Projected XI’s – Carling Cup Superstars

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The mighty Carling Cup Winners Liverpool are up now. Boy do they know how to win pointless trophies. My anti-Liverpool bias aside, their team actually looks pretty good this year (subject to people poaching their star players.) How will Rogers’ system impact the starting XI? Let’s take a walk….

There we have it. 4-3-3 formation, as Rogers used for Swansea. Expect Gerrard to play an advanced CM role while Henderson sits behind him.


Very straightforward. The same defence that was rather rigid last year, and it looks set to continue. The only possible changes that could occur are if the whispers about Agger relocating to Man City are true. Then, expect Coates or Old Man Carragher to step in the CB role.


Only the one spot really up for grabs here is Henderson’sLucas was brilliant as a DM last year, and given his return from his knee injury, he’ll again anchor for Liverpool. Gerrard speaks for himself. Potentially, Adam may stake a claim for Henderson’s slot, but with a high intensity, passing game required, the lazy Scot will find he just doesn’t cut it anymore. The only person I could see trumping Henderson is Swansea playmaker Joe Allen. If the rumours about him joining LFC are correct, then he’ll start in Henderson’s spot, and suddenly becomes fantasy relevant at 5.5.

Forwards: Borini is the only person to join the Merseyside Marauders so far this window, and his inclusion looks to be a good one. A tireless worker, a solid finisher and a whippet across the track, he is a typical Italian forward. His price, at 8.0, aint exactly cheap, but he will have ZERO competition for his place with Carroll seemingly out the door/ and or out of favour. Suarez looks likely to start not as a RW, but as a Right-forward, playing slightly closer to Fabio. This means the left-wing should be paraded by the much-maligned Downing. No goals or assists last year? No worries. Alternatively, Bellamy could play on the right and Suarez on the left, but given Bellamy‘s age and links to the Championship, I’ll tip the man with Downing-syndrome to play. Don’t pick him up though, whatever you do.

ALTERNATIVELY, when Dempsey arrives, which I believe he is every chance to do, he will start as a RF and Luis will jump back to a LF, meaning poor old Stewie drops the bench. And to think, Liverpool still owe Aston Villa the 20 million pounds for his purchase… Oh well. At least he’ll never walk alone.

So that’s Liverpool. Not a huge amount of fantasy potential there, but you never know, Rogers’ worked marvels with Swansea, he could do the same at Liverpool. My gut feeling is that it will take them a few weeks to get adjusted to the game style, but when they do, hold on to your hats. It could get interesting.


4 comments on “Projected XI’s – Carling Cup Superstars

  1. redlops

    really looking forward to how suarez performs, also I love the gag about downing never walk alone, great!

  2. Liam

    Downing can cut it the media is a collective of so called experts that just install a line of though throughout the whole world. 7 goals and 9 assists for villa 9 and 6 in the middlesborough days he has the ability, the cheaper he gets the better 6.5 is a little steep to take a punt at the start of the season.

    Liverpool had the highest amount of post hits (or very close to) Downing had a lot of them and a lot of his balls would have resulted in post hits.

    King Kenny’s style was very old school with a strong British feel that didn’t gel in a single season it needed time and deserved time. Henderson is an outstanding young talent so is carroll, not worth the price tags but they have ability as genuine youngsters.

    Anyway back to the point. Rodgers plays a very mixed style of play, high tempo, modern the ability of wingers will increase 10 fold (look at sinclair & dyer’s output).

    The great thing about the downing situation is no one is going to go near him with a 10 foot pole on reputation alone, reputation is nothing in fepl his a professional player and has a proven track record output is key not what the world thinks of you. (look at johnny evans! terrible error against Manchester City red card, the media wrote that he was on the outer I snagged him at 4.4 averages about that per game for the season)

    Liverpool cop it for not being an awesome team but I feel they have the jigsaw pieces they just need to put it together, they have brought Rodgers in to do that.

    On to fixtures Liverpool have a tough start but they are going to be primed to go after all these Europa league qualifiers, nothing beats competitive fixtures and they don’t often lose at Anfield (especially when they change to a high possession game).

    If they sit on 6 or 7 points after the first 3 games we will be talking about this team very differently, I don’t think they have the legs for a campaign Europa league is notoriously tiring but expect the unexpected.

    Having said all that now Gerrard is firming on my radar on penalties, free kicks and will sit behind the striker one would think (after a good euro! fantasy wise at least).

    Highly biased towards the old Lampard / Gerrard combo though been such guns, such explosive players even with age they will produce from time to time in big hits.

  3. tseagrim

    unfortunately liam, post hits don’t count for anything in FPL. If they did, Downing would be my first pick. agreed swansea’s style does suit wingers, but downing isn’t skilled enough I feel to nail down the left position. I still think dempsey will come in and slot into the right pushing suarez to the left!

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