The Big Reveal – GW1

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Well we are nearing the start of the season, just 5 days to go now! Last time I revealed my tactics, this time I will be revealing my team to take into GW1 (bearing in mind I am using my wildcard GW2). This side is pretty much locked in and should help you guys get a feel for who I believe will smash it in the first gameweek, no matter whether you’re building a team for the first few gameweeks or just looking for a player or two for the double it should all be here.

After much deliberation I have come up with the 11 players that I believe will pump out great scores in the opening round of fixtures:

Goalkeeper- I am going with the Aussie, Mark Schwarzer. Priced at just 5.0 with Fulham looking solid at the back, a home fixture against Norwich leaves plenty of hope for a clean sheet. I pray!

Defenders- I will be playing 3 at the back. Firstly Zabaleta makes the cut, a home fixture against Southampton leaves City almost assured of a clean sheet. At 6.0 he is the cheapest of City’s defenders and with Richards out for up to a month he seems an assured starter come Sunday. Great option for the first few gameweeks. Secondly I have chosen Vermaelen. Loves a goal, scoring 6 last year in just 2400 minutes. A home game against a Sunderland team struggling to get on the score sheet provides the Gunners defence a great chance to start off with a clean sheet, while Vermaelen gets a great chance to notch a goal or two also. Must have for the opening fixture if you are going to use your wildcard early. Finally I have selected Hangeland. Cheap option in Fulham’s defence looks good for a first up clean sheet, while he also has shown a capability to score after bagging 6 two years ago. Looking like a lock for me anyway post GW1, great option.

Midfielders- This is where I start to bring in players who take advantage of the double gameweek, I’m not convinced by either of their defences but here we are certain of at least 4 points! Hazard is the first player to make my mids. With the double gameweek ahead and his starting spot looking fairly certain he is hard to ignore. Yes he may have struggled in his first outing of English football, but we must remember they play Wigan and Reading, not the reigning champions in City. With Chelsea hopefully going to dominate possession and the game, goals should flow. If this is the case he should get a chance to show everyone his attacking abilities that netted him 20 goals last season. Lock Lock Lock! Ramires is the second Chelsea player I am locking into my team to start the season. He looked the best of Chelsea’s midfield in the community shield and should hopefully produce some returns during the double gameweek. At 7.0 he is a lock for GW1, thereafter I’m not so sure. Silva is my third selection in the midfield. He is a proven fantasy great and will be spectacular again this season. With City home to Southampton attacking returns are assured, and from what we’ve seen this will mean so are Silva’s. Great option, worth the 10.0 for the whole season not just GW1. Guthrie picks up the last spot in my mids this week, with a certain 4 points in the bag he is a perfect way to free up some cash for elsewhere. Anything on top of that would be a bonus but don’t expect anything special. Not a great option for the whole season though, reckon Noble (5.0) is worth the extra 0.5 or maybe Beausejour (5.5) will provide better attacking returns for the remainder of the season.

Forwards-Finally I get to the forwards, who if your selecting a squad for GW1 should be straight forward. Aguero home to Southampton is a lock and will dominate. I feel pick him over Tevez for just the first gameweek as you can easily free up your budget with a cheap bench. Over the remainder of the season Tevez’s value becomes increasingly tempting. Torres is another obvious choice on the back of his goal in the community shield, and at 10.0 he is a great captain option for the first double gameweek. Whether or not he is an option for the rest of the season only time will tell, but know for sure he will drop in price straight after GW1 as a lot will jump of him (providing he doesn’t do something spectacular!) as I am planning to do, which will drop his price. Be in for the long haul if you want to keep him. Finally Pogrebnyak rounds out my GW1 line-up. He is the other most obvious choice for the double gameweek priced at just 5.0 after his exploits last season, he is a lock. I’m not convinced on his capability to hold up a starting spot in your squad for the whole season, so I will be jumping off as soon as deadline day passes. Once again decide early, jump off him or lock yourself in for the long run as his price will drop early.

GK: Schwarzer (Cerny)
DEF: Clichy Vermaelen Hangeland (Shorey) (Clark)
MID: Silva Hazard Ramires Guthrie (Walters)
FWD: Pogrebnyak Torres (C) Aguero (VC)

Well that’s my squad for the first gameweek! I’m very happy with it and hopefully it should carry me straight to the top of the leaderboard after GW1! There will be wholesale changes post lockout, so I will bring you a few options that are on my radar later this week. Otherwise just hold on, it’s so close!

Follow us @FPLaddicts and ask any questions/queries you may have to me @MattCraigDT. Otherwise post your thoughts in the comments section below and have fun tweaking your final squads.

25 comments on “The Big Reveal – GW1

  1. Liam

    Thinking of going a budget defence to allow for an extra gun midfielder (9.0 or over)


    Federici – Begovic

    Fonte – McCartney – Fabio – Clark – Dawson


    Zabaleta – A.Cole – McCartney – Fabio – Clark

  2. Jads

    Mata, Hazard or Lampard and why?
    Nasri or Yaya Toure and why?
    Graham, Petric or Pogrebnyak and why?

    thanks xx

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Hazard looks the most dangerous, Toure better job security but may be less attacking, Pogre GW1, then Graham after (good early fixtures) and Petric is an unkown.

  3. kingcolesy

    That was actually a big reveal, I had a few big differences but the reasoning for your side makes me nod in approval, and take Cole out of the back line 😉

  4. James

    That is my team, don’t give it away…..LOL but no seriously 8/11 starting players were the same, I reckon I’m on the right track 🙂

  5. bustafleX

    My Midfield consists of:
    Kagawa, Van Der Vaart, Silva, Ramires, McAnuff

    I need to drop one of them for GW1, can’t decide which one, help?

    • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

      I’ll go… Are you serious? Do you know something about Jobi McAnuff that the rest of us don’t? Including probably Jobi himself…

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