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Hey guys, Matt here to review all three of the newly promoted clubs to try and find some fantasy gold that may have slipped under the radar, while letting you in on the best fantasy prospects to be promoted this season. Today I will begin with Southampton, so here we go:

Their opening set of fixtures look very tough. A first up travel to the champions Man City, also playing Arsenal, United and Aston Villa in their first 5 is a nightmare! After this run we might get a better look at their fantasy assets.

Starting from the back the keeping stocks shouldn’t produce great returns as they are a more attacking minded side, which is good for our mids and forwards. Davis (4.5) is their number one stopper, but as I say you won’t get great returns here, especially with some other options at this price. In the defence there is not much on offer, with Fox (4.5) their only defender with previous experience in the EPL. Clyne (4.0) has played on a wing during pre-season and if he maintains this he will be a beauty, but that seems unlikely. Keep an eye out though. Overall try to avoid at this stage, there is plenty of cheap options elsewhere.

The midfield is where things start to get interesting. Davis (5.0) has recently joined from Scottish side rangers, however scoring only 4 goals and 1 assist last year he shouldn’t provide anything to special, but monitor nonetheless. The one to watch in this midfield is Lallana (6.0) after being the second most productive attacking asset (Behind the man to come) last season, scoring 10 and assisting 11. Will be interesting to see how he fares in the EPL but if he can re-create half of what he did last year he will be a great pick. Definitely one to watch.

Finally we come to the forwards.  The most talked about prospect is Rickie Lambert (6.0). Scoring a massive 27 goals and 14 assists last season he was huge! Half of that would make him one of the highest scoring forwards for the season, so at 6.0 he seems a bargain. How he will transfer from championship football to the epl will be interesting. Rodriguez (5.5) has been bought from Burnley to play along side Lambert upfront and can also play on a wing. Haven’t seen him in action as yet but keep an eye on him. Lambert and Lallana are definitely on my watchlist, but keep checking to see if any other new boys can get a run on.

One stat to be wary of is that Southampton scored 84 goals last season. The highest scoring promoted club last season was Norwich scoring 52 who were fantastic, so don’t expect similar returns this season from Lambert and Lallana. Reviewing it perhaps there are better options around 6.0 in the midfield than Lallana, but as far as Lambert goes he should be big. He is their main option upfront, contributing to exactly 50% of goals last season and you can expect something similar this season. If Southampton score even 40 goals he will be very good. At 6.0 perhaps avoid to begin with due to a tough start to the season, but definitely see how he fares in his first EPL season and prepare to jump on board!

So that about rounds up the fantasy prospects from Southampton. Lambert and Lallana are definitely ones to watch as a POD while their defence remains relatively uncertain. Keep an eye out for more articles to come tomorrow, otherwise feel free to leave your opinions in the comments below or give me a tweet @MattCraigDT. Cheers.

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  1. Sammy

    Jay rodriguez will play upfront, no doubt about that mate. Lallana is currently in my team, expect him to shine. A bot a of a hidden gem

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