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Finally we arrive at our final bargains check, this time I will scan the forward line. As we get closer to deadline day (just single digits now) we have almost covered all options, so we can start to summarise form, pre-season performances and get down to finalising our teams! For now let’s take a look at some potential steals up forward.

Graham (6.0) – One player that has possibly snuck under the radar so far, but with a hat-trick and an assist yesterday he must appear on everyone’s radar for GW1. For starters Swansea’s well talked about easy run to begin the season makes him a great option to start with, he is looking in fine form also scoring 5 this pre-season. At just 6.0 he joins a number of candidates to fill your cheapie in your forward line, or 2 if you’re spending big in midfield. I feel he is becoming more relevant day by day and with Swansea’s fixtures he is very nearly in my team come GW2, we’ll see I guess but a worthy risk in my opinion.

Petric (6.0) – A man well talked about over pre-season after scoring 5 goals in 4, he is on fire! Fulham also have a handy run to start the season so he may come up head to head against graham for your 2nd or 3rd forward slot. He has shown incredible potential this pre-season but with him yet to be tested in the EPL Graham may be a safer option, but Swansea’s new game plan is also untested in the EPL. Fulham have been in fantastic form so watch out for a player vs player on this one, in my opinion Graham is just ahead thanks to yesterday’s bag, but Petric is a great risk based on his returns so far. Rodallaga’s return may be of concern, only time will tell.

Pogrebnyak (5.0) – By far the most popular of the bargain forwards and for good reason. He is just 5.0, which seems astonishing considering his great finish with Fulham last season. He has proved himself in the EPL and presumably nailing down reading’s number one striker slot he should be huge. Be wary they have a tough first run of fixtures, he may only be a great option for GW1 before offloading him. However he is priced 1.0 under the rest of our bargain forwards so he may be hard to offload if things go wrong. Don’t automatically lock without considering other options, I personally believe he will be average, especially considering his pre-season form. Keep an eye out for alternatives and make sure you have a get out clause if you start with him GW1.

Lambert (6.0) – Now we return to our original bargain forward, Lambert. After scoring 27 goals and 14 assists last season in the championship he was the obvious early choice. After missing pre-season due to a slight injury people have been put off him but don’t worry, he is still Southampton’s number one. Maybe avoid early on due to Southampton’s rough early draw and his fitness concerns but don’t ignore him altogether. If one of your cheap forwards fails I’m still convinced Lambert will be great. Watchlist for sure and pick him up if he explodes, yet another great POD.

Cisse (6.5) – Finally back to Cisse, one of my favourites. If he can get over his disciplinary issues I feel he will be massive. A possible steal at his price for a top class player already proven in the EPL as well as other major leagues. Don’t write him off, he is a brilliant POD and with 6 goals in 7 last season he only needs to produce half these returns to be a success. Red cards will always be a concern but surely he will learn from his mistakes, and with QPR’s pre-season goalscoring form outstanding expect him to light it up. I am trying to find any possible way to fit him in my starting team but if he doesn’t make it he will certainly be on my watchlist. Keep a keen eye, great option.

That’s it from me today, I will have a wrap of this week’s news tomorrow with plenty happening as we close in on deadline day! For now just follow me @MattCraigDT and keep up with all the action @FPLaddicts. Just remember, only 9 days to go! Cheers.

3 comments on “Bargains Bargains Bargains

  1. Liam

    Graham is impressive in spells, he is a streak player if he scores in 1 game he will score in the next couple.

    I feel at least 3 of the other guys on this list will score more goals then him.

    Graham was excellent in the championship (20 goals) and Blackpool are a championship side. At 6.0 he does not offer excellent value (last seasons 4.5 was a joke I loved it!).

  2. tseagrim

    tend to slightly agree Liam, although him being that far back is questionable. He should have a similar year to last year, but their is a risk associated with him because we don’t know how Laudrup will manage.

    • Liam

      yeah thats true have no idea how he will manage thats my main worry they were impressive last season.

      Graham was my hot tip (but I started with Holt) and he didn’t disappoint 12 goals was a very solid return and to be honest I could see him getting better as he adjusts to the pl. I just feel Cisse and Lambert have a little bit more class.

      I follow Southampton as a second team and I think Lambert will be the best striker out of the 3 promoted teams squads, quality usually shines against tough teams and I think Southampton has the right type of style to score goals in the premier league.

      Swansea did lose 4-0 to Man City but will Man City be as impressive as they were at the start of last season?

      So many questions…

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