OOP’s! Out of position players.

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Now that we are coming to the pointy end of our squad picking it might be an opportune time to try and find that little extra edge on your opponent. Today we are going to look at the golden OOP

OOP stands for out of position… meaning the player is playing a different position on the real life pitch than he is listed as in the fantasy game. This can be a good or bad thing….Bad if he is listed as a midfielder, but plays in defence (Coleman) or plays in the middle but is listed as a striker (Podolski?) but great if he is classed as a defender but plays in the midfield… because he can get clean sheet points plus bigger chances of attacking points to boot (and an extra point for each goal). These anomalies are usually fixed after one season (Bale) so you have to get in quick while its there and get a good years worth!

Let’s have a look at a few fantasy relevant ones this season:


Santos (5.5) has been playing on a wing in pre season…. Keep an eye on it too see if it continues.

Aston Villa

Holman (6.0) is classed as a midfielder but will pretty much play as a forward, he will scores goals and each one will be worth one point more than a forward would get.


Baines (7.0) although not OOP as such takes penalties and free kicks so will get points for clean sheets as well as attacking plays…. Worth his weight in gold.


Dempsey (9.5) classed a midfielder often plays up front, and takes penalties, good OOP prospect.


Glen Johnson (6.5) has sometimes been asked to play wide forward to make the most of his damaging runs, its not that often any more but keep an eye out for it.

Man United

Phil Jones (6.0) quite often found himself in the midfield last season; he is able to play in many positions so when the rotation is rife he stands more chance of staying on the pitch.


Ryan Taylor (5.5) is an interesting one… he often found himself playing in the midfield last season, he takes free kicks and has a great strike rate with them. If he is nailed on for a start is a great OOP scorer.


Fabio (4.5) and Traore (5.0) are both players who have been tried in attacking positions this pre season, keep an eye on both these defenders to see if they turn OOP.


Harte (4.5) and Shorey (4.5) need monitoring. Harte takes pens and free kicks which is gold for a defender, while if Shorey gets a run he will take some free kicks also, and probably ruin Harte in the process.


Clyne (4.0) has had his trickery used as both a full back and winger so far this pre season, at 4.0 could be a handy snare for your team.


Walters (6.5) generally plays as a striker and is on pens, a golden OOP choice in the midfield.


Sessengon (8.0) and McClean (6.5) are both players who are fielded fairly far forward and score their fair share of goals, handy OOP options.

I’ve only had a brief skim over things here and there are probably loads I have missed, just let me know any in the comments. But in truth most of the golden OOP’s come during the season as injuries hit and players are needed to fill gaps, when they excel they often stay and give us gold! So keep your eyes peeled…


9 comments on “OOP’s! Out of position players.

  1. mattcraigdt

    McClean is gold people! Hard to tell based solely on pre-season games, for most of these we will need to review the first few games to see what positions they will line up in for the remainder of the season…

  2. The Plagiarist

    Starting to assemble my team and loving all the articles on this site! Opinions of my own tend to fall flat so yes, I am riding on the authors’ coat-tails and plagiarizing like mad. (although I think Sessegnon is overpriced this year and won’t touch him)

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