The Big Issues – Wildcards

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Hey guys I’m back with a new series to try and fill any gaps you may have with how the game is played and give some hints as to some of the key areas of FPL. Today I will assess the use of the wildcard, and how you can use it to your advantage:

Every season we ponder with how we are going to use our wildcards, and I seem to use mine by GW5 each season… I also believe this is the way to go as you may need to fix up some poor picks once we get a better idea of who will dominate from which team etc. However this season we are faced with the prospect of a double gameweek (Chelsea and Reading) in GW1! That is something I have never experienced so it’s new to all of us. I started by including as many players as possible and taking it from there but I realised, what comes after? Is it worth getting a couple of players for the double if I’m going to have to trade them out costing me points at some other stage? There are 2 ways to view this. If you are locking in Torres, Hazard, Pogrebnyak or Cole for the rest of the season then go for it! But they will miss GW3 anyway so this leaves the question… is it worth having them all? For all that don’t know a wildcard allows you to make unlimited trades without costing yourself any points, it basically allows you to select your whole team all over again. Now like I say there are 2 options for using the wildcard, here’s the first:

Option 1- Save the wildcard: Select a starting 15 that you feel comfortable carrying through at least the majority of the first half of the season. I say this because you receive another wildcard during the January transfer window. This would mean that you will pick any Chelsea or Reading players regardless of their opening double gameweek, copping their 0 during GW3. However make sure you are comfortable with this team as if you wish to make a few transfers you will probably find yourself losing points to transfers and could end up using your wildcard fixing errors in your team anyway. The way to avoid this problem is option 2.

Option 2- Use the wildcard: Quite simple. Fact is come GW3 you will be carrying some 0’s and some players you want out because let’s admit, our teams won’t be perfect. The wildcard is a chance to fix these errors in your team and GW2 or 3 is the perfect time to do so. Now by using your wildcard early you may as well start with whatever team you want. A tactic I am seriously considering and should hopefully pay off… base your starting 15 on the players you believe will dominate GW1, use your wildcard in GW2 and select whatever team you wish to carry through the first half of the season. By getting in as many players from the double gameweek, or those with easy GW1 fixtures you can jump the gun on everyone else, then using your wildcard as most probably will prior to GW3 bringing you back to a level playing field. I suggest using it in GW2 as you don’t want to lose value in your team as prices begin to change, but more on that issue later.

It all depends on your strategy with the wildcard, however since I use it early as to not get caught behind, I recommend option 2 as once a wildcard is used your basically re-creating your team. I will talk about possible price rises that may occur and focus on trading strategies with your wildcard in my upcoming article reviewing trading tactics. However if you are to use option 2 and make your changes early in GW2 price changes should not be an issue. However keep in mind once you have used your wildcard there is no going back, so be absolutely sure. Really if you are using option 2 you have no choice anyway.

Hope this helped a lot of you wondering how to best use the wildcard. These are just 2 options, either keeping it up your sleeve or going hard early. I know I will be using option 2 (at this stage) and recommend this to anyone else willing to take the risk. As I say, if you’re not going to use your wildcard early set your team to last for the first half of the season, not just on early fixtures and the double gameweek. Look forward to more articles from the boys coming your way later. Also feel free to leave a comment in the section below and I will get back to you. You can also just send me a quick tweet @MattCraigDT and I’ll sort it out. Cheers lads.

5 comments on “The Big Issues – Wildcards

  1. adzman78

    Usually there is an international break around week 3 or 4 that is a perfect
    Time to wildcard, you can catch 2 weeks of price movements and I think you also get the final signings before the window closes.

    I usually take it around then…. Other than a huge double week there isn’t much point holding it, the new year card is always waiting.

  2. kingcolesy

    Hey, Im planning to use the wildcard GW2. Just to confirm, do we start with a wildcard after GW1?

    Also, could someone tell me how the prices are calculated weekly? Are they a 3 round rolling average?

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