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Hey lads, Matt here continuing the pre-season articles in which I analyze the most popular picks from each line and tell you which ones I believe are going to back up the hype! Today I will complete the series with the forwards:

Aguero- By far the most popular selection in this year’s game, picked by 33.9% of managers. 23 goals and 9 assists last season to go along with a massive 30 bp’s and a total score of 211! Third highest scorer in last season’s game and his price backs this up, if you’re wondering if he will be able to improve on this don’t even bother… he will be better. In his first season in the EPL last year he was a standout and can only improve, and will push his tally closer to 30 goals this year and my tip for the golden boot. All upsides apart from mancini’s possible rotations, however this will hardly affect ‘Kun’ (at least until december) as he is their number one striker.

Summary: Cheapest of the big forwards and will be huge once again, select and forget.

Rooney- The second most picked forward this year, selected by 25.5% of teams and priced at 12.0. This is due to his incredible season last year surpassed only by RVP on his way to 27 goals and 8 assists, amassing 37 bonus points and a season tally of 230! Incredible! With united seemingly changing formation to support Kagawa, Rooney should get a main role upfront. With penalty duties locked away and free kicks another possibility he with be amazing if he gets unleashed alone upfront. If Hernandez was to be given this role it may take a toll on Rooney’s scores if he was too play deeper but I can’t see this happening with Shinji now playing in ‘the hole’. Absolute superstar.

Summary: Another set and forget, will produce similar huge numbers to last season.

Ba- The third most selected forward in 24.7% of teams who I believe have jumped the gun. There is a cloud surrounding Newcastle’s strikers as we are unsure on how Ba and Cisse will play together this season, with Cisse stealing Demba’s limelight towards the end of last year. Can’t select unless you’re sure he will play upfront which is unlikely, unless Pardew changes formation. He will probably play down the left as he did towards the end of last season, steer clear.

Summary: A trap that seems to be catching a few players, can’t select just yet. However we must not forget how awesome he was pre-cisse… keep an eye open.

Torres- Oh god. El Nino is seemingly back… for the third time at Chelsea. When will he actually turn up for good?!? I have a feeling most of these are managers hoping to see him dominate Wigan and Reading in the double and if not, jump off. It is smart play and if you can fit him in to your initial squad then go for it, but I must warn you we have seen this hype before. I think he will improve on last year’s disaster but I also think Chelsea are on the hunt for another striker which could ruin his shot at glory. If he remains the main striker at Chelsea then it’s down to his ability to finish… reminding you all that he went 1541 minutes without scoring ONE goal last year, he will be hit and miss.

Summary: Don’t be afraid to test the waters for the double gameweek but be prepared to jump ship if we are re-united with the Torres of last year.

Pogrebnyak- Finally the most selected ‘cheap’ forward this year in 19.9% of teams. After scoring 6 goals in 12 games (a decent return) last season his bargain price at 5.0 with his main role at reading has been seen by many as a steal. I agree it’s a bargain but i’m not sure he will be as solid as many think. A good option to fill your team but don’t expect massive returns… a 15 goal season would be decent enough at his price. The double gameweek coming first up is a big reason a lot of managers have jumped on board but be prepared to stick it out for the long haul as it will be hard to trade him out at just 5.0. You will have to sacrifice some points to trade him out, or maybe even a wildcard (will speak more on this later) so most will be with him for the majority of the season.

Summary: Great option to clear up some room in our budgets, especially with the double gameweek first up. Just remember he won’t be easy to trade out if he bombs out.

I hope this was helpful for all you FPLaddicts out there. Will be bringing you a new series reviewing the newly promoted clubs as well as giving some general tips in the lead up to deadline day! Keep an eye out for more articles to come later today, in the mean time let me know your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to give me any more ideas on articles you wish to be published! You can also just hit me up on twitter (@MattCraigDT) and I will try to sort it out! Cheers.

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    • Muz Begovic

      Was a lock in my team all last year with RVP…along with Ba for half the year then jumped to Cisse when he fired. Now that was a gun forward line!

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