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With the season about to start we here at FPLaddicts will begin our regular programming, Stick with us all through the season for regular articles daily, this is how it will run;

On a Monday Afternoon Seags will give us his round review

On Tuesday morning Matty will give us his trade talk followed that afternoon by Jimbob telling us about the good and bad fixtures coming up

On Wednesday Morning we will wake up to Adz’s chump & champ of the week followed in the afternoon by Jimbob looking at who’s hot and cold.

Thursday will have Adz taking a look at the captaincy choices for the round ahead.

Friday morning will have Matty looking over the injury news and general news around the traps followed by Adz’s round preview in the evening.

Then on Saturday Seags team news will hit our screens. After his spot on projected 11’s we can trust his work!

On top of this we will have some other surprises and topical articles as the weeks go by. If anyone out there has any other ideas for regular articles or for the site in general just hit us up in the comments!

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18 comments on “What you can expect from FPLaddicts.com

  1. mattcraigdt Post Author

    If you guys want I’m happy to upload all the bonus point recievers for the week on monday evening, possibly identifying any trends or dodgy decisions…

    • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

      Like that lad…

      Eh good luck for the season ahead fellas, its gonna be a long one!


  2. muz1050

    Love the setup gents I will be frequenting the site regularly to take my mind off DT (off topic: I brought in Fyfe) Already have the shortcut on the phone desktop. I’ve used some UK based sites like this but you have all I need now 🙂 Come on you Spurs and COYS FC in the FPLaddicts league 2!

  3. toasted1961

    Hey guys this is awesome. I wish I could contribute something; I feel like a leech. I used to rely on the football scout but this site is much better and I look forward to seeing the articles. I hope you guys can sustain it throughout the season unlike Benny’s DT which fell away once he had exams ( I was a keen follower too and I understand why it folded and I wasn;t being critical or ungrateful).


  4. Skoop

    This is a what I was missing last year as there are only a few good fpl sites around. Looking forward to it!

  5. greenninja15

    Would love to see “box scores” eg the 2010-11 style of stats that the FPL site used. Reason is we need to see who has been playing each game and how many minutes they have played.

    As you know, not being in regular contact – TV, radio, newspapers – with the day to day happenings and rumors like we do with AFL you tend to rely on more statistics based info.

    I liked the update the site did last year just that I could not find anywhere to see the whole teams minutes for each game.

    If anyone knows a good spot to get this I would be grateful.

    Looking forward to your efforts this year and I am sure it will get slicker as the year goes on.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      The FPL site tells you how many minutes each player played (down where the fixtures are currently, will change when games go live) and there are plenty of sites to check teams (SKY, BBC, EPL etc.)

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