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In these series of articles we will be analysing all the fantasy relevant players in every team, with Liverpool and Newcastle United today.

Liverpool: Liverpools first few weeks are quite tricky having West Brom (A) Man City (H) and Arsenal (H), with Man City having to be the hardest match there, firstly starting from the back with Reina £6.0 who I would say stay away, unless he can recapture his 07/08, 08/09, and 09/10 form scoring 159, 169, and 164 respectively, where he played every single minute, but the past two seasons he hasn’t been too crash hot only scoring 135 and 122. In defence the most fantasy relevant would be Jose Enrique £6.0 scoring 116 points off 2995 minutes played (3420 in a full season) he is a massive risk and entering his 5th season in the EPL, Jose could seriously make or break your season by going huge, or small! 

Entering the mids there are a few good fantasy players like Adam £7.0 entering his 3rd season he should be good, showing he can score well like he did in his first season in 10/11 scoring 192 points, playing 3049 minutes and amassing an impressive 12 goals, 9 assists and a massive 45 bonus points, but in 11/12 he only played 2167 minutes, scoring 2 goals and assisting 11 and totalling 101 points, which is a dismal return to what manaers would’ve been expecting from this man, another is incredible Mr. Gerrard £9.5 in 07/08, and 08/09 you couldn’t fault this man (fantasy wise) scoring a combined 27 goals and 21 assists in those 2 years, and gatherin 200 points in 07/08 and 216 in 08/09, but in recent years he plays a lot less minutes and scores a lot less.. he is still a fantasy threat having the free kick honours at liverpool, but I couldn’t see him play over 1500 minutes which hurts points wise, but if you got balls (you’d need big ones) go for it!

Stay Away: Definetly stay away from Downing £6.5 this guy is all over the place when playing only assisting 2 goals, and missing his only penalty he took, this guy is seriously horrible and will never be a threat looking at it from a Fantasy P.O.V and a Football P.O.V. Carroll £8.5 I can’t believe as many as 0.8% have this hack, his probably worse than Downing, the way big andy moves around the ground is horrible, and its not a surprise he only scored 4 goals in the EPL last season, definetly stay away from these two if you want even a little bit of a chance of being good at FPL!

Newcastle United: Newcastle have a tricky first few weeks having Spurs (H) Chelsea (A) and Villa (H), the way Newcastle are they are not insane to think they cant win two of those, if not all. Starting at the back big Timmy Krul £5.5 in goals, playing his first full season last year totalling 156 points and having 15 clean sheets, and making 114 saves, definetly a safe option in goals as your number 1 goalkeeper throughout the year, but the problem is that so many have big Tim, that whatever he scores will just be the same for everyone, nonetheless still a great option seeing he will add on his 11/12 stats. In defence there are two great options, one being Simpson £5.0 Danny was very solid last season amassing 117 points from 3117 minutes played, sounds great right? The only downside is he has a tendancy to be booked and to not go anywhere near the scorers sheet, amounting 7 yellow cards and only 2 assists and no goals for the whole season, other then that he is a great option and a bit of a P.O.D only being owned by 12.7% of all teams. The other great defence option is Taylor £5.5, Ryan has a lot of experience in the EPL and scored well last season collecting 117 points, off only 2127 minutes! Comprising of 2 goals, 6 assists, 8 clean sheets, and 13 bonus points, Taylor would definetly be a great option if he could get close to 3000 minutes.

Entering into the midfield now we have a look at Cabaye £7.0 who played his first season of EPL gathering 129 points, scoring 4 goals, and assisting 8 more! This season he will be familiar with how the EPL is played and can only get better, and play more minutes, If Cabaye adds onto his 4 goal tally he will explode this year. Secondly is Hatem Ben Arfa £7.5 This man will score over 200 points this year, only playing his second Full On season, and he will get better! Racking up 5 goals (one of them being ‘one of the greatest goals Pardew has seen’) Playing as little as 1550 minutes and still scoring 100 is an amazing feat and if given regular game time will explode into an absoloute jet. Another thing is that Newcastle manager Alan Pardew loves this bloke, and has said to the press early this pre-season that Hatem will play more minutes this season. I know he is almost a lock in my team with a juicy score of 7.5. Lastly for Newcastle is deadly striker Demba Ba £7.5. Demba will play most of the season alongside Cisse most likely with a 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 formation, with Hatem feeding him the ball. Demba will be back bigger and better this year after his breakout season last year, gathering 16 goals and 5 assists totalling 165 points. With his second year of EPL under his belt he will score in excess of 200 points, the only thing that could put you off is the amount of people who have him, with 24.8% ownership he will be in the same boat as Krul.

Stay Away: Definetly stay away from Gutierrez £6.0 who will tempt you by saying I play most minutes, and I score and assist, but he doesn’t convert these stats into points, most playing as a CDM or even part of their back 4 sometimes last year. He sacrifises his game, for the sake of his team.

Anyway hope this helps you choose your team, and get to know a few more players and what they are capeable of, if you have any questions tweet me at @JimbobFiore 

35 comments on “Club Analysis – Liverpool and Newcastle

  1. mightydons

    Regarding liverpool’s strikers, I currently have Suarez partnering Rooney, is he a safe viable FPL option? An alternative I considered was Dzeko.

    • redlops Post Author

      if your tossing up between suarez and dzeko i’d say go suarez because he is liverpool #1 striker, and dzeko wont get enough game time with all the stars man city have, another thing is that if you dont like suarez you could go bent, who throughout recent seasons has been injured many times, but the seasons his fit he smashes it

  2. Liam

    Carroll isn’t a hack its rather harsh, not worth the 8.5 fantasy tag much like the $30 million pound tag. Downing was very fantasy relevant before last season and could be again with the right roll and if Liverpool don’t hit the post 20 times.

    S.Taylor is an option that was not mentioned along with the captain both outstanding value at 5.0

  3. toasted1961

    Hi guys. I have been reading your posts and find them great. Interesting alternative views to the football scout. Sorry I dont follow the PL enough to contribute here but I am keeping a close eye, especially in the pre season. Thanks for your efforts. Keep it up.

  4. Buddyman

    Hatem does look very interesting. Issue is I may start without him and just wait and see on what he is doing early on. A bit of a hit or miss, relatively tough draw to start as well

  5. Sammy

    Suarez is going to shine in Rodgers system. He will be something special this season but….the olyimpics!

    • Liam

      I am going steven taylor, newcastle returned a high amount of clean sheets at the start of last season him and coloccini as a pair were outstanding don’t think they dropped a game at home until he went down.

      I probably should check out the facts before writing such things…

      Newcastle had not lost in the league at home until the game Steven Taylor went down with injury (3-0 to chelsea at home). They had 4 clean sheets in the first 9 games (Taylor went down in the 14th).

      Combine that with:

      Drew 2-2 at home to tottenham
      Won 2-0 away to chelsea (cisse wonder goal)
      Won 2-1 at home to aston villa
      Lost 3-1 away to everton
      Won 1-0 at home to norwich
      Reading away

      Ok looking at that and with a stronger squad this season, first day is usually tight and tense could clean sheet, chelsea away unlikely, villa at home every chance, everton away (love a bad start), Norwich home bank a clean sheet, reading away every chance.

      I would say of clean sheet:


      I guess what it really comes down to is how well you think Newcastle are going to go, I think they have the squad to challenge the 4th spot if not 5th again it has improved since the start of last season. At the same time they have lost the surprise factor.

      I am going to back a few newcastle players picking between S.Taylor / Coloccini is the real battle as coloccini is not as injury prone but Taylor is a threat off corners.

      • tseagrim

        Mate your analysis is spot on. Great work. I’m going Taylor… Reckon he’ll fly under the radar and be a little bit unique…. quit trying to convince people to get him! 😉

        • Liam

          Thanks man glad you appreciate it. I was surprised he didn’t get a mention, it helps my thought process as well to gather a bit of opinion. Haha its 1.7% it shouldn’t crack 3%

      • adzman78

        Nice reasearch!.. I’ve always had Taylor huge goal threat! Just cant keep on the park. I’ll be keeping an eye that’s for sure.

      • Jon

        Thanks for the analysis Liam.

        I’m in two minds with this, particularly if Krul becomes my main GK.

        Ah, the complexities.

  6. adzman78

    as for downing….. last time i had him he put 2 penalties in to row z for middlesbougrh.. he was my captain that day….. NEVER again.

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