Fresh Blood

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Fresh Blood O’Clock. Tottenham and West Brom get the fine-toothed comb through them today. Any suitable options for your FPL teams? Well come on in and have a look…


Tottenham has made a couple of signings so far, with PL new boy Jan Vertonghen (6.5) and last year’s January phenom Gylfi Sigurdsson (9.0) joining also.

Let’s start with Vertonghen. Firstly, I’m not happy Jan (Vertonghen) about his price. (Terrible joke I know). Placing him at 6.5 makes him worth more than loads of other defenders. That said, he will play every game and he will be solid in a solid team who are likely to keep quite a few clean sheets. 6.5 makes him a bit of a gamble, but remember, if he sucks just trade him out! He could provide to be a tasty P.O.D.

Gylfi is next! The dude rocked last year when he came in January to Swansea, and if you traded him in like I did you would have been laughing straight to the top of the table. Anyway this year is different. Different style of play, different coach, different team. I dont think he’ll be as good this year. Here’s why. Centre-mids have a history of being rubbish under AVB. Name one Chelsea centre-mid that did well under him? Nope, you can’t. His 4-3-3 system relies purely on wingers feeding a striker. For this reason I don’t see Sigurdsson justifying his price of 9.0, especially with the likes of Bale, Dempsey, Silva and Hazard in the same price region. I’ll pass!

West Brom Albion

Three signings so far for West Brom, who are perenially the hardest team to read each year. Let me just start by saying I don’t think they’ll make huge splashes this year. Losing Hodgson was a huge blow, as he got the best out of their squad. Being brutally honest… they’re one of my tips to be relegated. Hopefully they prove me wrong!

Ben Foster (5.0) was signed on a permanent basis, on the back of a stellar season last year. He could be a good choice at just 5.0, but I see better options at 4.5, and as I said before, I don’t hold high hopes for West Brom this year. If you have him, he’s a solid pick, but won’t reach last year’s heights. Not for me.

Yassine El Ghanassy is on loan at West Brom, and will add a little more attacking flair. The winger is priced at 5.0, but given the other options around at his price, I won’t hold my breath for him. Noble and Guthrie are far better options!

Lastly, Argentine international Claudio Yacob joins West Brom for the 2011-12 season. But don’t get to excited, the bloke is a defensive midfielder. Won’t score well. A big no for me.

Second last edition done! Tune in tomorrow for the last addition…. before I start my predicted XI’s!!



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