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Hey guys just a quick article here, probably my final of the pre-season (One more reveal). I will take a final look at who could just be a trap waiting to set off. Let’s get into it:

Jaaskelainen- A lot of people in our RMT’s seem to be blindly selecting West Ham’s keeper without a second thought.  However I feel this is very dangerous, don’t forget he didn’t score anything special at Bolton, as they registered just 2 clean sheets taking Jussi to just 45 points in half a season. The year before he kept only 5 clean sheets for 109 points. Thinking different now? I can’t see how things will change from Bolton to West Ham. They have been conceding freely all pre-season and will continue to do so in the EPL. Think twice before selecting him, the extra 0.5 or 1.0 could just net you an extra 30-40 points. Be careful, he may not even be the number one keeper with Henderson set to take some part over the course of the season. He made a heap of saves for Portsmouth and should get a run during the campaign.

Yaya Toure- Here we go again. Feels like déjà vu for me and I nearly fell for it again, he has had another sensational pre-season and promises so much, priced the same at 8.0 he looks a bargain! Then we must remember that this was done without David Silva in the team, and I said earlier this pre-season that while Silva doesn’t play Toure will play a more attacking role and is a must have. Now Silva seems to be back Toure will simply drop deeper as he did on the weekend and even though he scored his attacking pressure was very minimal (especially while Chelsea had 11 men). His versatility is a negative in this case and will place him deep in City’s mids, holding their team together. You can take the plunge if you want but I can warn you, it seems very similar to last season and I expect similar returns this time around, better options below his price in my opinion.

Kolarov- Some great returns this pre-season has a lot of people jumping over Kolarov. If City hold their 3-5-2/3-4-1-2 formations then he will be sensational! But both Mancini and Clichy have stated that they will remain with their traditional 4-4-1-1 or 4-4-2 for most of the season, with 3 at the back a sort of plan B. When they play 4 men at the back Kolarov has to fight Clichy for the left back position and Mancini seems to favour the Frenchman. Kolarov will no doubt play a part at some point this season, probably in Europe but don’t expect to see him much in the EPL. Avoid!

Ba- The Senegal striker had such an incredible first half of the season his dramatic drop off in the final half doesn’t really show in his stats. New players come and see his attacking abilities and want to jump all over him at 7.5 However with the introduction of his international teammate Cisse to the team he has played second fiddle. He may well come back to life this season and play a more pivotal role. He still seems to be on penalty duties so he is a decent option but there is definitely better out there. Watch how he goes with Cisse early on in the season, plus keep an eye on his fitness with injury concerns over both him and Cisse. Tread carefully!

Tevez- The man of the week, Carlos Tevez. His ownership has rocketed from 4% to 13% on the back of his community shield strike and Mancini’s encouraging words has us deliberating over him and Aguero. Have no doubt he will play a pivotal role for City this season and may well have his few days in the sun, but overall Aguero is the more consistent and better option. He will still score more than Tevez and his increased job security has me thinking the extra 2.5 for a secure captaincy option is still worth it. I have certainly considered him and he will be a great option for the first few gameweeks with Balotelli seemingly unfit. However once the Italian striker returns with Dzeko waiting in the wings he will become very susceptible to rotation. Aguero will be less so making him my preferred option. Also think to yourself, would you make him your captain? I like the idea of having two go to captains to lock the armband on, i.e. Aguero and Rooney to alternate gameweeks. Tevez may be a much riskier option for the armband, you wouldn’t want your captain coming off the bench to only score 1! Once again think carefully before you lock him in, early on should be fine but planning ahead he is by no means one to select and forget.

Note: Something dream teamers might not be used to, but final teams will not be known by lockout. This means you don’t know for sure who in your team is playing, and that means your captain could easily come off the bench. BE CAREFUL. Job security is even more important in FPL than DT.

That’s all for today, hope this helps you in identifying some key issues you were unsure with and if not, just leave a comment in the section below and I will answer your queries. Otherwise contact me @MattCraigDT and keep in touch @FPladdicts for all your fantasy needs. Only 3 days left 🙂

35 comments on “Fantasy Traps

  1. Liam

    Spewing Tevez went from 4% to 13% I wanted him as a differential in the first couple of weeks, figured it would happen on the back of the community shield but 9% is a lot (damn flock of sheep)

    • Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

      Tough one! I like Michu. 9th top score in La Liga last season and playing in a Swansea team who, even with a new coach, will play some decent football (but then so will Graham). Holman is a tad risky I reckon… I think Bent will benefit more from the new coach at Villa than Holman. If you can use that 3m somewhere beneficial though…

      So yeah, dunno hahaha

    • Liam

      hmm tough call!

      I think Bent is more proven a striker then Graham, I love Graham but Bent with the fixtures could start strongly. We know more about Lambert then Swansea’s manager.

      I am avoiding mid price picks to start the season (in the midfield) I simply don’t know who to pick, thinking I might just sit and wait a week or two for the first bandwagon and jump on early.

  2. Mitch Datson

    Personally I have a couple of the players you have spoken of here being Big Jaas and Carlos the Dummy Spitter. To start with Jaas, I agree he won’t be anything near a Vorm or Krul from last year (relatively cheap with solid returns) but as a backup keeper I think he is great. Regarding Carlos, I downgraded from Rooney to him and allowed me to therefore go from Cole to Jelavic as my third strike option, with Torres being the other. In this scenario Tevez rotation doesn’t worry me at all and I honestly think it provides a more balanced team.

    Finally I’d like to thank you for the great articles you’ve been posting, getting me out of my AFL DT and SC slump. Also one final note, an added reason to steer clear of Yaya…. Africa Cup of Nations is on again in 2013 too so as to match their new “odd year” format. Watch for Newcastle’s lads to bugger off also.

    • adzman78 Post Author

      personally, i thought tevez was getting into way more danmgerous positions than aguero was during the charity shield, i reckon its a no brainer to start with.

      Thanks fo the support of the site! if i lose my final this week DT is dead to me 😉

      • Liam

        Aguero looked great dribbling and holding the ball as he always does, tevez is an explosive kind of player and I think that suits fantasy football better as when he is hot he really is hot.

        How many times did Aguero hit double figures last season? might of crept over a few times because of bonus a few times (that tevez might take now).

        I have read a lot about how tevez is 2nd fiddle and Aguero is the lock, have people got short memories or something? this is a guy who was the captain & golden boot winner his a certified gun!

        (dzeko and ballotelli always creates doubt though hence the 9.0 pricetag…)

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Cheers for the great feedback mate, just to clear a few things up

      Jaask on the bench is fine, fielding him is dangerous

      Regarding Tevez no doubt he was great and looked just as dangerous as Aguero, great option for the first few weeks… After that I fear he is susceptible to rotations which WILL affect your team, and for that reason he is very risky plus you have no captain back up.

  3. bustafleX

    Who would you go between Hazard – Mata – Ramires?
    Hazard – Unproven in the EPL
    Mata – Could have 2nd year syndrome + hasn’t had a break, last bpl season, euro cup, olympics now bpl again.
    Ramires – Cheap, not as class of a player as the above 2.

    • Hplate

      Surely GW1 can’t go wrong with any of them. I reckon If you’ve got the spare $$ then splurge on Hazard/Mata/Lampard, otherwise go Ramires and then use the extra for upgrades elswhere?

  4. Hplate

    What’s the opinion on R.Taylor from Newcastle?
    5.5 for a defender that looks like he’s going to spend more time in the midfield this season. One to watch or stay clear?

  5. templetontherat

    You could’ve had Tevez’s twin in the picture for this article, General Akbar from Star Wars!

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