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Well after a comprehensive 3-2 victory, City look to be in great form heading into GW1. Chelsea had patches but were dominated for the most part. The most interesting and important question coming out of the game is what formation City will take into this EPL season, it will control who we pick and could create some steals if they continue with 3 at the back.

Well as far as the overall match was concerned City certainly looked the better throughout. They had the better of the chances during the first half, yet it was Fernando Torres who opened the scoring for the Blues. The moment that changed the game, and probably made the final result harder to evaluate was Branislav Ivanovic’s red card. City then came out in the second half and dominated, scoring 3 quick goals before Chelsea got themselves a consolation. I will look at how each side lined up respectively and who was hot… plus who was not.

Man City- Most of the questions coming out of the game from a fantasy perspective concern the boys from Manchester blue. The best way to sum up what I’m about to write is this, everything we saw yesterday comes down to what formation they play, it will be crucial to their fantasy assets. If they continue in their 3-5-2, Clichy looks a nailed on starter as it suits his playing style, so does Kolarov. We had doubts over the job security of these two but if City continues to play 3 at the back they will continue to thrive. Another who benefitted was Yaya Toure, who plays a much more attacking role in this formation scoring yet again last night. One concern I have is that when Silva returns, he may play deeper once again. However he continued to push forward yesterday after the introduction of the Spaniard, suggesting he may truly benefit from this formation. If this is the case 8.0 is an absolute bargain and would make him a lock for the start of the season. Nasri snagged himself a goal after a great run from Kolarov, still not convinced over Nasri’s playing time just yet, could be worth the risk though. Upfront Aguero and Tevez looked great, and with 2 upfront Tevez seemed just as likely as Aguero for most of the match with both looking very dangerous. Tevez was the one who ended up on the scoresheet, banging in a great goal. At 9.0 he is getting more relevant each day, as his job security at least for the start of the season looks great.

One major problem I have with City as I say if their formation. I can’t see them play this formation against a Man United, Chelsea etc. during the epl. He may introduce it for home games or easier games, but I’m not convinced it is here to stay. If this is the case Guys like Clichy, Yaya Toure, and Kolarov are still dangerous picks. However I think we can be confident Mancini will roll it out on Sunday so all aboard for GW1!

Chelsea– Big concerns here. The Blues looked under pressure from the get go and never really looked like winning it. The red card made it a tough task but even so City looked the most dangerous throughout. A positive was Torres getting on the scoresheet, so his prospects look bright. However elsewhere Mata had little impact, and Hazard struggled in his first real test in England. The back 4 held up well before Ivanovic was sent off, but even so they were under pressure and I don’t think a clean sheet was likely anyway. They certainly didn’t look as dangerous as we would have expected which is worrying. Load up in GW1 if you must, but other than Torres no one really stepped it up. Cole had some good runs down the flank and will be as dangerous as seasons past, but otherwise there’s not much else. Bertrand got on the scoresheet and as a 4.5 defender looks one for the future, not yet though. Lampard looks past his prime, playing in a very defensive position. Definitely avoid on this basis. Ramires looked decent, but didn’t set the world alight with his performance. He was more advanced than Lampard but still not attacking enough for me. Won’t produce great returns. GW1 will tell us more, just make sure you don’t pick Ivanovic who will miss the first 3 GW’s!

Well that’s it from this game, hope you guys enjoyed it and I will bring you more of my team over the coming week. Follow me @MattCraigDT or keep up with the action @FPLaddicts. Cheers.

16 comments on “Community Shield – What We Learnt

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      To be honest from my perspective you guys didn’t look that great and the goal was out of nowhere, city were dominating and I thought looked like winners from start to finish. Maybe not gelling yet.

  1. Liam

    I thought Chelsea were ok before the red card, Manchester City are the champions and looked dangerous but Chelsea took a nice lead before a dirty serb tackle. It ruined the balance of the game hard to say if City would have gone on to win if it was 11 v 11 even though they looked better.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      They were OK but still looked disjointed, will take time to gel as a team. Not convinced they will improve on last year’s output, at least for now…

  2. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Guttered I fell asleep after the first 30 mins (read as “passed out on the couch”). Will have to finish it off when I get home… Needless to say I’ve already flirted with Tevez in for Aguero, which then led to 15 other trades and my team looking completely different. FMDT already.

  3. billymumphrey

    Mancini in his post match interview (can’t post website links, but head to City’s official site, citytv, then post match reaction from Mancini) has said he will not be rolling out the 3-5-2 next week, but mentioned that because of the split squad in pre-season he wanted to take advantage of this and try out a new system. A Plan B if you will. Although he could be foxing as he did say we were fourth favorites (although I think he was just foxing, and drawing comparisons to the other clubs who have strengthened whereas City hasn’t – thinly veiled attack on Marwood I reckon. Some City fans think Mancini played Savic to highlight just how bad our defensive cover is to inspire Marwood to increase his pursuit of Agger. And they say Liverpool fans are paranoid…)

    For City, Milner Impressed me the most, was my MOTM, however I’m not sure about his job security, especially when they revert to 4-4-2, or the fluid 4-4-1-1.

    Agree with the comments about Pab Zab. With Richards out he’s a nailed on starter for the first few weeks. Could be a good cheap option.

    For Chelsea i thought the Ramires was excellent, and only drifted out of the game after the red card. He was the only Chelsea player who looked incisive going forward. Cole looked very tired and was very lucky to escape without another booking after he lashed out a few times at players who had beat him for pace. Lampard and Ramires also were lucky to escape without second yellows (especially Ramires, if Kompany holding his line on Torres was a yellow, then his was as well, but you could understand why it wasn’t given).

    Chelsea looked well off the pace, not a great side. Hazard and Mata were anonymous (apart from the “back heel”) and Hazard went down way to easy (Torres as well). I would be concerned with putting Chelsea defenders/goalkeeper for the double game week, they look susceptible. Terry too slow, Cole the same, Luiz a liability waiting to happen (almost gave away a penalty with a rash challenge in the box) and Ivanovic out for three weeks (if the precedent set by Franny “Fox in the Box” Jeffers is anything to go by) then they are really lacking any defensive cover for the RB spot. Cech looked slow, he really should have saved Toure’s goal.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      … Haha what he said, if they do employ 4 at the back yaya toure may be negatively affected, while clichy/kolarov will be uncertain. Tevez still looking good.

    • Liam

      Milner is a great player, for Aston Villa he was quite a robust player but like all professionals he needs consistent starts to be effective. I think going to Manchester City was a poor career move as he could be a starter at another club. I guess some players like getting paid a lot and winning trophies rather than improving and playing for their nation. (1500 mins last season compared to 3000 when a certain starter).

      Pab Zab at 3.5% ownership could get a bit of a gathering early, I am trying to pick the Manchester City defender that will have the highest price rise in the first 10 weeks. Has low ownership so his price will rise quicker in theory. Have to weigh that up with job security, its a tough job!

      Ramires is a solid rock of Chelsea now I reckon just links up the defence and the attack so well, Lampard played much too deep so I am considering Ramires just for the double gameweek.

      Torres I thought looked sharp and thats enough for me to start with him in my team (not to mention he scored)

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