Adzman’s Team – The big reveal!

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We have had a strange set of circumstances this year that has made picking a round one side fairly difficult. The double game week is making sides look really uneven. It takes real strength to go in with a side that doesn’t look ‘that’ good but will prosper in week one yet still be viable for the season moving forward. But that’s the key, balance. Anyway After the reveal of Matty and Seags teams its my turn to face the music, it may suck but here it is!

I’m planning on not using my wildcard in week 2 (cue me using my wildcard in week 2 then…) So I have tried to pick a squad that a: will make the most of the double game week, b: be easily changed in the next 2 weeks to a side more how I want it to look and c: be able to prosper in the coming weeks with minimal changes. I plan to take a 4pt hit next week (surprise surprise say those who know me) to Lose my Chelsea players and jump on any ‘hot’ player. But more about that soon!

I have identified Tottenham, Swansea, Fulham and Villa as the easy fixture sides along with City as the form side so I tried to pick mainly from that pool.


I’ve gone for the 5.5 rated Friedel as my number one keeper, Tottenham have a soft run and they have been tight in pre-season, he will take the bench in week one for my number two keeper the 4.5 rated Federici. He plays twice so I’ll take a punt he can at least get one cleanie.


I’ll start this week with 3 at the back (surprise surprise) 6.0 rated Zabaleta gets a gig, he should keep a clean sheet this week and is a part of the tightest team in the league. Beside him plays Koscielny 5.5 who I think is a huge bargain, they should get a clean sheet against a shot shy Sunderland at the Emirates and beside him will be the 5.0 rated Hangeland who has great goal threat and a clean sheet potential against Norwich at home plus a kind run of fixtures. On the pine sits Clark of Villa at 4.5 I think he’s a good bet to break out this season, Villa have the easy run early and he is in a scoring form, beside him is 4.0 rated Clyne, the bolter at Southampton who will be lucky to leave my bench all year.


In the midfield I have started with the ‘must have’ Bale 9.5. Tottenham have a dream run and he needs to be there, beside him sits my two double game week players in Hazard 9.5 and Ramires 7.0. They are a one week punt to cash in on the double. Beside them is my Swansea coverage in Michu 6.5. I debated long and hard over Sinclair but I’ll give the new guy a run in their dream run of fixtures. On the bench will be Guthrie 4.5 who should be great cover all year.


My forward line consists of Double week Captain Torres 10.0, on fire Tevez 9.0 and goal scoring machine with plum fixtures Bent 8.5. I think there is enough potential here for goals and pens.

This team leaves me with .5 in the back pocket. My intention is to downgrade Ramires to Pienaar and Hazard to Kawaga (if he plays well) Leaving me 2 million to upgrade Torres to Rooney in week 3. Personally I don’t think Rooney will do much at Everton so I think I’ll sneak in before price rise *fingers crossed* I know plans never go to plan but this is it, gotta atleast try to plan!!

I debated long and hard over this decision… do I take Bent and Michu or Graham and Holman?. I have gone this way for now but there is every chance I may go the other way before lock out, its line ball for mine.

So with all this being said… there is a caveat, I have a B side that i still may go with, its very line ball, I’m still leaning towards A but in a mad panic on Saturday night B may grab me by the balls. Here is B;

So, there is my team(s) sorry to squib it but i’m still on the fence, I wont decide until lockout… but it will be one of these 2 sides. Maybe you guys out there have a strong opinion either way? They may both just be a steaming pile of Arsenals.. but i guess thats what wildcards a for.

Keep your eyes out later today for Mattys final team revelations for the season ahead and my first captains article will run tonight. Jim’s team reveal will be later in the week.

Til then, happy tinkering!


20 comments on “Adzman’s Team – The big reveal!

  1. The Plagiarist

    Not bad Adz but:

    Goal scoring machine? Bent? Perhaps a slight overstatement.

    And you’re right about Hangeland being a great goal “threat”, its just a question of how often that threat results in a billowing net.

    And if you’re going with Guthrie, would you leave him on the pine the week he’s playing twice?

    (Sorry, its a good team but I can’t praise it too highly because I have just noticed your obnoxious tweet about Arsenal on the right of screen)

      • The Plagiarist

        Plenty of Gloryhun….sorry, Chelsea supporters keen on Ramires this year. Him and Bale. Thinking last year was the time to go with Sinclair/Mata. Some concerns about both this time.

      • Jads

        team is finalised!

        Sczcesny (Federici)
        Hangeland, Zabaleta, Vermaelen
        Hazard, Mata (VC), Nasri, Sinclair
        Tevez, Torres (C), Graham

        just can’t decide out of Hazard + Sinclair vs Bale + Sinclair
        and Yaya Toure or Samir Nasri?

        will Nasri play for sure? will Yaya play too DEF?

        • Jads

          hazard + sinclair vs bale + ramires***

          leaning towards hazard + sinclair (high scoring game Swansea vs QPR)

          • Jads

            so many combinations!!!

            Mata + Pienaar
            Mata + Michu
            Mata + Sinclair
            Mata + Michu
            Mata + Taarabt
            Bale + Ramires

          • Jads

            i’ve gone with Mata + Michu

            last thing boys, sorry

            Bale + Lampard + Schwarzer
            Nasri + Hazard + Szczesny

      • adrian

        really like the look of Team B more… but I’d start Graham over Holman
        preferably I’d get D.Cisse instead of Graham, and Allen over Holman.

        relegate Allen to 1st bench spot and play Cisse for GW1

  2. Aaron Russo

    Yeah was going to say i think the Koscienly is injured, and I saw that Holman came off injured in the friendly against Scotland unfortunately 🙁 was looking forward to seeing how he faired int he premier league..

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