, Song, Barry, Parker all players who are locked away in the top teams first 11 but should still be avoided at all costs… they are cheap for a reason. Britton played over 3000 minutes and did not get a single goal or assist (should I include Downing there, don’t ever ever ever ever even think of selecting him no matter what!). Perhaps you can include Britton at 4.5 for bench cover, but only if your content with 2 or 3.

Well I hope you all liked it, give me any feedback you wish to in the comments below or tweet me (@MattCraigDT). Keep the ideas for articles flowing (cheers to @bradzeni for this one) and we will try to get on to it. Keep an eye out for my most popular midfielder’s article being released tomorrow morning, and just spread the word about the site. Good luck with the transition!

9 comments on “Transition – Dream Team to Fantasy EPL

  1. mightydons

    Awesome work guys, more than I could have ever dreamt of! Looking forward to the FPL season ahead, now they just need to create an app for it similar to DT! Brad

  2. 7ator

    Love your work here Matt, I will be directing a few of my ‘novice’ mates here before they start picking their FPL teams. Just one point though, you mentioned Song in your ‘avoid at all costs’, but i actually think he is a decent option, had a goal, 13 assists and 13 bonus points during the season, which ok for a player at his price, and especially since most people expect Arsenal to improve on last season, will likely improve his fantasy score.

    • adzman78

      I reckon gareth bale is dayne beams, young superstar who already scores well but hasn’t reached full potential yet. Lampard is simon black, proven gun getting on in years but may still offer something if getting game time.

  3. Dan

    Another great article, fast becoming one of my most visited site this one 🙂

    Not sure you want the comments filled with rate my teams, but here’s my current squad anyway, just to see if I’m anywhere near it yet:
    Krul (Reddy) Lescott Cole Coloccini (Gorkss Fabio ) Bale Hazard Ben Arfa Pienaar* (Noble) Rooney Jelavic Pogrebnyk (sp) *pending transfer

    The thing hardest to get my head around ( being new to FPL) is the pricing and how the increases/decreases work. From what I can gather its determined by some unknown formula, but is based on the actual demand for the player in the game, and that the price changes happen daily. Therefore there is actually good and bad times of day to make trades/transfers? Will take some time before I get the hang of trading properly, but should be interesting trying to figure it all out.

    The other main question I have, and this one is gonna sound very newbish and a little dumb, but what is actually a decent score for a week, both for a team and individual players? Just interested and a little difficult to gauge just looking at last years overall points and game times…

    Anyway thanx again for the site guys, have a few mates in the same boat as me so it’ll be pretty handy for a few of us I’d say.

    • adzman78

      I reckon youre usually happy if most of your players get a 6 that would mean they have either a clean sheet or a goal/assist. A normal week might have a 50 total score, good week in the 70s or 80s topping the 100 is like 2400 in DT, happens but not a lot. Price changes happen from total transfers in an out. Runs of some maths equation but we will have an article each week saying who will go up and down. There is a website called totalfpl that keeps a close eye on rises and falls. I like your team a lot! Might just need more chelsea cause they play twice in be first week. I think ill make a tab on the top of the site for rate my teams, will get some good ideas in there. Thanks for visiting, can’t wait for the season to start!

  4. mattcraigdt Post Author

    Cheers lads, good to hear its appreciated! Agree with song but still not sure he is a fantasy option, especially with m’villas possible transfer. Price changes are much harder to gauge in fpl, but we will do our best to assist everyone on when to transfer, to who etc. Just keep visiting and spreading the word, keep it up fellas.

  5. krunchie

    great work guys, while im not a first year FPL,er i dont follow it closely enough to really know all the players so articles like this are fantastic, keep up the great work

  6. 20054

    I know this is completely unrelated but I was curious if you
    knew somewhere I could get a captcha plugin for my feedback form?
    I’m implementing the same blog system as you and I’m having trouble finding one?

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