The Big Reveal – Tactics

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So, just 6 days to go… it’s so close, the longest few weeks of each year are almost over! I feel that I have covered every corner of the epl to analyse every relevant player, so it needs a change up. I will start to reveal a few of my players, tactics etc. in the lead up to Kick off next Saturday. They will be short and sharp and just giving you an idea of my tactics and team, remember there is no right or wrong answer at the moment, we won’t know the right strategy until we finish the first few gameweeks.

I certainly won’t reveal all of my secrets but here are a few. Of course as you would know (should know) I wrote a wildcard article earlier this pre-season listing the possible strategies to use your most prized possession. I will be lining up with a first 11 best suited to score highly in GW1, not worrying about anything else. I will then activate my wildcard as soon as GW1 gets under way and start to play with my perfect team. Risky I know but it should at least give me the early advantage, I just need to hope my team doesn’t need drastic changes come GW4. Anyway I will reveal this team for GW1 in the upcoming week, while I will also reveal some of the players on my radar to come into my team come GW2.

That’s my wildcard strategy, now for my trading strategy. I tend to be a very aggressive trader, so if I see a player that I will like I’ll go for it! Also if I feel a player could potentially rise in price then I will not hesitate to bring him in early in the week. For those new to FPL prices rise constantly so you must be on the ball with your trading. If you feel a player that is a must have may see a heap of investment which will result in a price rise then don’t hesitate… he who hesitates is lost! However I tend to cost myself a lot of points at the same time, so if you can try and plan ahead your trades to take advantage of your free trades each week definitely do that. If you make no trades one week the next week you will have 2 free transfers, however you can have no more than 2. If you can use these to your advantage then you will save valuable points along the way.

Finally there is the issue of formation. Once again I will be taking in an attacking approach as I feel this is just simply, much more exciting. The more attacking prospects the better I feel, also I reckon it’s the best strategy anyway as Adz has mentioned. 3-4-3 is my way to go, however it can easily be changed to a 3-5-2 if one of my strikers is in doubt or has a hard game. 4 or more at the back may free up some extra cash elsewhere and make your team look better, but is filling out your team going to result in more points? With free trades each week I feel not, attacking has way more potential and will result in higher, if just less consistent scores. Much better watching a game interested in a striker than watching 90 minutes hoping for a clean sheet…

Well that’s it for today, I will look at my starting line-up for GW1 plus some players on my radar for the season next time, whilst further analysing my spending patterns in each line. For now just follow me @MattCraigDT and keep in touch with us @FPLaddicts. Under a week now, cheers lads.


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