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There are quite a few formation options to choose from, each having their pros, and cons. 

3-4-3: This formation is the set up I’m rolling with for the moment, the pros of this formation is having 4 midfielders and 3 forwards which are generally the highest scoring positions, and is low on defenders who can score highly if you have the right ones, right now in my defence I have Lescott £6.5, Cole £6.5 and Vermaelen £7.0 which is a pricey defence but it pays off seeing I only need to cover three defensive spots. Cons your a little open in the forward line with not many people to be rolling with 3 premium or high scoring forwards.

3-5-2: Pros: This formation is very good if you love splurging out on your midfield, getting three  £5.0 or less defenders, smashing it with midfield superstars, a Rooney £12.0, or Aguero £11.5 in the forward and a Pogrebnyak £5.0 as your forward rookie,  there are no real cons unless you want a gun defence and a cheapish midfield, which shouldnt really be the case with anyone.

4-5-1: Pros: Is another one where you bank on midfielders, and your other positions might take a hit, but you can rely on your defenders to do the trick. Cons: If your forward doesn’t perform it might ruin your whole week with an annoying 1 or 2 sitting in your only forward role.

4-4-2: Cons: Starting with the cons on this one, and there is only one con, its boring and all structured and most people will have this. Pros: Its equal, with all positions you can’t really go wrong.

4-3-3: Pros: Another very equal formation where if one of your players from any position doesn’t fire up there will be others who won’t cost you the week. Cons: There’s no real cons with this, but it would mean playing your rookies that you have on your reserves.

5-2-3 & 5-3-2: These two are about the same formations with only one of the forwards or midfielders changing who basically score the same. Pros: You can load up on star forwards and midfielders, and get some cheapie defenders around the £5.0 mark, like Colocinni, or Taylor (both Taylors from Newcastle). Cons: If your defenders don’t perform your legitimately f****d.

Hope this helps you out with all your formation questions or queries. If you have any question about anything formations, or any questions about FPL or just want to request any articles just tweet me @JimbobFiore also give a follow to @FPLaddicts for all your fpl needs.  

3 comments on “Formation Options

    • muz1050

      Can adz have a 2-5-3 formation trick…
      I’m going 3-4-3 at the moment. Also tried a 3-5-2 formation with that looked pretty solid.
      Adz is right though, essential in the real game (from a retired GK) useless in fpl cost vs pts returned just isn’t worth it.

  1. footyhead

    im thinking of loading up on gun defenders at 6.5 and 7.0 (maybe 1 5.0) and then pick silva and two mid price bargains in the midfield and then rooney and aguero/torres up front.

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