Fresh Blood

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Southampton and Stoke’s turn to be scoured for new talent. The saints have been busy so far this window, making a few key signings who should see game time. Stoke however, have been quiet, but their one signing could be a potential sleeper…. because he’s a mid listed as a defender! 


Southampton have recruited well. Very well. Acquiring Steven Davis (5.0), Nathaniel Clyne (4.0) and Jay Rodriguez (5.5).

Davis, a midfielder from Rangers, was picked up on a free transfer. A bloody good free transfer if you ask me. The guy played for Villa back in 2004 and won their young player of the year and their player of the year before moving elsewhere. So he has a) experience, and b) talent. He was Ranger’s vice-captain last year, and will definitely start in the middle of the park for the Saints. 5.0 for a 27 yr old centre-mid with experience in the EPL? Yes please. Seriously Consider.

Clyne fits the mould of Chris Gunter. He has pace, skill, and can tackle reasonably well for a young Right-back. If you follow adzman’s pre-season posts, you’ll see that he has been playing on the wing, utilising his speed to become a dangerous player. He could be an OOP beauty that could be the point of difference in your team. Monitor his pre-season, because if he starts as a winger, at 4.0 in defence he’ll be very tempting.

Jay Rodriguez is an interesting one. Let me start by saying they bought him from Burnley for £6m… Now I don’t see a newly promoted side like Southampton spending that much money (probably over half of their transfer budget) on someone that is going to warm the bench. So we can assume this guy is going to play. Plying his trade mainly on the wing, and at a price of just 5.5, he could be a sleeper! I’ve never seen him play, so I’ll pass, but if he scores well early jump aboard!

Stoke City

Just the one addition so far to Stoke, in that of young central-midfielder Jamie Ness (4.0) from Rangers. As a 21 year old midfielder who spent most of the year injured last year… why would we pay attention? Here’s why. He’s listed as a DEFENDER. If he can get games, imagine getting a clean sheet bonus as well as an extra couple of points for goals…That’s the problem though. I don’t think he’ll get games. Monitor him over the pre-season, if he gets games, JUMP ON!.

As per usual, questions, queries and qualms, hit me up on twitter. Next up, Sunderland and Swansea!


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    • tseagrim Post Author

      unfortunately he’s not a scorer, having scored 5 in his 33 games at rangers. 13 assists though! Also won the player of the month in september last year. and to do that what is it safe to assume you have a lot of? Bonus points. CHA CHINGGGG. His inclusion if anything will help lambert bucket loads. Southamptons shitty draw means i’m going to sit back for the first month til it clears up, then pounce if nzogbia doesn’t work out after his easy run 🙂

  1. mad romeys

    Hey guys just want to know, should i go for:

    walcott (low on minutes last year but still scored a stack of points)
    hazard (looks very promising)

  2. Liam

    West Ham won like every pre season game the season they got relegated, its not something to read too much into

  3. adzman78

    true…. just trying things i guess… he did play a full squad against the German side on the weekend and got pantsed 0-3…. im getting a bit scared of having too many hammers, they were not even the dominant side in the championship after all

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