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We have identified that finding some mid-priced midfielders is essential in getting a leg up on your opponents. It’s also important in trying to make your team stand out from the crowd of sheep out there. The gains you make here will be telling, but if you pick the wrong dude you will be swimming in 2’s while the real guns goes off into the distance upon a bandwagon of price rises.  Following on from Mattys bargain Mids today we will take a look at a range of mid pricers and their pros and cons.

Ramires – Chelsea (106pts) 7.0

Old smiley took a while to warm to the premier league, in fact one may say the Brazilian could easily been classed a flop in his first season but as time goes by he gets better and better with every game played.

Pro – In a big team, kind run of fixtures, Runs all day and generally scores or assists late when everyone else is tired. Can play in many positions on the pitch

Cons – New purchases at the club may put his minutes in jeopardy, or worse still, may be played further back in the formation.

He was last year’s player’s player of the year, I personally think his spot is safe and is a fair shout for the double game week. He will play it’s just a matter of where and for how long.

Adam – Liverpool (101pts) 7.0

Adam was the bloke that did everything for Blackpool, pens, free kicks, pulled the stings. The lot! It was only natural that when he moved to Liverpool he would lose some of his influence and therefore score less. I reckon he was lucky to even score what he did, if Gerrard wasn’t injured half the time Adam would have scored much less.

Pros – Can take a nice free kick

Cons – Is fat and won’t like running to Rodgers new style, won’t take set pieces now Gerrard is back. Testing early fixtures.

I don’t think you can touch Adam with a ten foot pole; Gerrard is back and is the man.

Sinclair – Swansea (151pts) 7.0

The former Chelsea boy made the step from championship to premier league with ease, he is on set pieces, corners, penalties and rumour has it he also drives the team bus and washes the shirts!

Pros – Is involved in everything so when they score, he will usually have an involvement, great run of fixtures early. BP magnet

Cons – Does the purchase of Michu dilute his influence? Will the new manager play the same game and be as successful?

I reckon the way the fixtures have fallen, Sinclair is a risk worth taking, even if he scores a penalty or assist from a free kick every week or 2 it may be enough to begin with.

N’Zogbia – Villa (91pts) 6.5

Charles was on fire for Wigan at one point… He was actually OK at Newcastle before that but really ramped it up to become a real goal threat. When he arrived at Villa FPL players were salivating but he just wasn’t able to fit into McLeish’s plans (he wasn’t the only one) He had a majorly disappointing season and will be looking to bounce back with a fresh start.

Pros – New manager has an attacking game style, is proven at this level, has a nice run of fixtures

Cons – So many variables at villa right now, they have been poor pre-season and nobody knows who will get the tick from the new manager. He also showed last year when it doesn’t go his way he can be horrible.

Too much of a risk here for mine, but I’d be ready to jump on at the first sign of form!

Pienaar – Everton (83pts) 6.5

The South Afrcan had a miserable time of it at Tottenham, but once he made the loan move back to Everton he again flourished, began to rack up the points and become fantasy relevant once more.

Pros – Proven at this level, coming off a good back end of last year, one of the only flair type players in the Everton midfield.

Cons – Can’t see many really apart from Everton’s supposed poor starts to years.

I think he is a strong chance to score 150+ ad is a safe pick at 6.5

Walters – Stoke (140pts) 6.5

Walters had a breakout season last term and may have slipped under the radar for a little while but switched on managers jumped all over him when he was found to be a mid playing as a striker and on pens.

Pros – OOP and takes pens

Cons – Tough early draw, Stoke don’t score a lot of goals.

Walters is another I’d happily take in my team, on penalties alone he may pay for himself but I’ll be first off if another similarly prices player starts to dominate.

McClean – Sunderland (101pts) 6.5

McClean burst on the scene under a new manager who was willing to give him a crack, he was dynamic in his fist season setting up countless goals and scoring some himself.

Pros – Has shown he can handle the PL, is a constant scorer and assister.

Cons – Opposition may put more work into him now, team couldn’t score in a brothel at the moment! Look short in attack unless they can buy a big gun.

Again I’m going to wait and see on him, but it won’t be long til I make my call, one mabe 2 weeks max.

Taarabt – QPR (86pts) 6.0

The former spur had a massive break out in the championship 2 years back when he was involved in everything but could not make it translate into the PL. Although he did begin to flourish at the end of the season under a new manager so it’s something to consider.

Pros – On set pieces and possibly pens, plays in the hole

Cons –  Anyone seen sitting at a bus stop halfway through a game after being subbed isn’t really the most mentally tough player there is, may not be reliable! New additions may take some set pieces, Is he good enough for the PL?

For mine it’s a wait and see on him, He may come out and tear it up, if so it’s easy to squeeze him in at 6.0.

Dembele – Fulham (86pts) 6.0

Personally I think Fulham are a better side when he plays, he is great ant linking the midfield with the forwards and really shows that he could be a FPL gun under the right circumstances.

Pros – Easy early run, assists lots of goals

Con – Cannot consider unless Dempsey goes, rotation risk, Ruiz is playing in the spot he needs to be in to dominate FPL wise

Keep monitoring the transfer window, if Dempsey goes this guy will loo a wehole lot more appealing.

Beausejour – Wigan (64pts) 5.5

The classy South American arrived during the January transfer window and acquitted himself straight away, he assisted 9 times and was a bi9g reason why Wigan were able to play some smart looking football.

Pros – Cheap! 5.5, Assist machine, Will only get better in the PL in his second year.

Cons – Wigans form can be dire early, need to see first.

For me I’m happy to sit him on my bench to cover at the beginning, he will play each game and be behind most of their goal when they happen, I think he could be the big bolter this year.

So that about it for this small round up of the mid priced masters, Do you have your eyes on any of these? Any I’ve missed? Let me now in the comments!


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  1. footyhead

    a bit off topic but is john terry a good buy and will he play all games? also is leighton baines fit? sorry guys..cheers 🙂

    • Liam

      John Terry is a big goal threat and should play most games but is getting older and hence more injury prone. Ashley Cole is nailed on a 6.5 and offers assists and the very odd goal going forward. One of those two is your best bet (Terry more goals, Cole more assists).

      Baines as far as I know is fit and ready for the start of the season

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