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In these series of articles we will be analysing all the fantasy relevant players in every team, with West Brom today.

West Brom’s first few fixtures are very hard having Liverpool (H), Tottenham (A), and Everton (H). Im pretty sure they won’t keep any clean sheets out of those games, but with Foster £5.0 who looks the goods scoring 140 points last year from 3330 minutes (3420 in a full season) also scored 153 points from 3369 in 10/11, he proves he has the scoring ability but the only thing would be that West Brom won’t be keeping too many clean sheets in the first few weeks, so I’d hold off picking him up, but after we see how West Brom score I’d then consider.

Not many fantasy relevant players in the back 4 with McAuley £5.0 scoring the highest of the defenders with 110 from 2880 minutes in his first season for the Maggies, he is the only real fantasy relevant player in the defence.

Entering the mids and Brunt £6.0 who is a attacking midfielder who assists and scores goals scoring 2 goals alast season with 11 assists (11/12), 4 goals and 11 assists in the year before (10/11), and 9 goals and 3 assists the year before that (09/10). Brunt also takes most free kicks, and most penalties which equates to more points. If Brunt keeps his minutes played up, I would definetly consider picking him up in the middle of the season, or when West Brom’s fixtures ease up.

Now into the forwards Odemwingie £7.0 who is a pricey but skillful forward who has potential to score, scoring 114 points from 2286 minutes last year, and 171 from 2860 minutes the year before, in 11/12 he scored 10 goals and assisting 4, and the year before scored 15 goals and 9 assists.. The guy is definetly a jet, and if he keeps his minutes up and he can be deadly both on field and FPL wise. His also quite a bit of a POD with only 2.7% ownership, the only thing holding me back would be his price and early fixtures.

Stay Away: Stay away from Ridgewell £5.0 who even when he plays close to a full season he only scores very low 100’s, like in 10/11 where he played 3173 minutes and scored 104 points, which just isn’t good enough, definitely stay away. 

Anyway hope this helps you choose your team, and get to know a few more players and what they are capeable of, if you have any questions tweet me at @JimbobFiore also give a follow to @FPLaddicts for all your EPL and FPL needs, cheers fellas.

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  1. Sammy

    Keep an eye out on Claudio Yacob. Very impressive holding midfielder who is great with the ball at his feet.

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