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Hey lads, Matt here with another article identifying some of the key players we have missed so far. While we have completed most of our team and player reviews there will always be some that have slipped under the radar. We are all accumulating very similar squads as we close in on deadline day, so these points of difference may grab you those few extra points when most needed. My job in this series is to hunt them down and find you guys some bargains! Here we go:

Well after scouring the fpl market from top to bottom I think I have found the last few players that we have may have missed. From now on there should be no more stones left unturned (Apart from new transfers, more on them soon!).

Odemwingie (7.0) West Brom fwd Here’s one that has slipped off my radar a bit with all the new players making their way to the epl, being selected by under 3% of teams. However we can’t forget what this guy has done in the past. Priced at 7.0 he could be a potential bargain if he is able to reproduce his previous form and most importantly stay fit! These guys are always a risk but when he’s fit he is absolute gold. Capable of both scoring and assisting heavily he must be on everyone’s watchlist. He played his best season 2 years ago, scoring 15 and assisting 9. He only played 2680 minutes that year to score 171 points! Last season he scored 10 and assisted 4 yet only played 2286 minutes for 114 points. These are all great stats so we can tell while he is on the park he will be fantastic and if he can last the season expect him to be around the top 5 scoring forwards. With plenty of options under his price if he fails to fire or gets injured then he can be easily replaced. A great POD to start the season so watch carefully, don’t rule him out.

Bent (8.5) Aston Villa fwd – While his name has been mentioned on the off occasion, slipping in and out of a few teams he has never really been seriously considered. Selected by only 2.2% of teams I am shocked to be honest. At first I had made the same mistake as others, believing he had dropped off the face of the earth at Villa. Yet he was still scoring pretty well, only he was injured. Considering Villa had played so defensive, and now they are under an attacking manager such as Lambert with a perfect run of fixtures to start of the season he looks gold! His only full season was with Sunderland, where he scored 24 goals and assisted 4, totalling 195 points! His next season was almost as good scoring 17 and assisting 2, tallying 158 points in just under a full season. Last year he was blighted by injuries playing only 1858 minutes yet still scoring 9 for 91 points. If he can maintain fitness under Villa’s new attacking regime expect big returns, on the watchlist for sure. He’s already a lock for me.

Gerrard (9.5) Liverpool mid – One we can never rule out. Gerrard has been maligned by injuries over the past couple of seasons but don’t worry, he still has some fantasy potential left in him. Yes he is getting on at the age of 32 but don’t forget Lampard had his best season at the age of 31. It’s not out of Gerrard’s reach to dominate as he proved with a hat-trick and 5 goals, scoring 75 points in just 1200 minutes. Now obviously the fact he hasn’t played a full season in the past 2 years is a concern that is shying away even the most risky players. However I can tell you he is still Liverpool’s greatest attacking asset and with penalties in the bag he will score heavily while out on the pitch. One for the risk takers here as there are safer options out there but if he remains injury free he will provide exactly the POD you need, currently selected by 2% of teams. We can’t rule him out just yet.

Michu (6.5) Swansea mid – Another new prospect to the EPL and probably an option we have not properly assessed. Playing in ‘the hole’ behind their striker he plays a similar role to the likes of Silva, Kagawa, Van der Vaart etc. Will be a bit of a risk as we are not totally sure of his fantasy capabilities but indications show he could be fantastic. With Swansea’s incredible start to the season I believe you must try and get one attacking and defensive option to begin with. Sinclair may be the safer option to start the season with penalty duties but Michu will be better from open play. A worthy risk considering their early fixtures, watchlist for sure.

So that’s it for today, look out for more articles to come this week as Seags and Adz return from their internet issues! For now just tweet me and questions @MattCraigDT and follow us @FPLaddicts to keep up to date! Cheers lads.

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