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Most fantasy coaches have all the same midfielders, with Hazard and Cabaye being at the top of their lists and in most of their teams with 25.1% and 23.2% ownership respectively. These players in this article are going to be your POD (point of difference) players, and can give you the edge over your opponents.

The only criteria is that the player must have less than 10% Ownership.

Hatem Ben Arfa (£7.5) % of teams owned by: 8.2
This guy is an absoloute jet. After a breakout season last year only playing 1556 minutes of the season (3420 in a full season), he scored 5 goals and assisting 7 totalling 100 points. Assuming he plays a full season or close to it, he will absolutely tear it up, the main reason he didn’t play as much minutes was because he is new to the epl, but with some experience he will play over 2500 minutes easy.. Did I mention Pardew loves this guy? If you are confident he will play close to a full season get him in, because he is a machine!
Ji-Sung Park (£6.0) % of teams owned by: 6.5
Former Man Utd starlet Park has been recently transferred to QPR. This guy will play the whole season (if he doesn’t get injured) And he will score heavily getting plenty of assists and goals like he did at Man Utd (2 goals and 3 assists from a quarter of the season) Park is quite expensive but could just be that POD you need, and could explode into a gun midfielder.
Luis Nani (£9.0) % of teams owned by: 5.4
Being touted as the new ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ from his managers. This guy is beautiful to watch and converts that into goals and assist and minimum bookings! Totalling 157 points from 2104 minutes played and getting 8 goals, 12 assists and only 2 yellow cards! If this guy plays a full season he will Rip. It. Up, he also amassed 19 bonus points, this guy is gold!

Anyway hope this helps you in picking your Midfielders. The high scoring Forwards will be out next.. if you have any question you can tweet me at @JimbobFiore anyway good luck everyone!

10 comments on “High scoring players you might not have – Midfielders

  1. mattcraigdt

    Not confident Ben Arfa will play the whole season, will be interesting to see though as he can certainly dominate when hes out there on the park… If Nani can nail a starting birth then he will be awsome… Park is 32 so probably won’t make it through the season. Definately some risks here but could certainly pay off as they all have high scoring potential!

  2. Michael

    Torn between Nani and Valencia…..currently have Valencia as the word is he has been dominating pre-season but Nani probably has more scoring potential

    • adzman78

      Tbh I reckon valencia gets in way more dangerous positions than Nani…. Nani dicks round with the ball …. Valencia just gets it and heads for the bline

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