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Most fantasy coaches have all the same defenders, with Ashley Cole and Kompanyy being at the top of their lists and in most of their teams with 23.3% and 21.5% ownership respectively. These players in this article are going to be your POD (point of difference) players, and can give you the edge over your opponents.

The only criteria is that the player must have less than 10% Ownership.

John Terry (£7.0) % of teams owned by: 9.4
Mr. Controversial (other than Joey Barton). This man is the heart and soul of the Chelsea defence, and he does an amazing job at keeping the back 4 in place. Terry got 138 points from only 2790 minutes played last season (3420 in a full season), when he last played close to a full season in 09/10 he totaled 150 points, the main reason he didn’t play a full season was thanks to AVB and his rigourous resting regime which shouldn’t be a problem this year. Terry also carries an aerial threat from corners, kicking 6 goals and assisting once. All in all he could be the pick that could change your whole season.

Leighton Baines (£7.0) % of teams owned by: 8.7
The Toffees defender Baines usually plays left-back and is now the free kick taker, and possible penalty taker for Everton which usually means extra shots at goal and more points for us coaches. Baines totalled 134 points which included 4 goals and 2 assists, but in the year before, where he played every minute of the season he got 5 goals and 11 assists and totalling 178 points, assuming he plays every minute of the season or close to it which I assume he will, he will absoloutely kill it!

Patrice Evra (£7.0) % of teams owned by: 8.7
I seriously don’t know why the top scoring defender from last year has only got 8.7% ownership.. He pretty much does it all, plays in a team that will have plenty of clean sheets, storms down the left back only conceding 6 yellow cards and 32 goals and having 6 assists. I can’t see Man Utd getting less than 15 clean sheets and conceding more goals than last year, so for me he would probably be a lock according to his form.

Anyway hope this helps you in picking your Defenders. The high scoring Midfielders will be out next.. if you have any question you can tweet me at @JimbobFiore anyway good luck everyone!

10 comments on “High scoring players you might not have – Defenders

  1. adzman78

    Terry is real tempting!…. Just worry about his body holding out. Has evra got competition for left back yet? Probably better value than vidic it seems, maybe de gea the best way in to that defence for 6.5?

  2. mattcraigdt

    Agree with terry although there is always a reason why a player doesn’t play the whole season, his body is getting on. Also agree with Baines as an option at either everton or man united but hard to tell which will pay off more, pens and free kicks or a solid back 4. However I must disagree with evra, there is a good reason he is only selected by few managers. He is 32 years old now and Fergie doesn’t seem like he will stop until he signs a new LB with fabio on loan. If not Baines, it will be Jetro Williems and he has also looked at Pereira from Porto AND Bryan Oviedo… obviously he is not backing Evra for a whole season so expect him to miss quite a few games and if a transfer goes through his days as United’s number one left back may be over…

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