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Time for the next team to get the Crystal Ball treatment… the mighty Villains. I personally think they will be VERY fantasy prominent this year, and am taking the risk on a couple of their players. Lambert promises to bring an attacking 4-4-2 formation, but who is assured of a spot? I thought you’d never ask….

Well… here it is!

Also a very tough team to put together. The new manager has already criticised some of the players last year who featured prominently under McLeish. The formation will slightly tweak from a 4-4-1-1 to a 4-4-2 under Lambert, the same formation which propelled Norwich to a mid table finish.


I’m fairly confident that Lowton, a summer signing, will pip Hutton to the RB slot, especially seeing as Lambert tried to sell the latter this transfer window. Unsurprisingly they had no takers…

He also tried to move on last year’s LB Warnock, which leads me to believe that he’ll start the left footed CB in Clark in the left-back slot. If he doesn’t start here, I think he’ll still start in a CB, so don’t hesitate in picking him up if you’re expecting game time. Collins and Dunne look the likeliest to hold down the CB posts, although there is talks of Vlaar (a dutch international centre-half) coming to Villa. If he does come, expect the rumours of Collins moving to West Ham to be true, and Vlaar would be afforded the start above him.

EDIT: The news has just come through that Collins has completed his move to West Ham. This means as it stands, Clark would slot into a CB and Warnock would get the gig as a Left-back. If Vlaar ends up being signed, which I expect he will be, Warnock will go back to the bench!


Here’s where things get a little more interesting…With Albrighton sidelined with no return date, the left and right mid slots are still up for grabs. It looks like N’Zogbia has cemented a spot on the wing in an attacking side…. I’m licking my lips. It also means that Holman looks to get a gig on the left side. However, if Lambert decides to stick with Weimann up front, Agbonlahor looks like he could jump out onto a wing also. El Ahmadi has been impressive this pre-season, and Ireland looked to be hitting his straps finally at the back end of last season. These two could very easily be replaced by Bannan, Herd or Delph though. I think especially with Lambert’s “Rotate or die” policy we saw last year, there isn’t much value in Villa’s CM’s.


Up front, Bent looks like a solid option provided that he’s fit. He’s still nursing an injury and in doubt for the start of the year, so watch his pre-season closely. Agbonlahor is the other straightforward option up front, but if he moves to the midfield expect Weimann to drop in next to Bent. Monitor his fitness though, because he too has been injured this pre-season.

Overall, Villa are entirely unpredictable. A new manager, coupled with new signings and injury concerns could mean anything goes for GW 1. Expect the team to be heavily rotated too, which will be bloody frustrating, as Lambert showed last year he’s not afraid of playing everybody on his squad.

Any questions let me know, or if you have alternative views, chuck them in the comments below! Remember, this is only a guide, and my prediction.

Cheers guys


5 comments on “Projected XI’s- Aston Villa

  1. Sammy

    El Ahmadi is a steal at his price. A lot of talk about him in the Dutch league least season very impressive little player. I currently have him in my team and he’ll start especially with Petrov still out

  2. Liam

    If fit I expect Ireland to be the driving midfielder and El Ahmadi to hold with Ireland presenting the excellent value.

    Have to remember he hasn’t played a full season since he burst on the scene with man city then they rudely booted him still has a lot to give at age 25.

  3. tseagrim

    I think those two are the most likely to be used in CM. They could almost line up in a diamond 4-4-2, which is more like a 4-1-2-1-2 , with El Ahmadi holding in front of the back four, with nzogbia and holman on the flanks and Ireland a lone CAM. Expect one of these two formations, Lambert loves attacking football.

    • Liam

      Yeah he does I think Nzogbia will feel very much at home last season he got blasted for his defensive side of the game and was not selected which is ridiculous because his a left winger not a fierce right midfielder.

      I feel as though the mass rotation was something Lambert felt he had to do at Norwich due to the group he had it was just the way things were the type of game they played the feeling at the club.

      I think Villa will do less rotating but it will take him a while to settle his eleven unless he is the awesome manager everyone thinks he is and they fly out of the blocks.

      Bit of a watch this space a fallen premier league top 10 performer some cheap fantasy options across the board.

      Great write up by the way I was not aware of the defensive shift’s that may occur at Villa, interesting stuff.

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