Club Analysis – Aston Villa and Arsenal

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ImageIn these series of articles we will be analysing all the fantasy relevant players in every team, starting today with Aston Villa and Arsenal!

Arsenal: Arsenal first few weeks are not hard, but not particually easy.. having Sunderland (H), Stoke (A), and Liverpool away (A) providing quite a mixed bag, with Liverpool being the hardest match there, but first we’ll start from the back and work our way forward starting with Szczesny £5.5 (calling him szcz for short) is a mixed bag of excitement, doubt and anxiety in 11/12 he played his first full season and did quite well having 82 saves and 13 clean sheets, with a shaky back four led by Vermaelen £7.0 the new gunners captain, this guy will be fantastic this year, playing only 2477 minutes last season (3420 in a full season) he scored a staggering 132 points! Imagine how much he will get this year with a guaranteed spot in the first XI and more minutes, 200+ points anyone? 

Entering into the midfielders now, and kicking it off is Walcott £9.0 who is another one of these guys who just didn’t play enough football last season, but he seems back and bigger than ever after the Euro 2012, playing only 2728 mins and scoring 169, another interesting thing is that he has only been booked once since 06/07, if he plays a full season, everyone should watch out! Next is Arteta £8.0 who is the designated free kick taker (for a great reason, his free kicks are beautiful) which means shots at goal and more points for converted goals and assist, Mikel had 7 goals and 2 assists, which is down on his 06/07 high of 9 goals and 10 assists, where he had a career high 178 points, if he can recapture this form, lock him in!

Podolski £8.5 should be great for Arsenal this season seeing he wouldn’t have to play second fiddle to RVP (if Van Persie doesn’t play) and will take every penalty. Podolski has bags of experience playing for Munich and Leverkusen and should get at least 15 goals for the gunners this year, a Point of difference would be Bendtner £6.5 As he showed at Sunderland he can be explosive in patches scoring 116 points only off 2236 minutes played, nailing 8 and assisting 6, and a handy 15 bonus points.

Stay Away: Definitely stay away from Song £6.5 who sacrifices his fantasy game for Arsenal, last season he played 2995 minutes and scored 125 points, with 13 assists.. his just not good enough for that kind of price-tag. Gunners 4th or 5th striker now Chamakh £6.0 doesn’t get anywhere enough game time, to even merit himself to be warming up your forward reserve, extremely advise against Chamakh, maybe if he gets transferred to a Wigan or Fulham and is the number 1 striker will I ever be tempted.

Aston Villa: No real fantasy relevent goalkeepers or defenders to speak of from Villa, the only real threat in the midfielder aswell would be N’Zogbia £6.5 totalling 91 points off only 2072 minutes played, but his price tag is too much to ask for his, and Villa’s shaky form, other then that theres Bent £8.5 who if he recaptures his form of 09/10 could go ballistic! If you want more info on Bent click here, here I list his stats and in depth info on him. 

Stay Away: Given £5.0 may look juicy, but his not his £5 for a reason.. his rubbish and especially with Villa who will lose more than win, and he just doesn’t make enough saves to pick him up and I really don’t know why 2.9% have him, another one to stay away from is Warnock £5.0 Warnock plays more game time, but doesn’t turn that into points only totalling 98 points from 3053 minutes, he is another one who sacrifices his game for the sake of his team.

Anyway hope this helps you choose your team, and get to know a few more players and what they are capeable of, if you have any questions tweet me at @JimbobFiore 

8 comments on “Club Analysis – Aston Villa and Arsenal

  1. tseagrim

    Hutton another one to stay away from for Villa. Lambert hates him and has tried to transfer him out. Also may lose his starting XI place to Matthew Lowton who Villa signed from Sheffield.

  2. adzman78

    Think you have been a bit down on villa ! I’m bullish about them, new manager, should score goals.. I like bent, agbonlahor, nzog , holman and clark. Whether or not I take any I’m not sure but I wouldn’t be discounting a villa revival, nice fixtures to start with too!

  3. mattcraigdt

    N’Zogbia burned me last year, not again. Disagree with Bendtner, has publically stated his hate for Arsenal and wants to leave… stay away. Also remember that Walcott didn’t play the full season because he gets subbed often around the 70th minute, he actually played 35 of 38 games and keeping in mind there is doubt on his contract I would steer clear. Agree with Bent, Arteta and Vermaelen though it will be interesting to see how the gunners back 4 holds up.

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