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This time around we take a look at the fantasy relevant assets of Everton….

The toffees always seem to run on a familiar set of patterns. Pattern a: They start the year horribly then come home after Xmas with a run of wins and clean sheets to end up mid table or maybe even challenging for a euro spot. Pattern 2: They seem to have one good year followed by one poor one. By my reckoning this year should be their good one! Either way they always seem to tighten right up in the second half of the year and that’s when I grab their discounted defenders!

Gaffer Moyes does it tough… working on a shoe string budget he does wonders with a sometimes threadbare squad and budget that wouldn’t buy a bag of mixed lollies. I sometimes wonder if he would be successful at a richer club, and the answer is probably no,  I reckon he thrives in this situation, anyway enough about the boss.. how about the team!


The incumbent here is the ever reliable american Tim Howard (5.5) He scored 151 last year with 12 clean sheets and that one most memorable goal! You Can pick and feel safe that he will do a job for you.


As i say 12 clean sheets last year, but i would expect slightly more this term, Who are the defenders worth looking at? Obviously Baines if still there is tough to pass up. He is 7.0 but has free kicks in his locker and seems to be behind most of Evertons good attacking play. The likes of Distin, Hibbert and Hertinger are solid at 5.5 but Jagielka at 6.0 is a more desirable option as he often finds himself in the midfield. Hes usually good for a couple of goals and assists most years.


With the departure of Cahill the likes of Osman and particually Felliani look appealing. At 6.5 both could be good shouts, Felliani loves to get amongst it and get his big afro on the ball in the box, loves a card too! Both players usually return around 5 goals and assists each per year but Osman looks partically good this pre-season. Although the best shout would be Pienaar should he get his dream move. Unfortunatly Coleman is now classed as a mid so his maurading runs dont also come with clean sheet bonuses… 5.0 is probably a fair price. Rodwell  5.0 scored a couple of goals last year but still needs to come on… Barkely 4.5 shows heaps of potential but again we need to see more before a buy, and Neville 4.5 is a decent shout as a year long bench cover that will score you 2,2,3,2,2,3,2 each week.


The name on the tips of our lips here is Jelavic (8.5) He came in January and made an instant impact with 9 goals, he shows the goods, can he reproduce it this time? Time will tell… he does have the fixtures to flourish, its just a matter of beating the Everton early form curse! Naismith (6.5) is his former strike partner from their former club and already have shown they have a great understanding… i reckon this is the guy at a cheaper price who will score as many points if not more. Around the 5.0 price are the likes of Gueye, Vellios and Anichebe, they will score the odd goal when needed but there are far better options at other clubs.

I’m bullish about the toffees this term… i think they will be solid at the back and may have a few suprise performers in the middle and up front. Dont discount the ugly blue duckling from Merseyside!


13 comments on “Club Preview – Everton

  1. Liam

    Pienaar is key they really need some midfield thrust, Baines & Pienaar link so well together. Hopefully Barkely gets a look in at some point he has quality was coming off a leg break last season.

    • adzman78 Post Author

      Chelsea still sniffing around barkley… Hope he dosent go, will stunt him.

      Thanks for your comments on the site, you know your stuff!

      • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

        Apart from the spelling 🙂 But that’s just pedantic!

        Attack : Big risk on Naismith early doors this year, just come off a knee reco and yet to get “Moyes fit”. Osman (mid) will defo get the chance the first 1/4 of the season to fill Timmy’s spot behind Jelavic but is overpriced at 6.5 I reckon… Stay away from all others. Anichebe is talking it up but he’s far too inconsistent. If there were points for falling over, he’d win it. If he goes to Wigan however then maybe…

        Mids: Pienaar should be a lock in anyone’s team if (when) he moves. Scored 80 odd in under half a season. Dark horse could be Darron Gibson, although a DM he’s more of a Defensive Playmaker (assists?) and has a hammer of a shot on him. Tipping him to score 10 this year. Whether that’s enough to be relevant I dunno. I’m only a rookie 😀 Phil Neville will hopefully be phased out over the year with Barkley (not goin anywhere) and a fit again Rodwell (for now), and a kid called Junior, taking over in the centre of the park. Fellaini could be a shout coz he’ll be given free reign to do what he wants this year, but injuries and cards :/

        Defs: The only concern with Jagielka is injuries. Missed big parts of the past 2 seasons and with Heitinga coming off his best season may struggle to find a spot (unless Heitinga moves to Turkey). Distin is undroppable imho so may be better value? That and I think Davey will give more game time to Duffy so there may be some minor rotation. The kid’s overdue for a chance.

        Keep an eye on Tony Hibbert! If he scores he’ll go bananas and knock in 20 this season.


        • Liam

          Mustafi a chance? has been out on loan but could come in as injury cover or is duffy the first choice by a long way?

          • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

            Duffy. Is Mustafi even still at the club haha? Had big wraps when he joined but seems to have stagnated… Its why most Blues I know aren’t too concerned about Heitinga going coz Duffy could be anything. He’d be first choice already but had a massive accident 18 months ago, nearly died (I forget what happened).

            P.S. Sorry for the long reponse before, I’ve taken so much from this site I felt I had to give something back 🙂

          • Liam

            Yeah checked out his wikipedia haha under 16-20 german representative went out on loan but didn’t do much has potential as far as I know at only 20 he could become a decent player most centre backs don’t develop until 24-26 and with everton’s limited funds they might hold him.

            Sweet I thought that might of been the case with Duffy will be keeping a keen eye I suspect he will be given more of a go this season.

            Good information bit of inside Everton knowledge is always handy they are a strong club, a decent team I just wish they could get some cash injection because they in my mind are a key club in the premier league.

          • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

            Just had time to look into it… Mustaphi went to Sampdoria in January haha. Bugger.

            I think most Evertonians want to see Duffy given a go but we wanted to see Barkley a bit more than we did last season but that never happened haha. That said if Barkley gets a decent run look the #%^ out. The kid could be anything.

            Happy to help out.

          • Liam

            Yeah Barkley is a very strong option at 4.5 he really could be a player looking forward to seeing him play again. Was Moyes just looking after him last season? he played a few games and that was it, or was it an injury I can’t remember 🙁

          • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

            The two seasons b4 last one were ruined with injury so he wasn’t real fit to begin with. Then he played those few games, got everyone wetting themselves, made a horrendous mistake against… Blackburn I think, then got put to pasture. Injuries weren’t a massive issue, missing most of his junior career was!

            The conspiracy theory in me though reckons he was being hidden by Moyesy so Man U or Chelsea (or Team Arab) didn’t bid for him. Same with Rodwell, plays for England and does well then BANG, gone for the season 🙂

        • adzman78 Post Author

          thanks for the input! good to have a fan around of each team to tell us where we went wrong! I really want to start with an everton player… just gotta find the man.. looks like it might be pienaar

          • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

            Cheers bruv, happy to help a new “franchise”. And you ain’t wrong! There is no wrong, just opinions… Defo Pienaar, or Jelavic.

      • Liam

        Sometimes too much! get a bit of information overload happening

        I like this website a good aussie feel and not too much over analysis to the point, been waiting for something like this for a while the english websites get on my nerves sometimes.

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