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When picking our teams we always hit little impasses, little player v player duals that we can’t decide over. Over the next few weeks we will have a look at a few of the best; today we check the guns with Aguero vs Rooney.

They are priced within .5 of each other at 11.5 and 12.0 respectively and seem fail safe options but let’s delve a bit deeper.

Both City and United are generally fairly high scoring sides.  Last season City scored 93 goals and United 89…a full 16 goals more than their next rivals Arsenal. So it’s clear that both teams score goals, but how about the systems they work in?

City usually play one of two formations, either a 4-3-3 with Aguero on the right cutting inside to devastating effect, or a 4-2-3-1 with Aguero being a part of a devastating midfield 3 of he, Nasri and Silva so although not being played as an out and out striker as such he still finds himself in scoring positions a lot, particularly when Dzeko is playing the tall forward role. Although it’s not been unknown for Aguero to lead the line such is his versatility.

United usually play a 4-4-1-1 but with the addition of Kawaga could play a 4-2-3-1, either way Rooney generally plays up front alone. In times he is out of form it’s not uncommon for him to play in midfield and have Chicherito leading the line, this is a worry sometimes as when he drops deep the scores dry up. So that’s the teams, how about the players themselves?

Rooney is 26 but it seems like he has been around for ever. (Started when 16), last season he scored 230 points. He scored 27 goals and made 5 assists. The thing that Rooney has in his locker is Penalties and free kicks. We all know how many pens Ferguson gets at Old Trafford so it’s a big advantage to Wayne and his hair hat. He does seem to score in streaks; he will go on fire and get hatricks in a row, then go on barren runs for weeks on end. Don’t be afraid to pick him up on a streak then trade him at the first sign of a trough. He used to be bad tempered and a card magnet but has mellowed with age.

Aguero is 24 and coming into his second EPL season. Last year he scored 211 points. He scored 23 goals and made 8 assists. He should get better in his second season, having acclimatised to the ways of the EPL. He is an all action performer who takes some pens but not all, Balotelli will take them if on the pitch. What he loses here he makes up for in assists. There is more of a rotation risk on Aguero then Rooney but Kun should play more often than not. When the game isn’t going City’s way he won’t get as isolated at Rooney can.

So in a tight duel…… it’s hard to pick. Both players are fixture proof so it’s just down to themselves. I’d be leaning towards Rooney at this stage… only because if he doesn’t work out early you can always trade down to Aguero…. It’s hard to go the .5 up the other way. Both these guys will score you enough points to be happy but the pens in Rooneys locker get him over line.


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  1. tseagrim

    Rooney for me…Kagawa feeding the ball down his throat will be too good to resist. Or does Aguero’s piss easy run at the start of the season tip the duel in his favour….

    It’s a coin toss really.

  2. Burkdog

    Great article Adzman! Leaning towards Rooney now! Haven’t factored in the possibility of RVP going to United. If this happens, welcome Kun!

  3. billymumphrey

    Just finished watching the City v Arsenal game.

    Aguero looked well off the pace – needs a few more games to get up to speed. Surprisingly Tevez was extremely lively and looked particularly trim.

      • billymumphrey

        Nir Biton also impressed. Young Israeli player. Probably not fantasy relevant but one for the future.

        Arsenal were shooting on sight and City were guilty of trying to pass the ball into the net. How things have changed.

        Kolarov looked calm as the left wing back.

        Savic was not great but not bad. Still think he’s suffering from confidence issues.

        City played with 3 at the back trying to emulate Napoli. Worked in the first half, less so in the second.

        Razak didn’t make enough of his chances. Zabba was solid on the overlap and was relishing pushing up field more.

        Ya Ya was dominant although a few touches were a bit wayward.

        Pantillimon was class throughout, making so great saves.

        On the Arsenal side Jenkinson and Santos impressed most, with Jenkinson making some great runs through the guts and Santos putting in some fierce shots.

        Happy to do a bit of write up if you want for a friendly review as there’s only so much you can glean from match reports.

        • adzman78 Post Author

          bugger.. i had a man city team preview done but most of this flies in the face of it! i always had Kolorov pegged as a messy defender who takes a mean free kick. where does Tevez fit into the scheme of things? his price is a tempting way into the city attack….

          • mattcraigdt

            Carlos is a worry for Kun, although if playing in the right formation they could work well together. If Tevez can nail a starting spot get him in!

          • footyhead

            hey adzman, what about nolan v sinclair for the next player V player if you are looking for a cheap midfielder?? reckon its an interesting one…

          • billymumphrey

            I reckon the only city players who will be definite starters every game (injuries pending) are Hart, Kompany, Lescott, Ya Ya, Silva, Barry and possibly Aguero. Mancini demonstrated last year that he’s a fan of rotation, good news for injuries (I think City had one of the best injury records for the season) bad news for fantasy.

            With Tevez the jury is still out. Hard to glean alot from the game. Dzeko didn’t make the China trip as he was injured. Balotelli (and most of the other players from the Euros) have been given an extended break and have not caught up with the firs team yet. So it’s hard to say who Mancini would have chosen if he had all four available. As it stands I would say that Aguero is Number 1, Balotelli is Number 2 then Tevez then Dzeko. Tevez is quality on the pitch, there is no doubt about that and comments that he’s made recently have gone some way to assuage the fans after the debacle in Munich. He seems to be willing to play and has softened his stance. Whether Mancini keeps him is a different question.

            Mancini has to sell to buy and is getting frustrated in the lack of progress so far in the transfer market – see his thinly veiled digs at Brian Marwood. However we still have Adebayor and Santa Cruz (thanks Hughes) on the books. So firstly he needs to shift them out of the club. If RVP comes then one of the four would have to be sold and despite Mancini’s discussion with the press I think that would be Dzeko, but still keeping four top quality strikers happy is no easy feat.

            Another spanner in the works is John Guidetti. Young Swedish striker who was on loan at Feyenord last year. Had a breakout season to borrow some Dream Team parlance, notching up 20 goals, 6 assists in 23 games. He wants first team football, but don’t think he would get much of a run ahead of any of the other strikers.

            To be honest I don’t think we actually need RVP. Our strikers are the area where there is the lowest need to improve. We need centre half coverage more then we need RVP who last season aside, has a very poor record injury wise.

            If City were to get rid of a striker I would prefer Guidetti gets a run. What does it say to the rest of the academy if a guy who kills it in the Eredivisie cannot get at least the forth berth in the first team?

            However, long story short re Tevez, I reckon when he plays he will be class, although i doubt he will get the game time consistently through the season to make a massive impact.

          • adzman78 Post Author

            have they ran out of oil money? whats with the selling before buying? is the financial fair play thing kicking in this year?

          • billymumphrey

            The money is still there just being pumped into other areas of the project (think the new development in and around the ground to exploit other revenue streams. As a buying club we’re not likely to make a lot of cash from player transfers so I think the sell before you buy is just ageneral level of prudence now to comply with FFP.

          • adzman78 Post Author

            The financial fair play is a bit of a farce when clubs can sell stadium naming rights for a tillion pounds…. There’s always a way round things….

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