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Hey lads, Matt here to bring you another summary of this week’s breaking EPL news. I will analyse how this may affect our early team drafts and which potential bargains may have emerged during the pre-season, so let’s begin!

Well we now get down to the business end of the transfer window as managers try to finalise their squads before the season begins, bringing in the final few players they feel can make a difference to their squads. As there is so much happening I will do my best to keep you guys up to date with it all and see if there are any potential bargains on offer. In my last news wrap I mentioned Carroll was heading on loan to West Ham. The move could still happen but is in doubt, so don’t pencil it in.

Chelsea’s Cole has been linked to his old manager Carlo Ancelotti and big spenders PSG. Very doubtful that this move will go through but if it does we will need to scout for Chelsea’s starting LB, a bargain could be coming our way.

Arsenal seems to be making some serious breakthroughs after being well known for waiting too long in the transfer market. They have announced the signing of Cazorla who could be a very interesting pick, playing historically as a false 11 (central winger kind of…) down the left, and is well known for his ability to both score and assist heavily. One to place on the watchlist and see how he adapts to the epl, he could take Arsenal back to the top! Sahin has also been a talking point this week as Arsenal moved in for a loan deal, but with the Modric deal up in the air things have not been confirmed as yet so we will have to wait and see, however he is possibly not a great fantasy option playing as a deep lying playmaker for Madrid. Song Is also being talked about with a move to Barcelona, possible making way for M’Villa but this shouldn’t affect us fantasy managers…

Talking of Modric, surely spurs can’t be this stupid! They have rejected a 38 million pound bid from real Madrid, not so fantasy relevant but still big news nonetheless!

Debuchy is still constantly being linked with a move to Newcastle, and will be a high profile selection if he moves. Known for his marauding runs down the right flank plus his ability to get back, he could be a great option in defence. Keep an eye on this move and definitely place him on the watchlist if he makes the switch.

Nani is another transfer that is being talked up, with Real Madrid preparing a £19.7m bid for the Portuguese winger. It will be interesting to see how this pans out because if he goes this should open up a spot for Young in United’s starting 11, and may pave the way for a deal to bring in Brazilian young gun Lucas Moura. Keep an eye out.

Aston Villa have made a CB swap from Collins, moving to West Ham to Vlaar. Collins may be overpriced at West Ham but could put McCartney’s starting place in doubt. Be wary, we will need to see Tseagrim’s West Ham 11! Vlaar’s starting price will be interesting but perhaps there is better value in Valla’s defence, mainly in Cieran Clark (see my players we may have missed article for more) although he should be a certain starter.

Finally Borini has made his move to Liverpool. The 21 year old striker is another player for the future, however don’t expect him to smash it in his first season of EPL. Could be a nice POD but for now I would be wary, steer clear to begin with.

This just about wraps up all the transfer news, be sure there will be another few round ups to come as we close in on deadline day. These new transfers, especially those new to the EPL may not start the season as they blend in with their new squads so be wary of them to start off with and take it from the international break, a good chance to review all the new fantasy prospects we are unsure of at this stage. In other news interestingly Brett Holman has become Villa’s top scorer this pre-season, bagging his second in their 2-0 victory. Don’t rule him out just yet.

So that wraps up the news from around the world of football, and in particular the EPL. I will be bringing you more news wraps as we edge closer to deadline day, for now keep an eye out for another ‘players we may have missed’ article, digging up every bit of fantasy gold I can find for you guys! Until then you can leave a comment in the section below to have a chat, or just tweet me @MattCraigDT. Don’t forget to keep up with the news by following us @FPLaddicts. Until then just keep tweaking your squads and countdown, only 14 days to go!

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