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Hey guys Matt here continuing my evaluation of the newly promoted EPL clubs. Today I will be reviewing West Ham’s brightest fantasy prospects:

Well one of the most talked about clubs as far as fantasy premier league goes, what is there on offer? In the backline one popular pick seems to be Jaaskelainen (4.5) in goals. Typically, promoted clubs are never tight at the back but that voodoo was removed last year after Swansea had an incredible season. However that was mostly due to Brendan Rogers possession football, I’m not sure we can expect a similar return for one of the promoted clubs this season. Do not expect West ham’s defence to be rock solid and this is leading me to believe Juuki may not live up to the hype. Will make plenty of great saves don’t get me wrong, but not sure he’s a good enough option as your number one keeper. In defence there are a couple of prominent cheap options in McCartney and Demel (both 4.0). Seemingly getting regular spots in the pre-season, McCartney was a regular feature last season also. With game time in the bag for McCartney he seems a perfect cut price option into West Ham’s defence as bench cover. Nothing much else on offer though, as I say don’t expect huge defensive returns and clean sheets.

In the midfield there are a couple of obvious choices here. The most talked about is Noble (5.0) and with pen duties locked away it’s obvious to see why. Has premier league experience and should be solid as bench cover again this season. Not convinced by people starting him as he will return 2 or 3 points most weeks so much prefer him as a bench option. Another well experienced fantasy option is Nolan (6.0). Always a goal threat and nothing should change for him at West Ham. Will have better returns over the long run compared to Noble so as a starting option on your field I like Kevin better, however we must question his ability to to play the full season as he gets on with age. Still will be a very popular and solid option as your cheap M4 or M5 so keep an eye out for his early season form if you’re not going to start with him.

The forward line seems a bit of a mixed bag. The old gun in Cole (5.5) is strong as ever and will produce some decent returns, but will probably not play the majority of the season. The more likely fantasy prospect is Vaz te (5.5). This guy is a beast and should have a great season. If he could take anywhere near half his chances he will be brilliant, unfortunately finishing is not yet his strong point so he might be a little inconsistent. Probably a bit risky to start with him but with an easy looking first 5 fixtures he could be one to take a punt on as a POD, definitely one to watch.

So that about rounds it up as far as the West ham prospects goes. A relatively easy start to the season should give us the perfect idea of how some of these players will fare, and even give a reason for some to take a gamble on a Nolan or a Vaz Te. Still not convinced about how solid their back 4 will be in the EPL so be wary of starting any defenders or going with Jaaskelainen on your pitch.

That’s it from me, be sure to keep an eye out for more previews coming your way later today as we move in ever closer to deadline day! Be sure to leave a comment in the section below or feel free to tweet me @MattCraigDT. Other than that hope you enjoyed the article and will endeavor to bring more your way soon! Cheers.

9 comments on “Team Preview – West Ham

  1. Liam

    With Sam Allardyce at the helm expect clean sheets at home, he did the job at Blackburn quite well.

    I no longer rate Jussi he loves a bundle but I can’t pass up the fixtures, McCartney is a dirt cheap starter can’t really look past him at 4.0.

    If we look at Swansea a lot of their clean sheets can in the first part of the season at home against weaker opposition so I am going to take the punt on West Ham.

  2. tseagrim

    Not keen on Maiga craigy? Newcastle wanted to sign him last window but couldn’t. Fairly good striker, definitely a better finisher than Vaz Te. Essentially he’s a younger Carlton Cole. Nicky Maynard not a starter?

      • Liam

        At the price though 8.5 is steep for West Ham, I reckon he would score more then a few though totally suits his style (13 at newcastle in his breakout season). Would be leaning towards Darren Bent at that price he can pump out 20 I reckon.

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