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When we are in the selection process of our teams we come across player v player duals that we just can’t decide, over the next few weeks we will have a look at the best with Aguero and Rooney being done recently by adz, today were doing Hazard vs. Mata.
They are the exact same price, both being 9.5 and both have the double gameweek and seem great options but lets delve a bit deeper.

Both have the same fixtures (obviously) with Wigan (A), Reading (H), and Newcastle (H), with the first two games being close to wins automatically with recently promoted Reading and lowly Wigan (especially is Moses leaves), but Newcastle will be a great match to watch from an EPL point of view and FPL point of view.

Chelsea will play with a 4-2-3-1 formation with Hazard playing in the CAM position behind Torres, and Mata will probably play on the LAM positiong next to Hazard, So who scores and assists more?

In the 11/12 season Mata scored 6 goals and 12 assists in his first year at Chelsea from 2516 minutes (3420 in a full season), he was an instant star scoring 162 points and a big 12 bonus points. For Hazard in 11/12 at Lille he scored 21 goals in 48 games and assisting 18! No wonder he was the Ligue 1 Player of the year. 

There is no real contention for each of these players spots with Malouda and Kalou no longer at Chelsea, with Ramires most likely playing on the right, and Lampard or Mikel or Marin taking the two Central Defensive spots, and Oscar picking a spot somewhere. This shows that both have quite high job security. The only thing that would be holding back people from getting Mata would be his Olympics campaign stuttering his pre season, and the thing holding people back from Hazard would be that this is his first season of EPL and will most likely be rested a little bit. 

Mata is 24 and coming into his second EPL season where he will surely play a lot more football, maybe even past the 3000 minute mark which would make him an absolute fantasy gem. 

Hazard is 21 and has the upper hand over Mata in age, but will get rested a lot more and will play similar to Mata’s first season of football playing about 2500 minutes.

Both will be great but with the EPL experience, and entering his second season I’d start off with Mata with Hazard going to be rested a bit, but if it all goes pear shaped you can swap trade to either of this pair seeing their the exact same price. 

Anyway guys thanks for reading Tweet me what you think about these two players and anything else FPL, @JimbobFiore and give a follow to @FPLAddicts for all your FPL  needs, Cheers guys.

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    • redlops Post Author

      yeah, he might get a perm attacking role when his out on the pitch, but usually under RDM the defensive midfielders do drift forward and pull the strings in the chelsea midfield, which i personally reckon will be a great position for marin

  1. mattcraigdt

    Marin isn’t really defensive though not sure he will play there, if anything he may give one of their attacking boys a rest. You also say oscar will play “somewhere” haha, you would think he might play a similar role to Hazard and as they are both in their first season at a young age (20 and 21) so maybe game time might get split, agree with Mata over the course of the season.

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