Round 3 – Preview

During last week’s preview we correctly picked 5 out of 9 winners which was an identical strike rate to the week before… Although 2 correctly picked draws padded out the multi bet nicely! I’m aiming a little higher this week; think we can bring it to at least 7 out of 9. So what will happen in round 3? Let’s take a look at my thoughts… *events predicted may or may not actually happen.

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Round 3 – Captain.

Had a bit of a captaincy mare last round with my top 3 picks being total Rubbish! I did say that all players came with risk attached but who could have predicted Rooney not starting and then going off injured or Bale & VDV drawing blanks at home? Luckily picks 4 and 5, Tevez and Graham came home with the goods. Anyhow if you still trust my opinion, here we go with the round 3 captaincy whip around!
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Fixture Forecast


When playing FPL, the fixtures play a massive part in team selection. Why else have so many of us avoided QPR and Southampton players? Easy. They had dreadful fixtures which saw them pitted against the likes of Man City, Chelsea, Tottenham and Man United in the first few game weeks. So who has the easy runs for the next month? Who will get the chance to play Norwich, Reading, QPR and Southampton?  Continue reading