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Hey lads Matt back with an article to make sure you all avoid the fantasy traps, while spotting some injury affected players and who could breakout this season. I will look at the most selected players that should not be considered while also evaluating some injury prone players and their scoring abilities, so here we go.

We all know how a bandwagon can build speed, gain force and suddenly a player can be the most picked player in his line. We all love a good bandwagon, but here are some of the ones to avoid:

Toure (8.0) is a trap that I fell into last season on the back of his new attacking role in the pre-season. Of course once the season began Silva played the attacking mid role and Toure dropped deep, leaving us managers high and dry. I feel the same will happen again this year, yet almost 20% of managers have jumped on board. From experience I can tell you to be careful, even if he bursts out of the gates. Wait until we know his main role which I’m sure will be in the defensive mid region.

Ramires is another player who on his day can set the pitch a light, but combined with all the new summer signings of Chelsea and I can’t see him being granted anything better than a defensive mid spot. This will mean that while he will still be good, his fantasy returns will drop significantly so if you’re expecting a breakout season don’t, Oscar and Hazard have ruined any chance of that. Avoid, far better options at his price.

Song (6.5) has, for whatever reason caught a few managers’ eyes. Do they expect a breakout season? With Santi Carzola looking set to sign and plenty of other attacking options at the gunners Song seems set for a defensive mid role, that’s if he stays at Arsenal. Pending M’Villa’s transfer he might not make the first team altogether. Whatever happens he shouldn’t increase on his 125 point output last season. Better options around his price, steer clear.

Britton (4.5) is the newbie’s first pick cheap defender. They see him as the highest scoring mid in this bracket and buy him to fill the bench however this usually costs them when injuries start to bite, or even when some surprise team selections (you get a lot) put us on the backfoot. He did not return a goal or an assist in his defensive mid role and will do similar this season. Search for bargains such as Noble, or at 4.5 Guthrie seems a decent option. Trust me, go nowhere near Britton unless absolutely necessary.

Now I will get onto the injury prone players that may just finally break their hoodoos and reach their potential. Don’t automatically discount them as we saw the same thing with RVP last year. Injuries had blighted his career and even though we knew he would be huge if he stayed injury free we didn’t trust him, ignoring his 10.0 starting price last year… How f***ing wrong were we?! He went to prove that just because you are injury prone doesn’t stop you from producing massive point hauls, it also doesn’t mean you will be affected by injuries for your whole career. We must use vanners as an example to remind ourselves every option must be looked at, so here are a couple of those who I think can be massive if they remain injury free:

Van Der Vaart (9.0) is an absolute superstar on his day, and also over long stretches as he proved with his record goal scoring run at home last year. Playing just 2314 minutes last season he was the 5th highest scoring mid. Interestingly he scored the most bp’s of any midfielder by 5, and that was over just two thirds of a season. 11 goals and 7 assists totaling 167 points he was on track for well over 200+ which would have made him by far the highest scoring midfielder. Unfortunately hamstring issues disrupted his season and have done so again in the pre-season. I know all the signs point to him getting injured again but don’t forget while he’s out on the park he will be huge. Pen duties locked away and a brilliant goal scoring record, plus corners he is a fantasy gem. Also playing an attacking role under AVB he seems set, his only barrier being fitness. Currently selected by only 4.6% of managers he could be the difference. If you make sure you have a viable trade target in case of injury he may well be worth the punt. As Jaydos says, “roll the dice”. I haven’t ruled him out yet, he could be this year’s vanners.

Taylor (5.0) I mentioned him in my previous article so I will be brief here. He represents the value that these types of players can give. A solid defender, Newcastle looked much better at the back while he was fit and with his attacking ability of corners he would be a lock, aside from injury concerns. Yet to play a full season of EPL this could be his year, don’t be afraid to roll the dice here as there are many other options at his price, Colocinni a straight swap in necessary. A perfect example of an injury affected player ready to explode.

Cisse (6.5) finally a man that’s been on my radar all pre-season, Djibril could explode. Both in a good way or a bad way. He is not in this article for his proneness to injury but his ill-temper shying many potential investors away. 2 red cards in his short stint of 7 games last season is not a good look, especially the fact that he would produce negative scores. However if he can get past these troubles he is playing in a team that should improve this season with new purchases and after scoring 6 goals in 7 last season he has the experience and ability to dominate a season and score 20+ goals. Priced at a lowly 6.5 he apitimises what this article is all about, rolling the dice. The perfect example of a player that may make the difference in your squad, keep an eye out for his pre-season form but QPR look good and if he fires without indiscretion watch out, he will be huge.

Well that’s it for today hope you enjoyed it. The idea came from @stkildathunda so don’t be afraid to ask us if there’s any article you would particularly like, any players etc. to be researched its all good! Just send a tweet to @FPLaddicts or contact me @MattCraigDT and we will get back to you. @team_muz the summary of our top 5 fresh blood players will be coming out soon so keep an eye out, however for now leave any comments you wish to make in the space below, also mention any articles you want to be reviewed there and I will be back again tomorrow! Cheers lads.

15 comments on “Rolling the dice

  1. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    I’ve got Taylor atm but a bit concerned with Debuchy coming in, its been on off all summer. If he does then Taylor’s chances of game time may drop to just below zero.

  2. adzman78

    just on a couple of these….. i kind of like ramires as a POD, when ever chelsea are strugging to unlock a defence it always seems to be him who is beind the goal/assist. He runs all day, in the last third of a game he seems to be the guy that can make something happen when others are stuffed. could be a sneay 7.0 double week option. Also on Toure… it does seem they are playing 2 up front (all pre-season games have said as much) wont this allow our man toure to play a little but more advanced? de jong and/or barry will anchor the midfield (maybe) toure could be ok value at 8.0.. always seems to pop up with something. If money is too tight for the big guns toure could work out with a…. roll of the dice 😉 ?

  3. Dominic

    I need to see Debuchy price before I decide on Taylor. I am undecided about Ramires and have Hazard on my team at the moment, but at 9.5 it seems like a massive gamble. Also seems very steep for a new comer, remember Yaya came in at 5.0.

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