Most Popular Midfielders – Part 2

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Hey lads, Matt here continuing the pre-season articles in which I analyze the most popular picks from each line and tell you which ones I believe are going to back up the hype! Today I will complete my evaluation of the Midfielders:

Dempsey- Selected by 14.5% of teams, Dempsey is being backed by a lot of teams to reproduce the goods he for so long promised with 17 goals and 7 assists last year. This accumulated to 209 points and 22 bp’s (the second highest for a midfielder) a brilliant return! So the only question is will he keep it up? Now aged 29 he is getting on so he has almost peaked but should have one good season left in him. If he remains at Fulham I definitely reckon he’s worth a shot, especially if he plays CF where most of his best exploits occurred. However a transfer to Liverpool would significantly decrease his value for me.

Summary: There are plenty of options around that price but if you’re struggling for a solid mid (and can afford him) look no further! If he transfers to Liverpoo (God im funny) then avoid.

Yaya Toure- Similar to last year Yaya has attracted plenty of fantasy interest, 17.6% of teams in fact (I’ve fallen into that trap). However we witnessed the same story last year, one game he will play an attacking role and dominate, then the next five he will play a holding role and do nothing fantasy relevant. With a guy like David Silva pulling the strings he is not needed as an attacking midfielder so he usually plays more of a holding role and I don’t see anything changing this season. This is backed up by the fact he scored 6 goals and 9 assists last season, not enough at his asking price of 8.0. They were very similar to the season previous and expect the same this time around. If Silva was to be injured for a significant period of time I would be all over him, but while David is fit stay away, plenty of better options below his price.

Summary: A no go zone for me, won’t become a viable option until Silva doesn’t play for whatever reason to free up that attacking mid slot.

Sinclair- Now here’s a player with some potential. Scoring 8 goals and 5 assists that season he was a solid option for us managers scoring 151 points. Priced at 7.0 this year, he is selected by 15.1% of managers all hoping he will back this up. He will maintain his attacking midfield role in Swansea’s first 11 and as Adz reminded me, he takes all the free kicks and pens! It’s all positives… except for the loss of Brendan Rogers, causing all sorts of havoc at the Liberty Stadium. The passing game of Roger’s may be lost and it’s hard to see how they will travel without him, so to how Sinclair’s fantasy potential will be affected. Another one to keep an eye out for during the pre-season but expect big things from him, a very good option at his price.

Summary: Definitely one to watch, perhaps take a close look over Swansea’s progress during their pre-season. A cut price option with plenty of upside and pen duties locked away, I’m very close to picking him up myself.

Kagawa- So many questions have been surrounding Shinji ever since the release of fpl. Being priced under the most expensive midfielders (8.5) has drawn even more attention to him, does he deserve it? 14.6% of managers seem to think so, but his stats are not so overwhelmingly convincing. Based on his figures at Dortmund last year maybe they weren’t as huge as we were led to believe. 13 goals and 8 assists last season for Dortmund (In the bundesliga) was very solid considering he only played 29 games. However we must question his ability to join the EPL and have that same impact. Another issue is his new role at Man United. Will they change their ways to suit his play… probably not as they are usually considered to be most dangerous down the flanks. Will the intro of a CAM and the possible change to a 4-2-3-1 take points away from their wingers, or at least enough to make Kagawa a premium mid option? Hard to tell at this stage. Sir Alex can also have a nasty habit to rest players and in his first season in the EPL at just 23, Kagawa may be susceptible to this. Will need to view more on their tactics during mid season and I may come up with a more definite decision closer to deadline day! For now lock him in, but keep an eye out for the around the ground reports to see how he’s going.

Summary: If you’re not playing Rooney you need at least one midfielder from United, lots of doubt at this stage as to who that should be so can lock for now, but follow his progress closely.

I hope this was helpful for all you FPLaddicts out there and I will bring you the final installment of this series, the forwards tomorrow! Keep an eye out for more articles to come later today, in the mean time let me know your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to give me any more ideas on articles you wish to be published! You can also just hit me up on twitter (@MattCraigDT) and I will try to sort it out! Cheers.

6 comments on “Most Popular Midfielders – Part 2

  1. adzman78

    Sinclair stays on pens and free kicks….. Hear he even drives the team bus! Needs to be considered for this fact alone. Ever tried to pick a team soley of pen takers?

  2. The Plagiarist

    Another excellent FPLAddicts article Matt. Staying away from ManU midfielders this year despite the talent and scoring potential. Simply too many rotations. Not keen on spending top dollar on players who get benched every second/third week. As for Sinclair, had him all last year but passing this season. Looking for the “New Sinclair”

  3. The Plagiarist

    Off topic i know but just noticed in the poll that 15% of FPL addicts think Arsenal will win the title this year. Good to see naive idealism not entirely dead in these cynical Abramovich/Oil Shiekh days!!!!

    • adzman78

      That was arsene and his family voting….. Very vain man arsene…can’t have a poll loss, he put the binoculars off chelsea and spurs for 5 minutes to right the poll

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