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ImagePlain and simply, I will be playing for GW1 having 3 Chelsea and 3 Reading players, and then using the wildcard in GW2 to fix my team, I’ve also set up my team for players who are versing easy(ish) teams for GW1 which for my forwards will be goals, assists, and clean sheets for my defence and goalkeeper. I’m using the GW1 double gameweek to get a leg up on the rest of the competition and cement myself at the top (hopefully)! 

So let’s start off with the keepers. 


Schwarzer will be my first choice keeper for the first game with a home game against Norwich, which is hopeuflly a clean sheet bonus, his quite cheap at 5.0 and he has bags of ability and experience and definetly the first choice keeper for Fulham. My reserve keeper is Ruddy who at only 4.5 will be a steal this season with Norwich’s new manager loving to defend. 



As you can see I’ve gone super-expensive in my defence for the first GW with Man City versing Southampton @ Home, you can’t see them conceding a goal in that, with Zabaleta and Kompany to definetly play the first game, The things I have done with my defence was to get players who are goal threats, so obviously Vermaelen and Kompany are huge goal threats which might add a couple of +6’s to my first GW team. The only problem is it is bloody expensive. Definetly going to be playing a 3-4-3 formation with Clyne and McCartney going to be riding the bench as insurance.



The only risky midfielder in my team would be Walters but still not that risky, Walters is an OOP (out of position) player who takes penalties and plays ‘in the hole’ at CAM and is guarenteed a first team spot, the extra point you get from a striker being classified as a mid will be golden points for me, and Walters is probably the only player in this team who might get a gig after my Wildcard. Hazard is a no brainer, is an absoloute star who will get plenty of game time, he is a crafty CAM who will score and assist. Mata is another player from Chelsea who will be another one who gets the Double Gameweek points, he is a proven assist machine assisting 19 last season, definetly a lock for GW1. Playing Guthrieover Noble purely for the double GW and that his a proven EPL star, playing with Newcaslte last season being the spark they needed at times.

And onto the Forwards: 


Torres will captain my GW side, playing Reading and Wigan which if he re-captures liverpool form he will pump out a +10 score over the two weeks which is certainly a captain material score. Playing Aguero over Rooney purely because Aguero is playing Southampton first game and will be surely gifted a goal or two, and then we have Pogrebnyak who at 5.0 is a steal with the double GW up first and should nail at least one goal, and is definetly the number one striker at Reading. 

Final Line-up: 

Schwarzer (Ruddy)

Zabaleta, Kompany, Vermaelen (Clyne, McCartney)

Hazard(VC), Mata, Guthrie, Walters (Noble)

Torres (C), Aguero,, Pogrebnynak

Let me know what you reckon by either tweeting me at @JimbobFiore (give a brother a follow aswell :P) or commenting below, also give a follow to @FPLAddicts for all up-to-date info, Cheers fellas.

17 comments on “Gameweek 1 – Jim’s Team

    • JimbobFiore Post Author

      yeah i think mata will be better, playing more of an attacking role on either the left wing or right wing, and lampard will be dropped back into about CDM or CM not his usual CAM role, but he will still score goals and have penalty and part free kick duties with mata having the other half. theyl both be great but i reckon mata will be that little bit better

        • JimbobFiore Post Author

          id rather go toure + mata if your going to keep those for the season, but if you want a burst hazard will be better.

    • JimbobFiore Post Author

      for me his a bit old, and have a bit of competition this year with bertrand making a name for himself, what about you? what do you reckon mate?

  1. footyhead

    cheers for the responses!! yeah i was keen on him but now im having second thoughts, will probs start him though because chelsea are likely to keep 2 clean sheets first up.

  2. greenninja15

    I reckon its a risk using your WC 1st GW as you really don’t get a lengthy idea of who will be locked on and who is in form.

    A 3-4 week period is a safer option, albeit it might cost you a little extra this way.

    The benefits of 1 GW with double points will be lost if your burning -4’s before JTW just because you have missed a couple crucial players.

    However, without risk does not come reward.

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