Projected XI’s – Sunderland and Swansea

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Sunderland looks relatively similar to last season apart from one glaring hole, up front. No Nicklas Bendtner… so who fills his spot? Does Cuellar get a gig? Meanwhile, Swansea look really exciting. They have made some fantastic signings so far this window, and look a real shot for the top ten. But who replaces the hole left by Allen and Sigurdsson? Let’s get projectin’


I’m expecting a 4-4-1-1 which was O’Neill’s preferred formation. A few positional battles, mainly at the CB slot.


Richardson looks to be relegated to LB from LM due to the emergence of McClean, while Bardsley should continue from RB, unless O’Shea is started there instead (unlikely). At CB I have Cuellar and the aforementioned O’Shea, but don’t be surprised to see United old boy Wes Brown take one of these spots. Bramble and Kilgallon look to be the fourth and fifth choice centre-halves in the side.


Gardner and Cattermole look assured of a start, especially seeing as their main competition would come from Vaughan who has a hernia. Colback may be an option later in the season. On the flanks, the emergence of McClean last year under O’Neill was dazzling, and the young Irishman looks to continue in this spot. Larsson should play on the right, as he did most of last year with impressive results. The dude can seriously take a free-kick (I reckon he’s the best at it in the PL).



I’m 100% sure that Sunderland will sign another striker in Bendtner‘s absence, and im 85% sure it’ll be Wolves old boy Fletcher. For the time being though, Frazier Campbell remains the best striker on the list, in front of Wickham and Ji. Monitor the transfer situation though!

Well that’s Sunderland done. I’ve given Cuellar a spot, but I’m not confident about it. About 50% sure he’ll start over Brown. Everyone else (except for Campbell due to impending transfers) I’m completely confident about.

But now it’s Swansea’s turn. A few new signings and a new manager- it’s becoming all too familiar this season isn’t it. Well anyway, let’s have a look…


I know this sounds stupid… But I think their squad looks just as good as it did before Allen, Caulker  and Sigurdsson left. Why? Because two of those dudes were on loan, and they’ve acquired three people to replace them in Michu, De Guzman and Chico permanently. I’m tipping them for a high finish… provided Laudrup doesn’t flop like a Dalglish.


Pretty safe to pick it. Taylor will start at LB, even though he was at the Olympics I feel. The man with the best name in the PL, Angel Rangel will continue at RB. New signing Chico will partner Williams, with Monk providing backup along with Situ and Tate.


Again, pretty straightforward, unless Gower can force his way into a slot. Britton should continue following his strong passing displays last year, with new boy De Guzman playing alongside him. In an advanced attacking midfield slot, expect to see Michu thrive, I’m picking him as the new signing to slay the PL. Or so I hope, because he’s in my team.


Dyer and Sinclair should continue their spots on the wing, unless Routledge takes Sinclair’s spot initally due to the latter’s involvement in the Olympics. I still think Sinclair suits the team’s needs better though. In the centre, Graham will start, with Lita and Moore not providing any real competition for a spot.


So there we go. The only potential battleground is Routledge coming in for Sinclair, but I doubt it will happen. Pick Michu or De Guzman with confidence. Again, any questions, tweet me, any non AFL dreamteam discussion will be welcome seeing as my opponent raped me last night with Cox and Johnson.


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