Rate my team .. 1 week left panic edition!

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Time is ticking …. its not quite Fergie time yet but its close, we now have exactly one week left until lockout, 1 week to settle our sides. So post your RMT’s in here and we, along with our friendly comment makers out there will take a look at it! We are no crystal ball gazers but sometimes it just helps to get your team out there for your own peace of mind.  So lets see em!

197 comments on “Rate my team .. 1 week left panic edition!

  1. chucknorrisdt

    Friedal (Federici)
    Lescott, Rangel, Hughes (Cuellar, McCartney)
    Bale, Hazard, McClean, Maloney (Noble)
    Aguero, Rooney, Graham

  2. Dan

    Loving the lack of Torres…makes me feel better about leaving him out 😉

    My latest:

    Vorm (Federici)
    Cole, Hughes, Fabio (Cuellar, Clyne)
    Bale, Toure, Ramires, Pienaar (Guthrie)
    Rooney, Tevez, Cisse

  3. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Szczesny (Gazzaniga, purely for the name haha)
    Jones, Haangeland, Fabio (Williams, Clyne)
    Mata, Pienaar, Kagawa, Silva (Bannan)
    Aguero, Torres, Pogrebnyak

      • adzman78 Post Author

        rock solid! apart from my small personal preferences that dont really matter.. like i prefer lamp over mata and would be trying to sneak a spur in the middle somehow. bannan is the wise choice there! on set pieces

        • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

          Yeah there’s a heap of coin flip decisions to be made! You don’t reckon Lampard will be wound down a little or pushed back to a DM? Far too much attacking talent has come in for the old man to keep his spot 🙂

  4. Bomber_Tom

    Friedel (Federici)

    Evra, Terry, Kompany (Shawcross, Hangeland)

    Walters, Park, Ben Arfa, Nani (Gutierrez)

    Jelavic, Holt, Bent

    • adzman78 Post Author

      huge defence! might need to shave some money out of there and upgrade holt maybe? 2 x 5.0s on the defs bench is overkill i’d say

  5. AJ

    Szczensy (Federici)
    Lescott, Williams, Cole (Clyne, Fabio)
    Hazard (C), Bale, Pienaar, Guthrie (Obertan)
    Aguero, Rooney, Petric

    • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

      Nice team, PODs everywhere and a lot of potential. Walker v Koscielny… Might be better options at that price? Cole, Lescott, Clichy? Probly depends on early fixtures.

  6. Liam

    Just mucking about a bit atm with my team

    de gea (will probably put begovic in never bought a keeper over 5.0), federici

    mccartney, nelson, a.cole, clichy, clark (not sure about clark)

    Guthrie, Mata, Gerrard, Maloney, Noble

    Torres, POG, Rooney

    Wondering where Allen will play at Liverpool might throw me off Gerrard, not sure whether to go Mata or Lampard (community shield will help), Guthrie only there for the double atm but will probably move some cash out of the defense and into the midfield

    • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

      If you see reports coming from Liverpool, the boss loves Allen like a son and will probably play in an attacking position. He talks about him being part of a “front 4” which could lead to a million assists. Or the new Jordan Henderson…

      • Liam

        Yeah that is my fear as gerrard will then drop deeper, massive headache, I am sure rodgers has a plan though because gerrard is his centre piece and allen being such a favourite of his surely he would of had the system planned out for months.

        With the system he plays maybe Allen and Gerrard will float out of a CAM position, I expect a 4-3-3 thats for sure.

        Anyone catch a glimpse of their Europa league matches?

  7. Liam

    ‘Gerrard is another player who seemed to embrace his ‘new’ role, as he situated himself just off the front – a position he excelled in under Rafael Benitez. Questions have regularly been raised over the Liverpool captain’s ability to fight off a succession of injuries and his advancing years to star for Rodgers, but he will flourish in a team which rests on the ball and in a set-up which delegates his defensive running to the younger legs behind him.’

    I like the sound of that!

  8. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Yeah that’s what I’m guessing, in the GB games in the Olympics Allen did like a bit of freedom to roam like Gerrard but Gerrard seems to roam a bit deeper. Gerrard seems to prefer getting the ball from the defenders a bit more and dictating play. And then pumping 80 yard passes into the stands. Haha sorry screw Gerrard.

    • Liam

      Yeah I shouldn’t talk about Liverpool with a passionate Everton fan, tossing up between him and bale, liverpools fixtures are horrid but Rodgers factor…

      • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

        Haha I’m good here, when it comes to Fantasy I have two eyes. But… Gerrard IS slightly past it and hasn’t played out a full season in a while. As well as the Rodgers factor and how he fits in now Allen is around. Big risk.

        That’ll come back to bite me for sure.

        • Liam

          City, United, Arsenal at home and 3 winnable away games its a terrible start and he is injury prone to the max. Came off a good euro fantasy wise, seems fit, is on penalties and free kicks and the system should suit him (regardless of allen he will start)

          At his lowest starting price in my memory, was looking at him from a heavy hitter point of difference BUT it is a big risk to take a punt on a heavy hitter POD with that start.

          What I also like about him is that most people are ignoring him and that he is a proven performer in this league, hazard, kagawa, carzola have not kicked a ball in this league yet.

          Also Lampard had a steller season at 31 so why can’t gerrard?

          • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

            Yeah fair call on all those points. I guess one of my eyes is squinting. 🙂 He’s only 31?!?! Maybe he just feels older than that coz of how much football he’s missed recently.

          • Liam

            He has certainly been on the scene a long time, it gets to the point having seen most of his and lampards career, having seen such brillance am I picking them on past glories or what they are still capable of.

            I think Lampard is past it but I think he will start the season, considering him for the double then upgrading to a Bale / Silva / Mata

          • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

            Sometimes we get blinded by potential! The EPL is finally getting some of the best young players in the world and we’re expecting them to just step in a deliver straight away. Doesn’t always happen that way… Sometimes the seasoned campaigner is the better bet.

            Just not f^%cking Gerrard hahaha 🙂

  9. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Sorry, I’m bored… What do we reckon about Defoe? He’s the only striker on Spurs’ books, at the moment, and could be a good shout to start off with? Very much up and down in form but with Spurs’ creative potential surely he’ll have enough chances to put a few away?

    • Liam

      sorry?! whatever for. Anyway I love Defoe he has a lot of quality, a proven finisher who had an unfortunate ankle injury and never got consistent starts after it (last two seasons).

      If they sign Adebayor he hasn’t got a hope in hell unless Adebayor goes down injured goes without saying.

      I don’t think Defoe and VDV link up that well together, one of the two just couldn’t score when they played together.

      I think Spurs will play a 4-2-3-1 (or 4-3-3) and I am not sure if that suits Defoe all that much more of a 4-4-1-1 man or a 4-4-2 I feel he plays better with a partner rather then being the hold up player.

      At 7.5 he doesn’t provide extreme value there is a lot of strikers around, I think sadly his best is behind him at tottenham and at this rate his career (he needs starts!). I was hoping he would leave get taken up by a mid table club and entered into the game at a lower price because I still feel he can score 10+ goals.

      I am amazed he got 11 goals from the amount of minutes last season, definitely one to put on the radar if they don’t sign anyone else a very viable option but there is just so much uncertainty about Tottenham.

      • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

        Perceived post overload on my part haha!

        The way I’m thinking is I got 7.5m for a striker. He’s playing for a top, attacking team and is the only striker. Everyone else is going for one “cheaper” striker from one of the lesser teams which I reckon is more of a risk than a Defoe. It’ll only be for a few weeks while I see how the rest of the striker community is goin…

        I hope for Spurs’ sake they don’t get Adebayor and get Damioueieoue (spell check packed it in) instead. Much more upside and probably less baggage.

        • Liam

          Always good to talk with someone who knows their stuff, its never enough!

          Yeah I used to employ the Gun – 8.5 or less – 6 or less approach upfront but the EA Sports bonus point system caught me out (I think it is a joke system follows the same crap they put in the video game for player performance).

          I liked it much more when the press association picked the best players, statistics don’t always tell the story (well when they are heavily weighted in certain areas).

          Anyway back to Defoe, if he starts jump on board I will be.

          Have been looking at going Rooney – Torres – Tevez to start with, with torres probably dropping straight out for Bent after not scoring haha not overally confident in the Spaniard but he has a double gameweek should be a great way to start the season with a points boost (in theory).

          • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

            All good then! It gets to a point when you talk to “ignorant” football supporters who just follow what the media tell’s them to you get weary. Gonna like this place then lad!

            For the record, I hate Torres. I don’t want him in my team. I don’t think he’s anywhere near the player he was. He’s playing in a team that played the way they did in the Champ League Final ech… The only reason he is in my team for now is because of the double game and they have no the strikers apart from Sturridge, who couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo. He will be gone as soon as I can click the trade button.

            That said, being an Evertonian I also hate Wayne Rooney so I’m kinda screwed here haha

          • Liam

            Yeah I try and stay away from the media, I got a subscription to the English Football Weekly to catch up on the lower leagues and get a grip of the good players there (something different) but the media shapes terrible opinions on players it drives me crazy.

            I don’t hate Torres I think he is an outstanding talent who has to carry the burden of that transfer fee for the rest of his life. The injury he had during the 2010 World Cup he should never of played, I have had similar injuries to that and it takes a lot of pace and movement out of the body.

            For me he never got into a run of form after that injury (spain and liverpool handled it terribly he pulled his adductor kicking a rocket passed Van Der Sar when he was not fit although I was happy they beat Man U) then got transferred to Chelsea.

            I never understood why they paid so much he had not played well for over 6 months and was obviously carrying some kind of baggage, it was baffling.

            I played in a fantasy auction game and picked Llorente over Torres thats the confidence I had in him…2 goals against Ireland another against Italy and a few assists plus a host of missed chances.

            Watching him now sends nerves through me, I used to watch Torres with genuine excitement at what he could do, now I just feel he has lost the confidence for the top level, that world class edge it is disappointing whatever club he is playing for.

            Having said all that he COULD still do it and he has TWO games to prove it to me (well 3 the community shield). A new season, a new start and plenty of options to trade to around him.

            Yeah I used to hate Rooney as well I missed him on the break out season (09/10) and got beaten in a league by 120 points! have to respect his ability I don’t like United but I respect the footballers that they have like some other teams in the league I try not to put emotions into it too much (with tipping, betting, and fantasy on the line can’t afford too).

    • Liam

      Lescott, not a goal threat as often anymore but City will get the most clean sheets.

      Ashley Cole is excellent but has been picking up injuries and his highest total in the last 5 years has not topped Lescott’s in the same time.

      Hmm now I have to find 0.5 for Lescott, Clichy is not going to cut it Lescott got 196 one year!

      • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

        Got Lezza in about an hour ago but shifted him for Baines just now. Brian, you should get Baines mate. Find the money. Sell a kidney or something.

        • Liam

          Again the double gameweek comes into it, I am going Lescott and Cole and will look to Baines after the first week, I want to see how they go against United before investing 7.0 in a non top 4 defender and get the double points from cole.

  10. George

    Krul (Green)
    Hangleand, A. Cole, Enrique (Coloccini, McCartney)
    Walters, Michu, Silva, Hazard (Guthrie)
    Aguero, Torres, Pogrebnyak

  11. Liam

    Aston Villa have pretty much lost their defence, Collins, warnock, hutton (rubbish anyway), Dunne (injured).

    They have tasty fixtures but Lichaj, Vlaar, Clark, LB? I don’t consider that a defensive unit sigh I think Clark will be better value later on in the season when Dunne comes back.

  12. The Plagiarist

    Will the writers for this site all be posting their final teams before lockout? And your REAL team thanks Adzman! My confidence is shot after last season so if those who have been researching for weeks all have a player, well I’m gonna get ’em too.

    Yes, i’m like the annoying kid at school who doesn’t study for a test then looks over everyone’s shoulder on the day.

  13. Nathan

    Krul (Jaak)
    Lescott, Jones, A Cole, Williams (Clyne)
    Mata, Bale, Pieneer (Noble, Guthrie)
    Rooney, Bent, Graham

  14. Glory

    Would you start Federici, purely of his double gameweek? Or is it a negative?, because plenty of goals could come in from Chelsea.

  15. bombers123

    final team!
    plan to use my wildcard after the first 2 GW’s

    Szczensy (Federici)
    Lescott, Hangeland, Williams (Clark, Clyne)
    Hazard, Lampard (C), Silva, Guthrie (Obertan)
    Aguero (VC), Torres, Petric

  16. greenninja15

    GK – Vorm (Jussi)
    Def – A Cole, Hangeland, Harte, Williams (Fabio)
    Mid – Bale, Mata, Yaya (Noble, Taraabt)
    For – Torres, Aguero, Pog

    GW 2: Harte > Clyne
    GW 3: Cole > Tott def, Torres > Cisse/Jelavic

    Still tossing up between Taraabt or Lallana

    Obviously dep on Shield Mata could be Lamps or Hazard.

    Good Luck to all players!

  17. richmondtigers9

    Szczesny (Ruddy)
    Kolarov, Riise, Williams (Fabio, Clyne)
    Hazard, Lampard, Yaya Toure, Guthrie (Marveaux)
    Aguero, Rooney, Graham

  18. justin mitchell

    Federici (green)
    Rafael, Hangeland, Clichy (fabio mccartney)
    Gerrard, Guthrie, VDV, Silva (beausejour)
    Petric Aguero Torres

    Cheers for any comments

  19. Nathan Boucher

    Team Name: NMB BLUES

    DEF: Evra, Lescott, Fabio, Walker (Clyne)
    MID: Mata, Hazard, Bale, Guthrie (Noble)
    FWD: Torres, Pogrebnyak (Lambert)

    Have 2.5Mil for Torres to Rooney GW2 and mata or hazard to Silva at GW2 or 3

    Please Rate 🙂

  20. fplnoobie

    GLK: Hart (Federici)
    DEF: Clichy, Lescott, Williams (Baines, Clyne)
    MID: Lampard, Guthrie, Bale, Sinclair (Pienaar)
    FWD: Graham, Torres, Pogrebnyak

    This is my first real season of playing fpl :). My thinking is that Man City will have the most clean sheets so it made sense to load up of defenders and hart as goalkeeper for those 6 pointers. Baines and Pienaar will come on after playing Man U first match. I like Swansea’s draw first 6 games or so, and as such have played graham sinclair and williams. I am really not sure about some of my choices so feedback would be great 🙂 also have no clue how to maximise my teams value using trades as an afl dreamteamer so advice would be welcome 🙂 THANKS

    • Frenchy

      Different thought process to a lot of others. But it will mean you will have lows to go with those clean sheets and you’ll miss out on all City’s goals. An idea might be to start someone like vermaelen instaed of baines and then make the switch after GW1, rather than have him warming the bench

  21. matttortz

    fabio, lescott, williams(demel,clyne)
    bale, kagawa, ben arfa, pienaar(guthrie)
    torres, rooney, tevez

    what do you think?

  22. George

    Vorm (Federici)
    Vidic, Vertonghen, Pearce (Fonte, McCartney)
    Silva, Hazard, Lallana, Walters (Noble)
    Suarez, Ba, Torres

    Please Rate and let me know what i should change. Thanks

  23. Hugh G. Rektion

    DDG (Jaaskelainen)
    Jenkinson, Taylor,Jose Enrique (Gorkss, Clyne)
    Mata, Kagawa, Silva, N’Zogbia (Noble)
    Aguero, Torres, Pogrebnyak

    0 in the bank. Not 100% sure bout Mata – might go to Hazard. Torres gets the first game week to prove himself, otherwise Rooney will come in. Not 100% sure bout Enrique and DDG, might go down and get Federici and get a 5.0 defender. Might start with Taarabt or Michu instead of Kagawa for GW1.


  24. Liam

    Krul (Jaaskelainen)
    A. Cole Hangeland Shawcross Walker (Fabio)
    Cabaye Nasri Valencia Pienarr (Guthrie)
    Rooney Torres (Pogrebnyak)

    Nothing in the bank.

    Gonna take FPL seriously this season, as DT wasnt up to scratch, thoughts on this team?

  25. Nick

    Krul (Cerny)

    Shawcross, Hangeland, Cole (Clyne, McCartney)

    Kagawa, Pienaar, Hazard (c), Cabaye (Guthrie)

    Graham, Agurero, Rooney


  26. Cam

    Jaaskelainen (Ruddy)

    G. Johnson, Williams, Rangel (Fabio, Clark)

    VDV, Pienaar, Holman, Nolan (Guthrie)

    Rooney, Aguero, Torres

    • Cam

      Thanks. Any other suggestions for who I should look at instead of Rangel?

      Also, what do you think about swapping out one of the forwards for a cheaper one in order to upgrade Holman?

  27. JB

    My team so far.

    Szczesny, Federici

    Lescott, Williams, Hangelaand, Fabio, Clyne

    Bale, Mata, Hazard, Pienaar, Guthrie

    Torres, Tevez, Pogrebnyak

    Still have 1.5m left to spend…Probably upgrade one of Hangelaand or Williams…thoughts?

  28. Charlie H

    Spending a lot of cash up front!

    Krul (Cerny)
    Coloccini, Hangeland, Shawcross (Barnett, McCartney)
    Toure, Hazard, Cabaye, Noble (Guthrie)
    Aguero, Rooney, Torres


  29. Dan

    oops just posted this in the wrong place, so will paste in here aswell…

    so after watching the Community Shield I may have to suck it up and get Torres…he looked in pretty good touch to me (even ignoring the goal). Tevez is an absolute lock, And Yaya and Ramires did nothing to lose their spots in my week 1 side. Only worry is with Ivanovic now facing suspension(??) any chance of Ramires slotting back to RB??

    • tseagrim

      ivanovic will miss the first 3 games now…. watch for Chelsea to sign another right back to play the first three weeks! could be a bargain initial defender.

  30. Heath

    thoughts on my team guys

    Reina (Andersen)
    Kompany, A Cole, Coloccini (Tomkins, Reeves)
    Sigurdsson, Kagawa, Guthrie, Essien (Nolan)
    Ba, Podolski, Vaz Te

    I know I will have to replace Essien and Im not set on guthrie either. Thoughts?

    • Heath

      He seems to be in half decent form in the pre-season but he’s no lock either in that side. Any other suggestions?

      • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

        Don’t mind Ba to be honest! I was tossing up between him or Defoe, or jumping down to one the 6m strikers for my last spot. Newcastle’s squad hasn’t changed a great deal so will contine to play in a slighlty withdrawn role like last season. Surely they’ll find a way for Ba and Cisse to play in the same team?!?!

        • Heath

          Didn’t they play both of them in the same side for most of the 2nd half of the season last year? I was also think of downgrading him to a lesser striker and upgrading one of my others to Rooney. He seems as if he will be a must have this season.

          • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

            Yep. Cisse played the advanced role where Ba was left to wander about a bit. Ba was a gun up until Cisse turned up, I don’t think Ba scored after that haha. Newcastle would have to have been working on both of them scoring regularly during the preseason, not just one of them.

            He won’t be one to keep all season though, he scoots off to the African Nations mid season for a month.

  31. Trent

    Any thoughts on my team
    Krul (Jaasklin)
    Shawcross Williams Colcoccini (Mccarthney, Clyne)
    Toure Sinclair Pienair Kagawa( Guthrie)
    Rooney Aguero Tevez

  32. Tekkers

    GK: Szczseny (Ruddy)
    DEF: Coloccini, Shawcross, Lescott (Fabio, Shorey)
    MID: Dempsey, Silva, Modric, Nolan (Guthrie)
    FWD: Aguero, Torres, Pogrebnyak


  33. DoA

    GK: Begovic (Jaaskelainen)
    DEF: Walker, Shawcross, A Cole (Fabio, Clyne)
    MID: Kagawa, Park, Hazard, Mclean (Noble)
    FWD: Aguero, Torres, Pogrebnyak
    2M in the bank. Torres to Rooney once he gets his double week.


  34. krunchie

    Gk- Friedel (Cerney)
    Def- Shawcross,Williams,Coloccini (Clyne,Barnett)
    Mid-Kagawa,Silva,Yaya-Toure,Cabaye (Dyer)
    Fwd- Aguero,Rooney,Progrebnyak

    or should i do the torres to rooney thing ?

  35. Jimmy

    Friedel (Jaaskelainen).

    Kolarov, Baines, A. Cole (Harte, Hangeland).

    Nani, Y. Toure, Bale, Holman (S. Wright-Phillips).

    Pogrebnyak, Tevez, Petric.

    3.0 in the bank.

  36. Factor x

    hey guys…

    heres my team this gw1, going to wc gw2 like our mate matty is going!

    gk: cech (federici)
    def: vermalean, lescott, kompany (clyne, clarke)
    mid: bale, ramires, guthrie, kagawa (britton)
    fwd: torres, tevez, pog

    of course thats NOTHING like what my squad will be gw2…. thoughts?

    anyone interested in a my league of awsomeness of league x join with 138259-76086. thanks!!!

  37. lachie

    GK: Krul (Jaasklainein)
    Def: Walker, Hangeland, Cole (McCartney, Clyne)
    Mid: Hoilett, Mata, Toure, Pienaar (Noble)
    Fwd: Torres (VC), Suarez, Tevez (C)

    Please let me know if my team is good or not and can someone please explain to me why torres should be traded out after this week?

  38. Chris

    thoughts on my team please?
    de gea (jaaskalainen)
    lescott, cole, hangeland (fabio, coloccini)
    cabaye, hazard, kagawa, michu (walters)
    aguero, pog, holt
    $1 mil left
    I’m really not sure about de gea. I was going to go with krul but I think united will let less goals through. Also:
    Pog or Graham and
    Hazard or Mata
    I’ve gone with Pog currently because of his double GW1 fixture. Not so sure considering Swansea look more likely of scoring especially with their opponents.
    I’ve gone with Hazard because i really like his skills and where he will play but am not sure if he’ll get a starting gig. surely he must, otherwise chelsea won’t be getting their monies worth, right?

  39. Liam

    First Year of EPL fantasy, loving the site btw.
    Krul ( jaas)
    Cole, Hangeland, Lescott (Fabio, Clyne)
    Bale, Silva, Walters, Pienaar ( Guthrie )
    Torres, Graham, Tezez

  40. Bolzy

    DDG (Cerny)
    Koscielny, Lescott, Cole (Clyne, Barnett)
    Silva, Bale, Ramires, Kagawa (Britton)
    Pogrebnyak, Aguero, Ba

    set and forget!

  41. Andre

    Hello, help needed please…First Time Player!!’

    Friedel (Jaaskelainen)
    A Cole, Williams, Shawcross, (Coloccini, Barnett)
    Silva, Cabaye, Hazard, Kagawa, Allen
    Aguero, Ba (Pogrebnyak)

    Where should I make changes? Does it look ok?
    Thanks for the feedback

  42. Joseph

    GK: Hart (Federici)
    DEF: Vidic, Vertonghen, (Pearce, McCartney, Clyne)
    MID: Hazard(C), Silva(VC), Kagawa, Lallana, Nolan
    FWD: Tevez, Podolski, Torres

    • The Plagiarist

      Others better qualified to comment on the team overall but I notice the (c) on Hazard. Was thinking the same thing until the Community Shield but not sure now????

      (Like your front three, I’ll copy that. Have a hunch about Podolski. Also not much love for the granny shagger in these teams)

    • tseagrim

      just so you know Joe Hart is in doubt for this week after pulling out of the international friendly as well! and the option for a 2-5-3 formation isn’t available unfortunately 🙁

      but apartfrom that it looks good! nice and unique.

      • Joseph

        Thanks guys, still not too sure about kagawa. This is my Virtual Sports team. Premier League and Fox Sports teams will be revelaed soon 😀

  43. Andre

    What do you all think?

    Friedel (Jaaskelainen)
    A Cole, Williams, Shawcross, (Coloccini, Barnett)
    Silva, Cabaye, Hazard, Kagawa, Allen
    Aguero, Ba (Pogrebnyak)


  44. Jack

    Midfield looks a bit weak, not sure who to upgrade or for whom:

    Krul (Federchi)
    Lescott, A Cole, Hangeland (Clark, Barnett)
    Silva, Sinclair, Pienaar, Walters (Allen)
    Aguero, Torres, Graham

  45. muz1050

    OPTION 1

    Jaaski (Begovic)

    A.Cole, Williams, Hangeland (Clark, Demel)

    Bale, Hazard, Michu, Kagawa (Guthrie)

    Petric, Tevez, Torres

    +2.5 in the bank

    OR OPTION 2 (I’m liking this one!)

    Jaaski (Begovic)

    A.Cole, Williams, Hangeland (Clark, Demel)

    Bale, Hazard, Michu, Pienaar (Guthrie)

    Bent, Tevez, Torres

    +2.0 in the bank

    OR my current team…

    Jaaski (Begovic)

    A.Cole, Williams, Hangeland (Clark, Demel)

    Bale, Hazard, Michu, Pienaar (Guthrie)

    Petric, Kun, Torres

    +2.0 in the bank

  46. swabs

    Jussi (Federici)
    A Cole, Lescott, Hangeland. Williams (McCartney)
    Bale, Hazard. Kagawa, Guthrie (Noble)
    Aguero, Torres, Pogrebnyak

    • tseagrim

      hazard. guaranteed to start both games, and against the weaker opposition of reading and wigan (wigan play a 3 man defence) he should wreak havoc. mata looked flat in the community shield and is obviously in need of some rest after olympic and euro campaigns in succession. lampard will be forced to play as a DM, but will still be solid as he will still take pens.

  47. Jads

    Szczesny (Federici)
    Kolarov, Hangeland, A.Cole, Vermaelen (Clark)
    Yaya Youre, Lampard (C), Bale (Guthrie, Obertan)
    Tevez, Torres, Graham

    .5 in the bank

    • Dominic

      Vorm (Federici)
      Cole, Riiise, Williams (Demel, Fabio)
      Toure, Carzola, Larrson, Bale (Dyer)
      Petric, Torres, Tevez

      • tseagrim

        riise a nice P.O.D.

        cazorla is risky! unproven. larsson may suffer from sunderlands lack of attacking options especially with no solid striker and sessegnon in doubt too.

  48. AJ

    Szczesny (Federici)
    Kolarov, Hangeland, Vermaelen (Clark, Clyne)
    Ramires, Bale, Hazard, Yaya Toure (Guthrie)
    Graham, Tevez, Torres (C)

    is Pogrebnyak a lock? how’s the team looking?

    • tseagrim

      looking as solid as I’ve seen mate! pog should be very close to selection, maybe get him, keep the 1.0 for an upgrade to graham after the first GW?

  49. Heath

    OK have changed my team up totally. Let me know what you think:

    Szczesney (Federici)

    Kompany, Williams, Hangeland (Harte, Reeves)

    Sigurdsson, Gerrard, Hazard, Nolan (Sterling)

    Rooney, Torres, Vaz Te

    • Heath

      Have changed Sigurdsson to YaYa Toure and Hazard to Kagawa. I also changed Harte in the back to Nelsen. I didn’t realise Chelsea had 2 Hazards and I picked up the wrong one lol. I think this is better anyway. Let me know what your thoughts are. Cheers

  50. Keckas

    GK: Szczseny (Ruddy)
    DEF: Coloccini, Shawcross, Lescott (Fabio, Shorey)
    MID: Dempsey, Silva, Modric, Nolan (Guthrie)
    FWD: Aguero, Torres, Pogrebnyak

  51. Mike

    Coloccini, Shawcross, Lescott (Fabio, Shorey)

    Dempsey, Bale, Ramires, Nolan (Guthrie)

    Aguero, Torres, Pogrebnyak

  52. TP

    de Gea (Cerny)
    A Cole, Zabaleta, Koscielny (Fabio, McCartney)
    Valencia, van der Vaart, Hazard, Pienaar (Guthrie)
    Tevez, Torres (Graham)

    Still tossing up between few… Kagawa Vs Valencia etc… Also may try and make room for Aguero instead of Tevez….


  53. Super rabbit

    GK: Krul (Henderson)
    DEF: Lescott, A.Cole, Vermaelen, Shorey, (Clyne).
    MID: Guthrie, Silva, Mata, (Noble), (Allen).
    FWD: Aguero, Pogrebnyak, Torres (c).

    I’m using the Wildcard straight away, so this is only going to be for Gameweek 1.

  54. George

    GK: Vorm, (Federici)
    DEF: Vidic, Vertonghen, Pearce (McCartney, Fonte)
    MID: Silva (VC), Hazard (C), Lallana, Allen (Noble)
    FWD: Torres, Suarez, Podolski

    Not sure about having Allen or Walters and Noble or Guthrie.
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks. 🙂

  55. MattyZee

    This is my second season of Fantasy EPL, and I’ve left putting my team together till the last min.
    Thoughts? I wasn’t planning on using my wildcard after week 1. I threw this together today..

    GK: Vorm (Jaaskelainen)
    Def: Cole A, Williams, Harte (Fabio, Walker)
    Mid: Mata, Silva, Bale, Guthrie (Noble)
    Fwd: Holt, Pogrebnyak, Aguero

  56. Zeus

    Team is pretty much as good as it is going to get for GW1:

    Schwarzer (Jaaskelainen)
    Hangeland, Baines, Zabaleta (Clyne and Fabio)
    Pienaar, Hazard, Kagawa, Guthrie (Beausejoir)
    Progrebenyak, Torres, Aguero

    Will trade Progrebnyak and Torres for Graham and Rooney respectively after GW1.
    Also, thoughts on which City defenders will play. I have had all of them, from Clichy to Kolarov to Lescott, but finally settled on Zabaleta, with Richards out for 4 weeks. Do you think Zabaleta will get a game when Richards comes back?


  57. Nathan

    Hi, just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on Lescott, didn’t feature in the Community Shield so wondering if its worth back him in or maybe switching to Zabaleta or Clichy to save 0.5m?

  58. Michael

    DDG (Federici)
    A.Cole, Walker, Chico (Barnett, McCartney)
    Hazard (C), Bale, Kagawa, Michu (Guthrie)
    Aguero, Graham, Defoe

    Any thoughts would be appreciated

    • tseagrim

      chico a great choice, swansea have the easiest bunch of fixtures to start with. michu and graham as well, but I feel like you’re sticking all your eggs in their basket!

  59. Joseph

    Hey guys, please give me your thoughts on my team;

    GK: De Gea (Federici)
    DEF: Walker, Cole, Jones, (Santon, Clyne)
    MID: Nasri, Allen, Hazard(VC), Lallana, (Diarra (west ham))
    FWD: Aguero(C), Podolski, Lambert

    Also wondering on your thoughts about Joe Cole??

  60. tseagrim

    Joe Cole would be a replacement winger should someone go down injured. he won’t play to start with. Nasri is very risky, too risky for mine! will likely be rotated at certain times throughout the season. aguero (C) over Hazard ? I’d go the other way round given hazards easy fixture and double game week! I’d also look to get lambert after his fixtures clear up, southampton have a tremendously difficult run to start the year!

  61. George

    What are your thoughts on Van Der Vaart this season. Also what are your thoughts on Podolski? Good choices or not?

    • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

      VDV = slight risk. Can be prone to injury but given a few games can rack up massive points. Podolski = very good player, how he handles a new league like the EPL is anyones guess. He’s in an attacking team at Arsenal but can he fit in?

      Lots of new players in the EPL, all risks in their own way.

  62. Dan

    Haven’t tinkered with this for two days so Im thinking its settled for 1st gameweek:

    Fed (Vorm)
    Cole, Zabaleta, Fabio (Clyne, Demel)
    Bale, Ramires(vc), Pienaar, Guthrie (Michu)
    Rooney, Torres(c), Tevez

    No funds leftover…bit of a worry as I plan on shipping two of the Chelsea boys out by week 3 which could be tough but we’ll see.

    Sites been awesome for a first timer…cheers again lads.

    • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

      People have been a bit suss on Rooney what with RVP joining. Maybe a thinking point… Unfortunately transfering him out will mean a major reshuffle of your whole team.

      • Dan

        Lol yeah good point…and ive actually updated my team with the RVP news..(posted in the other RMT thread)

        Fed (Vorm)
        Cole Zabaleta Hangeland (Collocini Demel)
        Bale Ramires Pienaar N’Zogbia (Beausejour)
        Torres Tevez Graham

        Now 3.5m leftover for jumping on a big hitter from United/Arsenal

        • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

          Good team. The reshuffle brings more balance and the $ gives you opportunity to upgrade Ramires and Graham. Well played sir.

  63. chausley

    gk: Szczesny (Begovic)
    def: Evra, Williams(Swa) McCartney, (Fabio, Coloccini)
    Mid: Pienaar, Mata(captain), Song, Dembele (Lallana)
    Forward: Pog, Aaguero, Rooney

  64. gina

    Schwarzer (Federici)
    Hangeland, Zabaleta, Vermaelen (Clark, Clyne)
    Ramires, Yaya Toure, Lampard, Bale (Guthrie)
    Pogrebnyak, Aguero (VC), Torres (C)

  65. Michael

    Have made a lot of changes but have finally made up my mind on my final GW1 team…

    GK: Friedel (Ruddy)
    DEF: Lescott, Hangeland, Clark (McCartney, Clyne)
    MID: Valencia, Michu, Silva, Mata (vc) (Guthrie)
    FWD: Aguero, Torres (c), Pogrebnyak


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