How do you pick your squad?

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I’m sure everybody has different ways of picking their sides and there is no right or wrong way of determining what makes a perfect squad balance. I have a few exact ways of picking my side and I rarely sway from it…here is my method.

Just quietly I’ll never understand why people spread their money over each area evenly…people don’t leadlight their front doors and back doors do they!! They spend as little as possible on the back door. I’ve always been an advocate of loading up in one area (forwards) and reaping the rewards! Anyway. Let’s do this!

Starting with keepers, I don’t like to spend a lot here. Generally there is always a budget option that pops up from somewhere that everybody eventually jumps on. If you don’t pick him straight away it’s not a problem! Just try and identify the tight cheap keeper early and get on him before the price rises. Personally I don’t see the point in paying the same price for a keeper that you could get a nailed on defender in the same team for. An example this year would be 5.0 for Hangeland or Schwarzer. Why pay that for a keeper when the defender has goal threat and assist threat for the same price? So I’m a 2 x 4.5 keeper set up, trying to pick 2 that dovetail with home fixtures. Set and forget Then we move onto defence.

I’ll generally always start with 3 at the back. I’ll start by saying most years seem to have an overriding theme about them, whether it be a high scoring forward year, a high scoring mid year.. Or a tight defenders year. It’s been a looong time since we had the tight year. Last one I remember was when Liverpool kept like 12 clean sheets in a row and we all had Reina/Finnan/Carragher at the back. If it does look like being a tight year its no trouble to change up your squad on the run but until this eventuates Its 3 at the back or die! I’m not wasting any spare cash on the 2 bench backs so ill scour the lists for two 4.0s that are a: nailed on, b: not from the same side as my keepers and c: hopefully OOP. This leaves 3 slots that I’ll fill with defenders from the ‘big 4’ tight clubs or a mid pricer who is on fire at some point. With a solid back three its time to move to the mids.

The mids are my place to take a few risks. This is the place I’ll spend more than base on my 5th mid because I like to rotate my 4th and 5th mids depending on fixtures. I know this is a risky business because there is nothing worse than having goals on the bench if you pick the wrong guy! Again here I’ll pick my mids according to coverage of the ‘big 4’ clubs. Depending on whom I’ve picked as forwards I’ll cover the other clubs in the Mids.  I pick my 3 forwards first then whatever is left I’ll spend on mids… I’m more than happy to have the two ‘must have’ mids then have the rest as mid-price breakout type players. This year I’ll happily take Pienaar, Sinclair, Walters and co for 6.5 over some of the other big hitters. Why? Because it’s all about forwards!

This is where I load uppp!!! Goals = points, Goals = Bp’s . Goals = FPL captains, Goals = FPL wins! Last season (and most seasons) the top forwards outscore the top Mids. Last year the top three scorers in FPL were easily forwards, this is where I break the bank… I’ll happily take Rooney, Aguero and Adebeyor in the same front 3 for example. It may seem like a crazily unbalanced squad but I think it’s far easier to find a high scoring mid-priced mid than a high scoring mid priced forward. Generally as the season progresses there will be one cheap forward who starts to dominate and it’s easy enough to get him in and redisperse some funds into the mids anyway. The Forwards is also the place I’ll happily trade out a big gun for another big gun on a one week hit. If RVP is playing QPR at home I’d happily bring him in, give him the arm band then trade him back out for the next mercenary big gun playing muppets the next week.

So in a nutshell…. Cheap keepers, 3 top defenders from tight clubs, a mix of top 4 clubs in mid and fwd. 3 big hitters in attack and find the mid-price gold in the middle!

How do you pick your squad?


9 comments on “How do you pick your squad?

  1. Liam

    All about value

    Keepers – 4.5 cheap options look for the break out

    Defence – 3 starters and 2 (4.0-4.5)

    Mid – 2 guns, 1 breakout mid pricer, 2 (5.0 or less)

    Forward – 1 Gun, 1 underpriced gun, 1 cheap breakout

    That was what worked before the bonus point change, have not settled on this years one yet probably need to shuffle it a little rather then guess who is going to have a good year (fun when it comes off though).

  2. mmeyer1211

    This is nothing like my squad so far:
    I wanted two big hitters in both forwards and the mids; Mata will become Silva in R2.
    THerefore I had to compromise with my defense, only one big hitter ( Ivanovic will become Lescott R3)
    Friedel Federici – set and forget
    Shawcross, Ivanovic, Hangeland MCcarthy, Clyne
    Mata. Bale, Sinclair, Taarabt and Guthrie
    Rooney, Pog and Aguero

    Any comments?

  3. The Plagiarist

    I remember a few seasons ago when everyone had at least two of Ronaldo, Gerrard and Lampard and most good teams had all three. So most of the budget went on mids. But I agree this year its hard to go away from the gun forwards, particularly as Fergie shuffles the likes of Nani, Valencia and Young week to week.

  4. footyhead

    3 gun forwards are so hard to pick though since im pretty keen on taking rooney, aguero and torres, but you basically can’t fit another star into your team if you pick them 3!!

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