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In these series of articles we will be analysing all the fantasy relevant players in every team, with Chelsea today.

Chelseas first few matches are actually quite easy, having Wigan (A), Reading (H), and Newcastle (H), with Newcastle definetly being the hardest match there, analysing last season under AVB they played ugly football (I’m a chelsea fan aswell) but under RDM they looked revitalised and played beautiful football which resulted in better fantasy scores aswell. A great thing about Chelsea is they will have a lot of clean sheets this year because they will be pushing for the title, also they have the double gameweek in gw 1 alongwith Reading.

But anyway starting at the back we have Cech £6.5 the thing about Cech is he is very expensive for a keeper, with a lot of great options being 5.5 under, but Cech is a wall and saves everything! Making 94 saves last year totalling 127 points which isn’t that huge for a keepep, but if he can recapture his 08/09 form here he scored 171 points, where he played 3150 minutes (3420 in a full season) but the interesting thing was that he had no clean sheets that whole season, I would love to set and forget Cech but his price and recent form is keeping me away.

In the rock solid defence there are a lot of fantasy relevant players like Terry £7.0, Cole £6.5 who will deliver what we expect from these two fellas, and will get back to what they did last season, another one to look out for will be Bertrand £4.5 who will definetly take over from Ashley Cole either this year or the next as Chelsea’s next LB, Bertrand played only 540 minutes and scored 13 points which doesn’t sound solid but he will improve massively this year, he plays the almost exact gamestyle as Ash by dribbling from box to box, and taking shots.

Entering the mids now and the most juicy prospect is Mata £9.5, and Hazard £9.5, who will both score highly, with Mata being nursed through his first season of EPL playing only 2516 minutes, scoring 162 points, he will definetly play up to 3000 minutes and explode into a bigger player than he was, now this sounds weird but I would advise against picking Lampard £9.0 who I reckon will be rested immensly this season with Eden and Marin £7.0 coming to the blues this year, Lampard will have penalties when on, but he and Mata will be sharing the free kicks like they did last year, and now without Drogba stealing the free kicks Mata will take most. One that I mentioned earlier Marin came to Chelsea from Werder Bremen here he was an attacking midfielder pulling the strings in their midfield.

Entering the forwards now and Torres £10.0 is a lock for me, especially for his double gameweek, also he will definetly improve on last year without Kalou and Drogba being there. Another interesting one is Sturridge £8.0 who I think will do very well this year, he will definetly play more and will score better.. Another one who might get some game-time will be Lukaku £6.5 who is a strong attacker who can smash any defenders in his way.

Stay Away: Stay away from Mikel £4.5 who is a man ho hasn’t scored for Chelsea ever, and is a holding midfielder who almost plays as a Defender, he will not feature in Chelsea’s campaign and just doesn’t get enough points for a man as experienced as him.

Anyway hope this helps you choose your team, and get to know a few more players and what they are capeable of, if you have any questions tweet me at @JimbobFiore also give a follow to @FPLaddicts for all your EPL and FPL needs.


11 comments on “Club Analysis – Chelsea

    • redlops Post Author

      his produced massive scores, but i do think he’ll be great season-long definetly worth the shot for double gameweek

  1. Sunderpants

    Why is Torres a lock? He’s in a lot of teams and has the double game week – but his form in the prem the last 12-18months is horrible. Surely its worth waiting a few games to see how he starts?

    • redlops Post Author

      his a lock because of the double game week, and because he can’t get any worse, also his pribably guarenteed 4 points from the games if he plays both games, which i think he will

  2. adzman78

    wait til we see seags projected 11 but there will be a few of interest here. Cant wait til oscar and hazard bed in…… gourlay said they are both first team players so they will be given their chance. For mine lampard will play a tocuh deeper this year along side the cdm. I reckon mata is our man, free kicks, corners, eye for goal, second year in. Torres worth a shout early, give him a couple of weeks to see if the euro golden boot is still on

    • Liam

      Yeah I agree mata is the man especially since Spain’s olympic campaign is over, I was looking at Lampard as an early point of difference in the double gameweek he is a real explosive scorer even if he plays cdm he doesn’t really stay there just loves getting forward

  3. Sammy

    No one pick Sturridge. He’s going to struggle this year, especially under Di Matteo. Won’t get too much game time considering the amount of attacking talent they aready have, unless RDM plays him upfront where he will be a back up for Torres.

    Sturridge —> Stay away

    Btw, keep up the good work guys, very imformative and helpful these pieces!

  4. Dan

    With the DGW is it crazy to load up on Chelsea defenders rather than mids/Torres. Trying to find any excuse not to start with Torres really lol…but the mids look hard to pick who might actually play both the games and Torres I just dont trust/like.

    Start with Cech and 1 or 2 of Cole/Ivanovic/Terry and give yourself a good chance of taking advantage of potentially two clean sheets?? Just as easily trade out one of the defenders in GW2 instead of the Torres to Rooney alot seem to be planning.

    New to the game so is there a reason why this isn’t reasonable?

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