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Most fantasy coaches have all the same midfielders, with Aguero and Rooney being at the top of their lists and in most of their teams with 33.9% and 25.5% ownership respectively. These players in this article are going to be your POD (point of difference) players, and can give you the edge over your opponents.

The only criteria is that the player must have less than 10% Ownership.

Grant Holt (£6.5) % of teams owned 
by: 8.7
Here we come to Norwich’s number 1 striker, and I’m quietly surprised that he is only owned by 8.7% of all teams.. scoring 15 goals and assisting 3 all in under 2249 minutes (3420 minutes in a full season), totalling a staggering 138 points with 19 bonus points. If Holt plays close to a full season he will explode and be the massive POD you will need to skyrocket through the ranks.

Darren Bent (£8.5) % of teams owned by: 2.2
This guy is a proven star, if he stays injury free this bloke will tear it up! When he plays close to a full season like he did in 09/10, and 10/11 where he played 3386 minutes in 09/10 and 3142 minutes in 10/11, in 09/10 he scored 24 goals and 4 assist totalling 195 points (the same that bale scored last season). In 10/11 he scored 17 goals and 2 assists totalling 158 points, if he replicates any of this kind of form he will be one of the highest scoring fowards of 12/13.
Nikica Jelavic (£8.5) % of teams owned by: 9.9
With Timmy Cahill going off to New York in the MLS, Jelavic will be the number 1 striker for the Toffees, with only playing 900 minutes last season and totalling 9 goals, he averaged 1 goal every 100 minutes, (very close to a goal a game) and getting 69 points.. as the case with the rest of these POD’s, if he gets even close to a full season he will get over 135 points and create havoc in the defences of the other prem league teams.

Anyway hope this helps you in picking your forwards. If you have any question you can tweet me at @JimbobFiore anyway good luck everyone!

13 comments on “High scoring players you might not have – Forwards

  1. adzman78

    The way the fixtures have fallen, bent and jel are awesome options, who takes pens at Everton if baines goes? I’m 90% on one of these two…

  2. mad romeys

    I can either get Bale in the mids or i can upgrade a forward and get bent or jelavic or podolski. Which one?? GO!

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