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When we are in the selection process of our teams we always come across player v player duals that we just can’t decide on. Over the next few days we will have a look at some of the best. With Aguero and Rooney being done recently by adz, today were doing Bent v Jelavich. They are the exact same price, both being 8.5 and both seem great options but lets delve a bit deeper.

Bent from Aston Villa play West Ham (A), Everton (H), and Newcastle (A) with West Ham probably going to be a high scoring game from Bent, Everton at home (against Jelavic’s mob) and Newcastle away will be a tough slog. Jelavic and Everton have Man United (H), Aston Villa (A) and West Brom (A), with obviously Man U being the hardest game and West Brom the easiest.

According to Seags Aston Villa will play a 4-4-2 with Bent playing up front with Agbonlahor, and Everton will be playing a 4-4-1-1 or 4-5-1 with Naismith being the CAM, filling in the hole providing assists, with Jelavic playing up front. But who scores and assists more?

Jelavic is an absolute monster in front of goals scoring 9 from 954 minutes played, see monster right? The only thing keeping everyone away is that he did only play 954 minutes (3420 in a full season), but that was due to Cahill taking his spot, but now with Timmy going off to New York in the MLS, Jelavic will slot right in. Bent scored 9 goals last year assisting only once, from 1858 minutes scoring 91 points, when Bent plays close to a full season he is a jet aswell! In 09/10 he played 3386 minutes scoring 24 goals and having 4 assists, totalling 195 points. He is a proven star, if he stays fit that is!

Jelavic is only 26 and still has plenty of EPL left in him, entering his second season of the EPL he will only get better! Bent is a bit older at 28, but has bags of experience playing in the EPL since 2007, as we see Jelavic has the upper hand in age. Being at this age these guys will probably not be rested since they are their teams first strikers.

Both will be great but to start off with at GW 1, I would be picking Bent and then picking up Jelavic later on in the season, because of Jealvic’s first hard game at Man UTD then an easy run with Aston Villa and West Brom. Bent’s experience also gives him the edge over Jelavic but Darren’s injuries and being unable to play a full season is alarming but shouldn’t be the reason this year since he has had a strong pre season. So Bent first off then its a 50/50 to pick which one, but if one mis-fires you can just sideways trade to the other, seeing that they are the same price.

Anyway guys thanks for reading Tweet me what you think about these two players and anything else FPL, @JimbobFiore and give a follow to @FPLAddicts for all your FPL  needs, Cheers guys.

10 comments on “Player v Player

  1. Glory

    I’m going Jelavic. I believe you have misled people in the article by supposing Jelavic didn’t get a game while Tim Cahill was there. Jelavic signed on Jan 31st with the club. Hence, the reason he only played 954 minutes. Not because he couldn’t gain a spot.

    • redlops Post Author

      Yeah I didnt word it correctly, but without cahill you can guarentee a lot more game time

      • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

        I’d love to see how many games Jella missed after he signed? It would be pretty close to none I would think…

    • tseagrim

      you’d think that, but when they were together at Rangers Naismith dwarfed Jelavic – Ba and Cisse style… Jelavic only fired when Naismith did his ACL! I’m not getting either.

      • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

        Dunno if you saw but Naismith sccored a hatrick last night against AEK Athens playing on the right (I think) with Jella playing up top and Fellaini playing “in the hole”. Jella didn’t get a look in so tseagrim might be on the money there…

        • tseagrim

          thank you 😉

          also Jimbob Agbonlahor is missing the start of the season so Villa will probably play a 4-4-1-1, with Bent playing closest to goal.

          • Liam

            yeah I had a look he certainly picked his spot to get it around the wall and the running player, happy for him to break the duck!

            It’s good to see Everton finally get some strikers I honestly don’t mind if they cancel each other out because it will increase their potential as a team with bargains elsewhere in the squad and its also great for the club, I wish they could get some pennies a club like Everton deserve success

            Quick question does anyone think they can give united a red hot go first game up? I feel they can get a result, one of the stronger Everton squads on paper in recent memory (talking last 3-5 years feel free to disagree I can’t remember that far back!). Maybe I am underestimating United I just feel Everton have the wood over them in a few games recently (before the 4-4).

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