Players we may have missed

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Hey lads, Matt here with another article identifying some of the key players we have missed so far. While we have completed most of our team and player reviews there will always be some that have slipped under the radar. We are all accumulating very similar squads as we close in on deadline day, so these points of difference may grab you those few extra points when most needed. My job in this series is to hunt them down and find you guys some bargains! Here we go:

Walters (6.5) Stoke mid – Not sure how many of you guys have heard of him but I can tell you, he is fantasy gold. Placed in the mid price bracket he is an OPP (Out of Position Player) striker that takes penalties! What more could you want? Higher returns for his goals and with pen duties locked away you can hardly go wrong. Selected by fewer than 10% of managers I feel a few people are missing out. Scoring 7 goals and 5 assists while accumulating 140 points last season was his most successful, and he should only get better this season. Will be interesting to see where is lines up in the Stoke 11, wait for Tseagrim’s projected XI, however if he starts as a ST lock him in. I feel with Stokes’s tough run to begin with maybe avoid him early, but after GW8 things start to pick up. By that time we should know his role and if it’s upfront, get on board! Definitely one to watch.

McClean (6.5) Sunderland mid – Another outstanding find last season who seems to have completely slipped under the radar. Don’t know why I’m sharing my best kept secrets with you guys but oh well the sacrifices I make! Selected by just 3.7% of managers this guy is a superstar. Another OPP playing upfront, he scored 5 goals and 3 assists to tally 101 points last year. He also scored a massive 18 bp’s, only 4 less than the highest scoring mid Clint Dempsey. I can tell you this even shocked me! Now consider this, he only played 1845 minutes!!! With Bendtner gone and Sunderland now without a top class striker McClean could very well fill that hole and be a week to week starter, and with Sunderland’s relatively easy start to the season he will be an absolute steal. If he could nail a first 11 spot, based on last season’s stats McClean will be Huuuuuge! Considering he is only 23 he can only get better, and has just rejoined the Sunderland boys on pre-season so keep an eye out, certainly on my watchlist!

Beausejour (5.5) Wigan mid – Yet another great cheap option in midfield, even if it’s just as back up. After joining Wigan in January he went on to assist 7 goals in just 1300 minutes. With a whole season to look forward to and having adapted to the EPL expect a pickup in goal scoring from this skilful winger, he has been very impressive all pre-season. Could breakout out this year similar to Moses last season, definitely keep an eye on his early season form if you’re not willing to take the gamble straight up, prepare to jump on if he shows his full capabilities.

Holt (6.5) Norwich fwd – Finally I come to Grant Holt. Absolute champion! 15 goals and 3 assists after only getting 2249 minutes, 19 bp’s and a final tally of 138 he had an outstanding season. If only he could nail a spot in the starting 11 he would be up there with the best, so can he this year? It will be interesting with a new manager at the helm but the early pre-season fixtures suggest he might. Keep an eye out for Tseagrim’s projected XI’s once again but be sure if he starts he will be massive! Might not play the whole season due to his age but even a slight increase in playing time and he will break into the top 5 forwards this season. With a hard first up run for Norwich, possibly hold off until their fixtures clear up, it will also give us a better idea of how Norwich will line up under their new manager. But mark my words if he gets unleashed watch out EPL, he will be an absolute bargain. Place him on that watchlist!

So that’s it for today, will try to hunt down some more fantasy gold for you next time, and will also bring you a wrap of this week’s news as the transfers come thick and fast! For now just tweet me and questions @MattCraigDT and follow us @FPLaddicts to keep up to date! Until next time, cheers guys.

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