Captain – Round 1

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Captain – Round 1

In real life, football managers seem to captain players who are not exactly the best player in the side, but usually players who are the symbolic heart of a side or their inspiration. We as FPL managers don’t have that luxury, we need to choose the best goal hungry player we can find! Double points are crucial to our cause! each Thursday we will take a look at the round ahead and try and find ourselves the best captain options, so lets do it!

First off we will start by saying its difficult to choose a captain with no league form to speak of, so we are essentially going on just hunches, but our hunches should be able to get us over the line this week because we have one huge factor… a double game week!

So who looks the goods this week?

Lets start off on the double game week sides Chelsea and Reading.

To be honest I’ve never been happy captaining defenders and Chelseas defence has looked wobbly at best all pre-season so i’m going to dismiss them, same goes for Readings defenders.  In the middle there seems to be a rotation/olympics minefield at Chelsea mudding things even further. The only man I personally think is locked in to play 2 games, and is proven in the PL is Lampard. He has scored twice this preseason and looked rock solid but is playing in a less advanced position. Hazard or Mata are gambles that could pay off, Hazard was better in the charity shield than he’s been given credit for, his pace could carve up lesser sides than city, and Mata back from the Olympics may be eased back, Out of those two I like Hazard. Ramires should play twice and could be a sneaky punt. Nobody in the Reading midfield tickles my fancy.

That just leaves us with the forwards, the obvious target here is Torres. The Euro golden boot winner has shown he still has it, but.. does he still have IT? Most are giving him a one week trial, and will even go as far as giving him the arm band to go with it, so its fairly low risk because you will go down with a lot of others. Pog could be the other smokey double captain choice but he has scored only once this pre-season.

Outside of the double teams we have a few options. Fulham at home to Norwich looks a tasty prospect, it would take balls but Petric has the hot hand and could be a sneaky choice. Arsenal at home to Sunderland could have some high point scorers, but who to pick? A lot of unknown quantities at this point. Walcott usually torches poor sides so could be an option. I think there will be goals at Loftus road and Cisse will be amongst them, Swansea have been shipping goals and i think Cisse could have a big match here. Also Bent could be good at Upton park, but I can’t go as far as to captain him. The serious other contenders come from City playing at home to Southampton. Aguero would be captain if it wasn’t for Chelseas double game week… (may still be!) And Tevez would be the sneaky option if hes getting a decent run at it.

So with all that being said our week 1 captains list looks like this!

 1- Fernando Torres

2- Eden Hazard

3- Kun Aguero

4- Djibril Cisse

5- Ramires

Special mention to Tevez who could easily come off for you! Lets be honest though, how can you turn up a double game week captain?

Who are you picking as your first captain?? Any i’ve missed?


23 comments on “Captain – Round 1

  1. mattcraigdt Post Author

    I do like Cisse but wouldn’t captin him, can get negative points easily 😉 Tevez is a good option if you don’t have Aguero but agree with your list 100% 🙂

  2. harley

    Guys new to FPL would love feedback
    Federici (Green)
    Terry, Kompany, Chico (Clyne, Mccartney)
    VDV, Hazard, Michu, Yaya Toure (guthrie)
    Pogrenybak, Torres, Aguero (c)

    • The Plagiarist

      That is a very good question Adrian, I have turned over every combination of those four about 28 times this preseason. Gone for Tevez/Hazard at the moment.

  3. chopyouup

    I know you guys are talking about attacking players for captains. but im thinking as chelsea are only playing wigan and reading, why not cech as captain?

    ps explination why or why this isnt a good idea would help, first time FPL player, long time DTer

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