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Wigan. Aaaaah Wigan. You continually have the worst list in the PL, show no attacking flair, show no defensive capability, yet stay in the top division. Is this the season they finally drop? Will their players respond under the pressure? Let’s get projecting.

So here they are. I’m guessing Moses is as good as gone, and that Martinez will continue his 3-5-2 he’s stuck with so rigidly in previous campaigns.


The signing of Ramis means that one of the back three will miss out, and I’ve tipped Alcaraz to feature from the bench. Figueroa or Caldwell could be rotated at any one time though, so be wary!


OOP Alert! Boyce looks like he will continue his role as a right wing/back despite being listed as a defender. Beausejour will continue on the other side, as he looked very assured since signing last January. The McTwins are the best two central midfielders at the club too. The attacking mid slot could go to any one of GomesMoloney, or Watson , so none of those three should be fantasy relevant.


Miyaichi has signed on loan with Wigan, which says to me that Moses is as good as gone, as they are both forward/wingers. He should get the nod as the link up man between the CAM and Di Santo, who will start in the number 9 position. He will face stiff competition from Boselli though, who’s consistency has often been a problem, and hence is relegated to the position of super-sub.

So that’s it. In short, stay away from Wigan, unless it’s Di Santo. Even then, you’d be risking a lot. That brings us to the end of the Projected XI’s , over the next few days I’ll be updating the first half of teams with new XI’s!

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9 comments on “Projected XI’s- Wigan

  1. templetontherat

    I have to stand up for Wigan a bit. I think they pdo you think ass the ball around beautifully and they really didn’t go to 3-5-2 until the end of the season. Once they went to that they were far more entertaining to watch.
    Also they signed Arouna Kone from Levante, he may change the calculations up front. Although I like Miyaichi and think Martinez will give him a lot of opportunities.

  2. adzman78 Post Author

    same, i think they are under appreciated.. martinez has them playing nice football.. just a pity the pitch will turn to shit soon and they wont be able to show it. As ive said many times i reckon beausejour could be the big bolter

  3. Liam

    Moloney on penalties then Rio signed to challenge his position is a little upsetting but should make Wigan a stronger outfit (I want them to stay up they were exciting towards the end of the season)

      • Liam

        they started an official one separate to the fox sports one last year I wasn’t aware it existed to start off with. I follow the a-league but tend to forget to check the fantasy game after a while (as I just follow my team)

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